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  1. Which drivers? You can connect G430 to your PC through 3.5mm jack or USB. So I suppose you don't use bundled with your headset USB sound card? Instead, you're using built-in motherboard Realtek sound card? Ok. What's the model of that sound card(better just give us model of your motherboard)? Try to use that USB sound card instead of built-in Realtek. It will just might work. Which device do you choose as default? Screenshot please? As an idea, disable all audio devices but the one you want to use in Squad: Try to disable all audio enhancements(such as echo cancellation, noise reduction and any other) manually and then tick a checkbox in the control panel of you sound card(Realtek Audio Control Panel) and then tick a checkbox in Windows Control Panel to Disable All Enhancements. In my case on my sound card it looks like this: In your case it will be some other tab in that window and checkbox itself will be named differently.
  2. As a workaround fix, try Virtual Audio Cable. The concept of that in Squad is that you use Virtual Microphone and transfer data from your real microphone to your virtual microphone. It is also a workaround for people, who have to reconnect their devices for some reason. Once you reconnect your physical audio devices, they will stop working in Squad. When you use Virtual Audio Cable, you never disconnect your virtual devices but only physical devices, which are never used in Squad in the first place(again, when you use Virtual Audio Cable and virtual audio devices).
  3. Constant HUD(like a crosshair or a minimap/radar) is bad, it reduces skill border needed to start playing the game, as well as skill gap between good players, who check their map and who don't. Squad has one of the biggest skill borders needed to enter the game and one of the biggest skill gaps between players. Adding constant HUD, such as radar(aka minimap) will only harm it. Marking different players and vehicles on a map as different colors is a good idea, though. It is just like giving a map for you to use(not a minimap): to use it, you need to press a button(most of players use it very rarely and good players use it very often). Same with this color-function: it will be there, most of players will not use it, but some good players will use it.
  4. Well, no. Destroying enemy supply trucks is very important at the start of the round and often win rounds for your team if your vehicles managed to destroy that supply truck before it was able to supply enemy FOB. Why? Because enemy team can't effectively fight without FOB. You have repair stations, ammo crates and HAB when enemy don't have anything of that because they don't have points on their FOB. You use HAB to spawn and attack the flag, ammo crates to spam them with grenades and repair stations to spam them with bullets(vehicles). I vote against any new game modes, AAS is beautiful as it is. More game modes split the community, which isn't good. Imagine a CS series with 100 different game modes. Yes, there are de_ cs_, deathmatch, team deathmatch, surf and more but 99% de_ is played. Insurgency has this problem. Every server has mixed game modes, most of which are just bullshit. Squad is a next-gen game. Devs fixed a lot of bullshit from games from the past and gave us AAS in Project Reality. AAS is great for public games, as well as for competitive play(just as de_ in CS series). That's a problem of people, not of a game mode. Imagine if chimps played that game with you. Do you think chimps would place any FOBs at all? Woah. Why 3-4 hours? Even 90 minute rounds already take enough energy from people. One need to take brakes from time to time. After 2 hours of that, it would become a torture for people. FOB system can be used to its potential in current game modes. It is just people, most of which(99%) don't understand how to do it. That's because it is not a substantial game mode. That sounds very similar to Kohat Inf: And it is one of the most least liked and definitely one of the most least played maps in this game. Why? Because of the rock campers. They take Optic Rifleman / Marksman, sit on hill and shoot at rocks 600 m away, instead of going inside flags and actually capping it...
  5. I don't think you should be able to hear footsteps under M4, AK and HMG bullet spam. I can hear it just fine. Sound system is pretty good in Squad atm. Better than it was in CSGO 5 years after release or Battlefield 3 5 years after release, for example. You don't hear footsteps on your loudspeakers because video games aren't meant to be played on loudspeakers. Footsteps are very quite compared to shots in Squad, just as in real life. In real life shots are very uncomfortably loud to the level that they can hurt your hearing. In Squad there is a very big difference in loudness of sounds as well. The reason you don't hear footsteps on your loudspeakers is because you turned your volume down so much that even HMG shots are very comfortable to listen to. With this volume you shouldn't hear any footsteps whatsoever. Imagine if HMG spam was comfortable to hear for you IRL - you wouldn't hear any footsteps IRL either. But yeah, they could probably make less difference between sounds of shots and other more common sounds...
