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  1. Sure, free weekends is a good thing and they should do them regularly to make more people play Squad. Squad should be in Battlefield's place in terms of amount of players. What I don't like about free weekends is that free weekenders get to play against people from clans. Some of people in those clans have more hours in Squad than whole teams of those free weekenders combined together and it is not a good thing. Every adequate game segregate no-lifing nerds from new players. Look at Starcraft 2, there are a lot of different leagues, so noobs don't play against people with 5000 hours in Starcraft. I stopped playing Squad with randoms long time ago, I always play with stacked squads of people from one or multiple clans. And it is fun to play on free weekends like that, it's like playing Serious Sam: The Second Encounter Co-op, if you know what I mean The least OWI could do is to make free-weekenders-only servers and mixed servers where free weekenders can get their faces stomped by clans as much as they want. And there also should be an option for every server owner to not allow free weekenders on their server, many people don't want to play with free weekenders and OWI should allow them to use this option and not play with free weekenders on the same server. And if you do this kind of system, you can go even further and make it possible, so servers can lock their servers for bad players only, mediocre players only or high-skilled players only. It could potentially make quality of games better. There would be servers with only clans and high-skilled individuals on them, then there would be middle servers where everyone can join and then there would be servers for bad players only, and that would be fair. You don't see professional paintball players playing against people who play paintball for the first time, just the same as you don't see LAN tournament winners in Starcraft 2 playing against people who launched Starcraft 2 for the first time. I remember community itself made this kind of system in Battlefield: Bad Company 2. They took data like skill, kdr and time played from this website: http://bfbcs.com/stats_pc/Unfixed And then they would kick/ban people based on those parameters, so people could have more balanced matches.
  2. Who was saying that? Veterans? Or free weekenders themselves? Or all of them? As Omar Khayyam said, "Never explain anything to anybody. The one who doesn't want to listen, will not hear and will not believe, but the one who's willing to listen and believe, doesn't need explanations." This game is easy enough to learn by yourself in less than an hour and become better than other 90% of people if you put a brain in your head and will keep it turned on during that hour of learning the game. I remember when I bought this game in January 2016, I did just said thing above. This game isn't even a mil sim. And considering this game isn't a mil sim, you can say this kind of thing about any game, like, "CS:GO has everything it needs to become the worlds top mil sim". Doesn't make any sense about CS:GO, right? It just as well doesn't make any sense about Squad, because Squad isn't a mil sim. Squad is a competitive, skill- and team-oriented first person shooter, just as titans like CS 1.6 and Battlefield 2. It isn't going to have worlds top community. Game is still beautiful and worth playing with worthy people.
  3. Headset causing me Lag

    You want to make it like this: The easiest way to do this is to do it like this: 1. Remove page file from logical drive where squad is located. 2. Put Squad folder into root folder of your logical drive and rename it to something like z.Squad, so it is the last folder on this drive by name. 3. Defragment this drive by name, so Squad will be at the very end of the used space on this drive. 4. Right after defragmentation add 8-16 GB of page file to the drive. 5. Reboot right after you add page file to the drive. This way your page file will be right after Squad folder and when your PC has to load and unload stuff for Squad, actuator arm on your HDD will have to do as less movements as possible. PS When you reply, you want to tag people like this: @¡Matador! or quote their message, so they get a notification that someone replied to them. I just randomly noticed this message, never got any notifications obviously.
  4. Thoughts on these Specs

