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  1. IF

    The reason there are no more than 64 players in BF series is because EA don't want to make console peasants cry:"WHY CAN'T WE HAVE 100 PLAYERS ON CONSOLES?". Squad doesn't have unlimited view distance. LODs are awful, walls and structures disappear few hundred meters away, while models of other players and vehicles are still visible - it introduces very serious problems when some players can see other players when they shouldn't. I would still stick to UE4 version because it is free and because net code of Frostbite(and net code by DICE) is complete trash, and pretty much everything that came from EA and DICE after BF2 and BC2 is trash as well.
  2. AdminChangeMap

    Because it is usually not head admins who do that. Head admins are usually creators, not destroyers. What you describe(changing maps suddenly in the middle of the round) here makes people leave the server, because most of the people leave server during map change, obviously. And when admins end maps suddenly at the middle of the round, it makes more people to leave, because people join servers to play the game, not to look at loading and death screens. So if you talk to head admins and explain why this kind of behavior from other admins is bad for server, he can make them stop up to taking away their admin rights.
  3. Focus Zoom

    It is easily done even right now. Zoom immediately on ads: ActionMappings=(ActionName="Zoom",Key=RightMouseButton,bShift=False,bCtrl=False,bAlt=False,bCmd=False) ActionMappings=(ActionName="Focus",Key=RightMouseButton,bShift=False,bCtrl=False,bAlt=False,bCmd=False) Zoom on focus(default): ActionMappings=(ActionName="Zoom",Key=RightMouseButton,bShift=False,bCtrl=False,bAlt=False,bCmd=False) ActionMappings=(ActionName="Focus",Key=LeftShift,bShift=False,bCtrl=False,bAlt=False,bCmd=False) The only thing you can't do right now is to bind 'hold breath' and 'focus' functions to different buttons. When you press shift by default, it makes your aim to move less and it also zooms in(focuses) a little.
  4. Focus Zoom

    It heavily depends on the monitor, the object and distance to that object. If you play on 19" 1080p monitor and you look at a tank at 10 meters distance - sure it is smaller. But if you play on 32" 1080p monitor and you look at a mouse at 10 cm distance, that mouse will take half of your monitor at that distance and will be much bigger than in real life. This mouse is already probably bigger on your monitor than in real life. Open it full screen and there will be your 10 cm distance in the game.
  5. Focus Zoom

    Sure, but Squad is not a realistic game at all. Anyway, I like shift mechanic. In terms of ergonomic it would be nice to have different buttons to focus and hold breath. Most of people would have these 2 functions on the same button but it's always nice to have this possibility to change.
  6. Specs to run in decent quality

    16-24 solid FPS on all-low graphics in 720p resolution. 7700k, SSD, 1080ti and you should be golden: you will just might get 60 FPS, from time to time It isn't. You don't need more than 8 GB of RAM to play Squad, unless you turn texture streaming off. Then yes, you need more than 8 GB. You can have 8 GB of RAM and 32 GB of RAM working in double-channel mode, and you'll get the exact same FPS.
  7. Footstep sounds

    Sounds in Squad are far better than in Counter-Strike. Here's how nicely Quadraphonic sound works in CS:GO nowadays, for example: Haven't played Rainbow Six.
  8. Ping increase on activity

    They refused to use pak archives(it's just raw game assets) and now it's 20000+ files again. To stop FPS drops down to 0 when something happens, defragment by name(using O&O Defrag, for example) your Windows drive, drive where Squad is, and make sure that your page files aren't fragmented as well. I put my page file on the same drive with Squad, this way page file is physically closer to Squad, so actuator arm makes smaller moves when it needs to access page file. Here's how my drive looks like few days after I defragmented drive where Squad and page file is: Brown block at the bottom is a page file. Squad is somewhere in the third part of blue block, pretty close to the page file. Defragmenting HDD properly by name definitely helped me with freezes which started in 9.7 or 9.8, whenever they refused from using pak archives, so it became a fragmented disaster.
  9. Yeah... I like that they kinda fixed it in Squad. @contact As a BF2 pilot myself I agree. Qualification to fly is a must. I remember before I started flying in BF2 online myself, I first got a flight joystick(Logitech Extreme 3D Pro) and then I would train for 2 weeks before I got into a plane online. I would take off, land to repair, repair while in air, drop bombs, spawn rape enemy jets, helis, tanks, stationary AA guns, etc. I did the same in Squad, I never took any armored vehicle myself in Squad until I was confident enough that I can handle it on the server alone using quick-switching tech. If people want to get inside a heli in this game, they should really know and understand how to fly this thing. OWI should make a flying course not to just teach people how to take off and land but also all basic maneuvers and how to actually play to not get killed in 2 minutes after the start of the round by enemy Stryker/BTR. I would say 1-2 hour flying course about how to fly helis should be enough to weed out all lamers who never used helis but just want to fly right now, even considering they don't know anything about it. But it's pretty much the same with armored vehicles atm. 99% of people don't understand what vehicles are about in this game. They(99%) take BTR/Stryker/MTLB/BRDM without any kind of understanding what to do with it just to lose it 10 minutes later after making 1 infantry kill. Very often games on pubs are about who have worse players on vehicles, which lose it to enemy infantry.
  10. Dynamic tick rate

    It is dynamic, it also dynamically change depending on what target is: inf or vehicle and how far away targets are. So a BTR and an infantry soldier at different distances towards your position will update at different tick rates for you.
  11. What maps/places would you like in Squad?