    In 2017 it is much better performance wise and price/IPS/IPC wise to get Skylake or Kaby Lake and DDR4.
  5. To fix most of teamkills it is enough to just open your map if you're not 100% sure that it's an enemy in front of you. And for first 50-100 hours it is a must rule to open your map before you open your fire, unless enemy is shooting at you. It is nice to have your map on LALT key. The idea is that map key should be as easily accessible as space or left mouse button. It wouldn't even be a mistake but a good practice instead to put a map on space and jump button on some other button.
  6. Not all of them, of course. But lots of them. I have been a witness myself various times how good players would get banned just because of butthurting admins, which can't stand the fact that there are far better players than themselves(witch hunters with torches burn witches on bonfires). I'm not talking about myself. I can say that I have been a witness of players being banned for all kinds of unjustified reason, you name it. That's like in real world, 25% of CEOs are psycopaths. And often results in a kick And also results in a kick of randoms, who don't listen to what squad leader says.
  7. Tonns of 3-man squads. Insurgents get an RPG when squad reaches 3 people. And everyone else if doomed. In 40 v 40 you can get 13 squads with 13 RPGs, 13 medics, 14 squad leaders and 13 rallies on the map. It would be a nightmare to play against 13 RPGs, doesn't even matter if you're on vehicle or in infantry, it would be such a grenade spam, you have no idea. Never saw this kind of play, it would require every player on the team to understand the game, but it would be so powerful, especially in matches.
  8. The funny thing that in v7-8 we were able to bandage ourselves in vehicles. You just had to press 5 and then RMB, it would actually bandage and stop bleeding. And then they 'fixed' it.
  9. Yes, I understand all of that. But people who get most kills are not just people who 'shoot best'. They're usually best thinkers, not shooters. It allows these best thinkers to die 1-3 times per round. And now it will be even lower. That's why I think if OWI will make more complicated shooting skill-based mechanics, number of kills of best players will only increase: they will start dying less and as a result they will kill more. Yes, they will not kill that one guy behind the border crouching and some other guy somewhere there, but they will not die in many other situations, instead, they're going to make more kills. No aggressive tone. You've only read it aggressively in your mind. I can't do anything about it. Why would you make people with slow reaction profit? Let's then change football rules, so cripples which can't walk, can benefit somehow against best healthy football players in the world. Let's allow cripples without legs to play using their hands. Doesn't really make any sense to do this kind of things to balance cripples and best players. Every situation is different. You can nullify it if you position yourself properly, so most of the time enemies will not be able to effectively shoot back at you. That's your tactics. How do you do it? Every situation is different, that's where you apply your strategy and tactics knowledge to be in a better position than enemy. Are you sure you playing Squad man? Squad is like a Starcraft 2 in terms of strategy and tactics. In wFOX we literally spend 10-30 man-hours on developing strategy and tactics for our every match. Then you're playing the wrong game. Then you need to play step-by-step strategy games, like Monopoly, for example. There's nothing wrong with Monopoly, it's just there are no step-by-step first person shooters yet. Squad is already strategy- and tactics-based game more than anything else nowadays: Battlefield, Arma, CS, CoD, etc. It doesn't matter how twitchy you are if you are fighting against enemy FOB with 2000 points on it, when players in opponent team use ladders and sandbags to peek over the wall and grenade you all over the place. It doesn't matter how twitchy you are if opponent team is playing a proper-proper Squad and your team think they can just overshoot or prone-spam enemy team without FOBs, rallies, repair stations, ammo crates, etc. You clearly do not understand Squad at all. I spend hours and hours on gametactic.org with my friends developing strategy and tactics for our upcoming matches. It's just most people don't even understand what actually strategy and tactics mean.
  10. People who are getting 50+ kills now should start getting 70+ kills with a proper shooting mechanics system. Why? Because good player will adapt to a more complicated and harder system, while bad players will not adapt and fail even more. At the moment shooting is easy enough for bad players to spam and randomly kill you when you're sprinting, jumping and prone spamming. Game shouldn't randomly promote random spasms of fingers of players who don't understand what they're doing. Game should promote good speed and accuracy of aim, not just RMB, aim, spam LMB, get a random kill over there. I believe that Squad is already doing an amazing job at this: most of players do 1-5 kills per round and then you see some no-lifer with 67/3 kdr in infantry or on vehicle. And it should stay that way, because games are sports and sport should be skill-based. No, it will work the other way around if implemented properly. Good players will adapt to a harder skill-based shooting mechanics and will continue to drop just as many kills as they were and more. But the thing is that all average and bad players will adapt to a harder more complicated system worse than good players and as a result they will miss more. And as a result of this, good players will be able to dodge more bullets, die less and as a result of this - kill even more. That's why good players will start making 70 kills instead of 50 and not less than 50. If you want to reduce skill gap between good players and bad players, you need to git gut. It works like that in pretty much all IRL sport and should work like that in all games: good players should be able to do things 10 or 100 times faster and better than bad players, and they should just stomp everyone around if they play on that godlike level. Look at games like football or badminton. Or chess. In any of these games godlike team will win 1000-0 against any average or bad team of players, because these games are skill-based. What's wrong with making that many kills? The fact that you feel uncomfortable about other player making it and not you? Have you ever played paintball? Have you ever flanked scrubs in paintball 16v16 and killed whole enemy team just because they were in a bad position? No? I didn't think so. Well, I did. Players are supposed to destroy the whole enemy team by themselves if that team allows them to. And that's exactly what we have now in Squad. 1 infantry guy can make 100+ kills in infantry by himself and suppress whole enemy team if that team allows him to. 1 Stryker or 1 BTR can cover half of the map and destroy whole enemy team if that team allows that BTR/Stryker to do so. There is nothing wrong about it. This game punishes bad players in a very severe way and it should stay that way. If people play bad, they deserve to get rekt as hard as explained above and even harder. You don't see 70/0 on clan wars when 2 top teams play against each other, right? That's because they don't play bad Squad, they play Ok-ish Squad. That's when you know that things aren't overpowered, aren't off balance and fine. No. What you actually saying is that it will allow bad players to randomly sit more on hills without doing anything and without getting massacred by some nerd with 1000 hours, which actually understands the game. Have you ever played table tennis against some professional player? If you have and you aren't professional yourself, you should have lost 16-0 all the time. It doesn't matter how many sets you would play. You could play 1000 sets and it would be 1000-0. Because it will take you years to get on that godlike professional level, when you will be able to compete with that professional tennis players. Reducing skill gap between players is bad and lame. Video games should be skill based, not lamer-based. Squad is already more strategic and tactical game than almost everyone in this community can imagine. And most people are delusional about what this game actually is. This game isn't Arma or whatever mil-sim they think it is. This game is Battlefield-2 Two. Enhanced, expanded, with a lot of fixes. People say that Squad very different to Project Reality. I personally see lots and lots of similarities with Battlefield 2, but with better mechanics(very skill-based game, randoms can't take vehicles, can't spam revives, better shooting mechanics, etc.). What you see most of people do on pubs aren't strategic or tactical, it is just bad, lame and stupid. Changing shooting mechanics will not change this fact. They will continue to do these stupid lame mistakes over and over and over again. And you want to punish bad players less, so they can continue to do these stupid mistakes? Hell no!
  11. It isn't meant for you, it is meant for developers of the game.
  12. Why? What's wrong with talking about the shooting mechanics on the official forum of the game? It's not like we're going to die from the overdose if we seriously will not find a new hobby for ourselves, right? He proposes a better alternative. And it isn't about kills. I can do 100+(Anyone more? No?) with 0 deaths, but it doesn't matter at all. He proposed a complete solution in his posts actually. He is talking about high level logic. If he was reprogramming blueprint inside the SDK, it would be lower level, not high level. If he was writing C++ code, it would become even lower level programming than working on the blueprints. To make a good high level logic you don't have to be a programmer. The guys which invented chess originally weren't programmers because there were no computers back then. Programmers implemented chess and logic, so we can play it on computers, but programmers haven't invented chess. Same here, a person who invent shooting mechanics doesn't have to be a programmer to invent a better shooting mechanics than we already have. And that's exactly how it works for programmers, they often ask help from professionals of their own spheres, to know how things work, so programmers can implement these things programmatically, nice examples would be flying simulators and race simulators. Professionals who tell programmers how planes and cars should behave very often are not programmers themselves. They work with classical mechanics, not with low-level code.
  13. And how you want to do it with 2-axis mouse? To do what you describe here we would need mouse with at least 4 axes to independently control front and back sides of the rifle, so front sight doesn't match the rear sight unless you align them yourself using that 4-axis mouse. To make this mechanics when you body not pointing at the target, we would need every player to have a joystick in their left hand in order for them to be able to point where they want to point their body. I'm up for it, sign me up, it's just most people will not be able to hit jack because they will lack 2 axes on the mouse and 2 axes of a joystick(because they don't have one)
  14. How many copies?