    Yes, it was one of my favorite maps in BF2(and definitely one of the best maps in BF series and in gaming history of humanity in general) as well, but I haven't played on 24/7 Wake Island servers myself Can't wait to see modders to bring BF2 glory to Squad. Maybe even some "BF2 mod" for Squad. I'm sure BF2 mod would bring a lot of old blood from BF1942-2. A lot of these people who used to play BF2 back in the days are suffering playing new games(CSGO, Overwatch and other facepalm-games) which aren't even close to BF2. I don't see any reasons for @ZenvixHD not to make Wake Island if he is so motivated. But making full map is a very big challenge for 1 person, no doubt.
  12. "Ammo FOBs" Promote Unhealthy Gameplay

    Who are cookers? Never heard that term before.
  13. "Ammo FOBs" Promote Unhealthy Gameplay

    Well, currently if you lose 2 supply trucks at the start of the round, it doesn't matter how MLG you're yourself or how good 'teamplay' in your team is. If other team is taking 100% advantage of their supply trucks and FOBs, you're done. They're going to teleport the hell out of you using their FOBs all over the map, their armored vehicles are going to exhaust your vehicles using their repair stations, then either destroy your vehicles and spawn rape them or they will just not let your armored vehicles to leave your main(your armored vehicles will have to go to main base to repair every time they get hit, or they'll die). Anyway, that's my experience every single time I play on publics and matches against other teams, when either our logis gets destroyer or we destroy enemy logis at the start of the round.
  14. What maps/places would you like in Squad?

    Dust2 would also be very nice to have in Squad(since it is a real place now):
  15. What maps/places would you like in Squad?

    Wake Island(no joke): And some assault choppers on it to pwn, please.
  16. reward for winning?

    Do you get any reward for playing basketball/football/tennis/painball/youNameIt IRL with friends or with randoms? Would you like OWI to pay your for winning matches or what? Experience itself is a reward already! And I know where you're going with it. You're going with this to cancerous CSGO or Battlefield systems, where kids are playing just to get achievements on Steam(or cases or whatever facepalm stuff they're playing for) or to get some unlocks on their weapons, instead of trying to win the match.
  17. "Ammo FOBs" Promote Unhealthy Gameplay

    Winning matches already depend on supply trucks too much as it is. You can play pretty much without anything and win but you can't realistically play without supply trucks and HABs and still wait to win the game. I play vehicles a lot and whenever I can trade my 30mm BTR(or any other vehicle in the game) for 2 enemy supply trucks, I do so. Because it doesn't matter what vehicle I just lost(or didn't lose), once I destroy 2 enemy supply trucks, especially at the start of the round, enemy team is already pretty much lost the round because they don't have supply trucks and as a result they can't have HABs. And it doesn't matter if they'll abuse your 'Ammo FOBs' or not. They already lost, because they can't effectively fight against the other team which has 2 supply trucks, 2 FOBs, 2 HABs and more it coming. My point is that if they can somehow make things easy for clever players(who are smart enough to use ammo FOB trick) which can't access supply truck, then it is a good thing. Game should be more skill dependent and less supply truck dependent. Teams shouldn't lose rounds just because one-two retards got behind the wheel of one or two supply trucks at the start of the round and then lost them 2 minutes later without putting down FOBs and resupplying them.
  18. Many cheaters, i and my friends crying =(

    If you look through history, that's actually true that Russian Federation have much more cheaters than other countries. There are public ban databases, like pbbans and ggc-stream, which was active during BF2 days. And if you'll look at stats, you'll see that there are more cheaters from Russia Federation than from other countries. Here are last 50 bans from BF2 in pbbans database: https://www.pbbans.com/mbi-latest50-bf2-lfb13.html But Russian community was never the biggest in BF series. It was the same for BC2 and BF3 on both pbbans and ggc-stream platforms. I don't know any other public databases with cheaters.
  19. Many cheaters, i and my friends crying =(