    So what these stats mean? What's that 496,629 number? And ± 21,205 owners? What's the difference between owners and players? Does that difference indicate number of people who bought the game but never played it? Almost 500k copies sold? That's awesome then, right?
  15. Blue Alt Key

    Alt isn't reserved. It is bound to walk function. And you can rebind it to whatever you want. For Windows/UE4/Squad all of these keys are the same, they just have different scan and virtual codes.
  16. Headset causing me Lag

    It freezes because of the hard drive fragmentation. Search for fragment and page file words on this forum: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/29570-kit-equipement-management/ http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/29224-page-file-and-squad/ Read topics about fragmentation and page file for Squad. If you have only a single HDD on your PC, you want to defragment your drive(where Squad is located) by name and put page file right after Squad folder, then let everything else that should've go after Squad folder to be after Squad and Page File.
  17. Kit equipement management

    TL;DR Version: I like so much that Squad doesn't have a customization system. It makes this game unique, different and better compared to everything we have nowadays, it's just like good old BF1942 days. Definitely feels that way to me.
  18. Kit equipement management

    This system shouldn't be implemented, because it is prone to shameless abuse by nerds and no-lifers. But I like your idea of thinking about how to make Squad kit system better. We had it in BF3 where everyone were just running AEK-971+Heavy Barrel+Foregrip+Red Dot. Then they fixed it and everyone were running FAMAS+Heavy Barrel+Foregrip+Red Dot. Then they fixed it and everyone switched to M16A3+Heavy Barrel+Red Dot. They never fixed that, so you can go and abuse it even nowadays. It is pretty much the same in Insurgency: M16A3+Heavy Barrel + More Clips/Grenade/Flash + Red Dot. It was the same in BC2: Medic+MG36+Nades or Medic+PKM+Nades+Red Dot. There are always one or two overpowered layouts in customization system which all nerds abuse. Even if there are more useful layouts, it allows easy abuse in different situations because you can customize it. Customization like you propose will introduce more possibilities to abuse this system by enabling players to choose between different items. And if you make different items to cost differently depending on how many people you have in your Squad, it will become way too complicated and it will be incredibly hard to balance. And as a result we'll most definitely have unbalanced kit system as in BF3/Insurgency. Squad devs know all about nerds abusing customization systems in BF series, so they fixed it by implementing good old kit system with no customization, which nowadays is a unique, original and a better system. I say that because I see how quickly they fix different abuses in Squad, sometimes it is less than a week that you can abuse something like putting down HAB, Ammo, Repair station as a squad leader, leaving your squad, joining squad back, digging all of that up by yourself and then switching back to your squad leader kit. It's like they specifically watch nerds abusing things and then one-two weeks later they fix it. Not everything, of course, but they fixed a lot of bullshit from other games, which would make everything incredibly easy. In Squad we have a nice kit system which is hard to abuse: it requires whole team to understand this kit system and it requires specific amount of people in a squad depending on which and how many kits you want to have. And it allows you to abuse the system to a very small extend, which developers specifically allow you on purpose: It only allows you to have kits depending on number of people you have in a squad. So in 24v24 it allows teams to have four 6-man squads, which consist from: SL, Medic, Medic, RPG, GL, Scope. And as a result team ends up with the maximum amount of medics it can realistically have(you could get 12 medics with 12 2-man squads) in a match. Or instead team can go for maximum amount of RPGs and create three 8-man squads. But some customization should be possible, like removing red dot from your M4. Or removing GL iron sight, like you would be able to do in real life.
  19. kek. It doesn't work like that. At least read what Elitism mean. You've got a lot of fancy words you don't understand yourself there wherever you are atm. Devs are devs because they are educated and trained to do what they do, not because elitism lol. Players are just players. There are exceptionally good players and there are scrubs. It isn't elitism, it is just a fact. If I thought that scrubs aren't worth living(or voting for maps, for example, or anything else general), that would be elitism lol. Do I think so? Definitely not. Doesn't work like that either. Absence of work doesn't mean low IQ and vice versa. Or are these terms are bound in your mind, like: ENY WURK = HAIGH IQ, NOU WURK = LAW IQ. PS And you look so triggered, it's like I tagged you in my previous messages with @muffin. Why? And why are you even talking about me? You just changed previous topic to discussing my persona.
  20. I always join the most experienced squad leader on the server. I never join jokes which came from Battlefield/Arma/CoD/Whatever and which think they know everything better than other people when in fact they know exactly jack about Squad. That's fine when people don't know the game, when people don't know, they ask, I always tell them the answer(if I know it obviously) and try to advice them based on their question. Problem starts when people don't know anything about the game but they act and talk to other people like they know everything about the game better than anybody else there on the planet Earth(That's like 95% of Squad and gamer community in general). I tried to advice them how to play properly and what to do but I usually got kicked from the squad. That's the same reason I don't play as a squad leader myself: most people are not doing what I tell them, they just run around and die. So I found a solution for myself: don't play with noobs and scrubs in the same squad. I only play this game with other people who actually understand this game in the same squad. What I mean is I join a squad leader who understands the game, so we will actually have FOBs, HABs, repair stations, ammo crates and rallies. Then there are always at least 2-5 guys on the same team which also understand the game and which also don't want to play with brainless blueberries. Usually there are 2-5 of random blueberries in the squad, anyway, but that's fine: we have a squad leader with brains and at least 2-3 more guys in the squad with brains, which get the most important kits, like, GL/RPG/Scopes. But the thing is, that usually smart random blueberries want to join this kind of squads themselves: they played with brainless blueberries already and they want to find proper people to play with. So you have a better chance to get a random smart blueberry in that kind of a squad, which makes it the only real option for anyone who wants to enjoy a proper smart Squad gameplay(most people don't even know what that term means 'proper smart Squad gameplay'), not brainless running around. This isn't about hours. I constantly see good players which after 20 hours in this game are better at this game than most people after 1000 hours. Man, when these people get to a 100 hours, you don't want to play against them! These people are usually just smarter(higher IQ), wiser, know many more things about the world, speak multiple languages, have jobs that have something to do with brainwork(programmers, network administrators, designers, etc.), etc.
  21. Describe what 'too slowly' and what 'loads' mean? Is it 40 seconds from the moment you pressed 'play' to the menu screen(after title animation and loading screen)? Or is it 3 minutes from the moment you pressed 'play' to the loading screen and then 3 more minutes to the menu? What's your HDD usage while loading screens happen? What's your MB? HDD? CPU? You provided too small amount of info for anyone to be able to help you. I doubt we have mind readers on this forum. What program and defragmentation method you used to defragment it?(post screens where we can actually see fragmentation). Try deleting your anti-virus. What does this mean? Defragment your drives by name and put page file on the same logical drive if you have only one physical hard drive, but put page file on the other physical hard drive if you have more than one physical HDD. Set your page file to something like 16 GB. Also, if you have only 4 GB of RAM - increase the amount of RAM to at least 8 GB. If you have 8 GB, check how much RAM is used when you launch the game, it shouldn't go above ~80%. If it goes above 80%, close other programs before you run Squad.
  22. THE SQUAD GENERALISSIMO(aka colonel-100, aka try-harding-no-lifer) Works to capture the attack flag. Rotates to defending the flag when all blueberries went full-retard-attacking mode. Drops attacking and also defensive FOBs during the match, put HABs, Repair Stations and ammo crates for teammates, makes sure squads mates dig it all the time. Kills lots of enemies during a round ending as MVP on the whole server having more than twice kills than a guy on the second place after him. Supplies FOBs, so vehicles have repair and ammo points to repair and resupply. Create communications with your squad. Multi tasking with squad mates and blueberries. Thinking of competitive play, level of opposition. Deep insertion within enemy territory. Tries to establish intelligence , FOB/HAB positions prior to attack. Calculates ticket loss while attempting to juggle losses. Understands the cost of Assets. Promotes infrastructure. Works with various squads. Creates multiple attacks with multiple squads. Promotes inter squad communications. Does Admin and SL at same time. Real time tactical analysis of friendly/enemy forces. Sometimes you see that kind of stuff from different try-harding clans, when you see something like that, they usually end up with 200-300 kill and about 30-40 deaths at the end of the round: they put FOBs, repair stations, ammo crates and rallies; they use armored and light vehicles; they rotate from attacking to defending flags and vise versa; they help other blueberries rotating using their vehicles because blueberries ditched their vehicles in the middle of nowhere or just lost them; they kill tonns of enemies, etc, etc., usually affecting results of the match more than all other blueberry squads combined and multiplied by 10. Happens very rarely, but that's how Squad is supposed to be played!
  23. Tips and Tricks for 4K-Gaming?

    Yes, as well as overclocking your RAM and video card. And turning your HPET off and other 20+ things you can find in the previous post. Just go all-low, disable all effects, like eye-adaptation and alike, leave Anti-aliasing at MSAA.
  24. Tips and Tricks for 4K-Gaming?

    Try 368.81 Nvidia drivers: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/27772-fps-tweak-for-gtx-9xx-users/ Also this: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/28197-low-frames-with-gtx-1080/?tab=comments#comment-298820 After doing all of that I don't see you going below 60 FPS at all with your rig. It will take long-long time to apply all of them, though. Still 100% worth it if you want as smooth experience as you can realistically get in Squad.
  25. too blurry

    MSAA in the game + lumasharpen reshade. Also provide screens what in your mind is blurry and what is not.