    No, you're wishful thinking. Try playing 100 clan wars, then you'll either understand that there are no cheaters on pubs or you'll accuse clan players in cheating. I've been playing this game since January 2016 and have much more hours than I care to admit here. Saw cheaters less than 10 times in total probably. And all of them were very obvious: retarded O-seventeeners were just running and shooting through numerous trees on OPFL/Fools/etc. In my experience Squad has 1000 times less cheaters than CSGO, for example. Nothing special. You can get killed by CROWS/14/30mm from larger than 1 kilometer distance. And it doesn't mean the guy who killed you is cheating. It usually means he played this game for some time and knows shooting mechanics. Also when you get rekt in general and then you see a guy with scoreboard like 67-4 at the end of the rounds, it doesn't mean he's cheating. This game has very high skill border of enterence, incredibly high skill ceiling(there is no player who've come even close to the ceiling) and a community, which is generally very low skilled and isn't even ready to play this game. When you add these 3 things, and then you add some good players with 1000 hours to this equation, you get these 67-4 scoreboards at the end of the rounds. It isn't battlefield where you could get killed by a medic bag. AFAIK Squad is using server-side hit registration system, so you can't really kill other people without shooting from your gun by spoofing UDP packets, for example. First two are just mediocre servers with mediocre players. Northeum servers are most competitive public servers in Squad AFAIK. A lot of salty(in terms of competitiveness) clans are competing on the same server(OLD+, Prog, Full, RAKI, ToR, etc.). Often enough pub games on Northeum are better than CCFNs. I'm talking squad leaders putting repair stations all over the map for 3-4 salty vehicle drivers which are one-manning 3-4 armored vehicles at the same time while sitting in different squads but talking in TeamSpeak/Discord at the same time, for example. Also worth noticing that there are a lot of admins on Northeum from all the clans which play on the server, so whenever there is someone suspicious, they go admin cam to watch the guy. And French servers... Well, you can ask any good French players: French server are ones with the least skilled players. I've played on pretty much all of them and there are no cheaters on any of them(like I said, maybe 1 time per 2 month there is a cheater somewhere out there). I don't even remember on what servers I saw cheaters. And it doesn't really matter, because cheaters could join any of them just to get banned few hours later. No, it will hurt gameplay. It simplifies things a lot.
  20. FPS tweak for GTX 9xx users

    https://www.laptopmag.com/articles/disable-automatic-driver-downloads-on-windows-10 https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/862779/geforce-experience/how-do-i-disable-geforce-experience-auto-update-/post/5012094/#5012094
  21. FPS tweak for GTX 9xx users

    In UE 4.16 SDK in BaseHardware.ini file it says that recommended Nvidia driver is 378.92: So far this info from the BaseHardware.ini file never made it worse for me compared to other drivers I used in the past.
  22. Disable team switch or hide map

    Proofs/links? I see it used very rarely, like 1/50 matches. Not possible and it is easily avoidable even if it was possible. This doesn't solve anything. People who want to team snipe, will do just that anyway. No. It would lead to very bad results: all rookies and randoms would end up on the same team, when on the other team you will have a chain of good-ish players who play for a long time and added each other to the friend lists. Good clan players(from different clans) very often have each other in the friend lists. This system would switch all clan players to the same team, leading to the imbalanced game. Basically, what you described here in 3rd point is anti-teambalance system, which would ruin the game. This doesn't solve anything as well as the second part. 99.99% of the time time people team snipe from different IPs. With current 'gaming' devices it takes less than 1 minute to write a macro to spam inputs infinitely if you need to. Doesn't solve anything except for kicking people just to free a slot. Most of the people are clueless, blind and deaf in this game as it is. If you start implementing this kind of stuff, it will ruin the game because scrubs will not know how to leave main base. Very often they don't know even with current rule set. It doesn't. Team snipers are usually bad players(scrubs and lamers) which get rekt by good players irregardless. Any good self-respecting player will kick you from the squad for telling their squad information about other team you got before you switched to their team. You can't fix team sniping. And no one doesn't need to. There are no good players who uses it because good players like to win fair and square, that's the point of the game. When you win and you know you cheated, it doesn't like a win. It just feels like you cheated, irregardless of the outcome of the match. This is like the most lame thing you can do in this game, and therefore only scrubby lamers use it. Which isn't the problem, because their face gets broken by good players anyway. No, these are different things. Team sniping is when you join a team, take notes/screenshots/whatever, switch to the other team and then act on this information, like telling other teammates about FOBs and everything on the other team. Stream sniping is when you open someone else's stream, join the other team on the same server and using information you get from that stream to your advantage as a player on the other team.
  23. Default Audio Format

    Use 16 bit 44100. No. There's probably a bad connection somewhere, like almost torn apart wire, for example, even if your outside isolation looks completely fine. Test it in Windows Control Panel: listen to the microphone while physically moving your microphone and a wire to see if there are any problems with connection.
  24. FPS tweak for GTX 9xx users

    So now Squad A9.8 released, updated to UE 4.16. How's the performance, @Ops3t? I guess someone will have to do all the tests again
  25. Nah, never left. 2.4k hours in Squad, broke world record of kdr and kills per round in 2k17: The funny fact that it was after some tournament match and I forgot to turn shadows and all of that other bullshit off. So I just played it on tournament settings. It doesn't matter what settings you use(in terms of results you'll achieve), the only thing that matters how bad or how good you are. When you see some guy just destroyed your team with some ridiculous scoreboard, like, 87-4, chances are that's me. Also won Squad Masters. Yeah, I also tinker with my BIOS settings and resolder my hardware, and you wouldn't believe what else if I told you.