  6. CPU isn't a bottleneck in this case. HDD is. If it loaded in 10 minutes, you probably have SSD.
  7. Well, that .50 cal Humvee was designed to support your armor in destroying enemy vehicles. Nobody uses it that way(everyone is using it as a bus) but if you manage to flank enemy BTR, come from behind of it and start shooting at enemy BTR(without that BTR spotting you before), that BTR is pretty much dead, because it takes only 40 hits from a .50 cal to destroy a BTR. And that's about the time it will take BTR to turn its machine gun at a maximum speed by 180° to start shooting at that .50 cal Humvee. The point is that BTR is going to be dead by the time it is even able to shoot at Humvee. On Al Basrah in particular these .50 cal Humvees can be effectively used to destroy empty techies of Insurgents, after vehicles with CROWS killed infantries inside these techies. It takes about 25 bullets fror CROWS to destroy 1 techie. And that's a lot if you ask me. I almost always leave these techies after I kill infantries inside if it isn't a full supply truck or an SPG, which I can't control. And if it is, then I destroy it myself, because I can't control it. But if it's something else than SPG or a supply truck, I leave it staying in the middle of nowhere, so enemies can't use it against us. Very often I see Insurgents running out from their main base because they're out of cars(because we left them instead of destoying them).
  8. Nah, I just described only a part that vehicles have something to do with. It would take 10x times more letters to describe the whole system. The logic behind it is to actually show how many tickets player saved for their team or cost to enemy team. We already have revive count, as well as heal count, so you can tell how many players medic revived and how much he healed with 10 hp accuracy. I don't think people should get points for building any placements. You build it for yourself or for your teammates. Placements should be used to do stuff(like used to kill or spot enemies, repair your vehicles, etc.). The fact that you dug something doesn't mean anything. I dig a lot myself but I don't think I should get points for digging an ammo crate for myself. But I definitely should get credit for using that ammo crate to spam enemies with grenades or to get more bandages to revive much more teammates than I would if I didn't have that ammo crate. When people defending when no one happens to attack shouldn't get any points either. Yes, you're sitting on the def flag but it doesn't really show how effective you actually are. Imagine when a defending squad is sitting on an empty flag for 30 minutes, then after 30 minutes 1 enemy attacking squad comes and wipes this defensive squad in 1 minute(consider that defending squad never made even 1 kill). How actually useful this defending squad was for a team? They just got wiped on the flag as soon as enemy came to that flag. I am just speculating but that's how I see it. I don't see how you can correctly calculate something like that, so it is better to just leave it out. Only things that can be counted correctly(like revives; incapacitated; kills; vehicle destroyed; number of flags neutralized, captured, defended; etc.) should be counted.
  9. I believe people from other games think(as well as most of the people see themselves, who play Squad) Squad players are like this: When in reality most of players are more like this(note that the guy on an image below doesn't have any audio output, ears, hands, mouse or keyboard): How I've come to this conclusion? After I got shout at(after trying to enlighten them with reason) by 19 yo school sports tenths of times as we were in army 'Shut it. I'm the Squad Leader and we're going to do it my way because I just said so'. After that he takes BTR, charges inside an enemy flag Commando style, they get RPG'd, they all bail out in panic, get killed, obviously, then BTR gets RPGd 2 more times and send whole squad to a spawn screen(considering the fact that one warned them before they left main that this is going to happen exactly like that). That's just one out of hundreds of examples I could provide, probably. When I play, I think I'm more like this:
  10. Well, when I'm a driver and my gunner makes 50-0, I take his 50-0 as my own, because positioning is so much more important than shooting. Shooting system on vehicles is pretty easy(and very fun) in this game. Any newbie after 1 hour on Firing Range can easily shoot enemy soldiers 500-800m away. The only reason why most of the people don't go 50-0 too often is because most of the people just charge inside the flag on their BTR/Stryker/BRDM/MTLB/Humvee and die. Points are broken in Squad and don't tell anyone about anything. Very often I see squads at the end of the round going 8-90 or something and then dropping phrases in local after they lost 350-0 'Oh, look at us, we're the best squad, we've got 8000 Score Points'. Which makes me kek so hard . Sometimes in that team there is another squad which went 144-20 or something with 3000 Score Points... So yeah... Points don't tell you if one was an effective useful player. Actually, in games like Squad, Score Points are counter-productive because a lot of players stat padding to get more points. And I see it all the time. For example, when capping a free flag, instead of leaving 1 guy on this free flag to capture, they're sitting with 9 guys there on free flag just to get these 100 points. I even saw it numerous times on events like CCFN(no joke). I would get rid of these Score points completely. I agree. I would do it this way. Get rid of current Score points. Add new stat called Kill influence points or something like that. If you get 1 incapacitated, you get 1 Kill influence point.. When that player give up, you get 1 more Kill influence point. If you make 50%+ damage to enemy soldier and then somebody else kills this player(without this player being healed by a medic), you get 1 Kill influence point. Driver gets 50% of everything and anything gunner gets. When you're on a driver seat and your gunner makes 1 kill, you get 1 Kill influence point. I would go even further and made this: If you damage enemy vehicle by 25%+ and then someone else destroys that vehicle, you get number of Kill influence point, which is the percentage(% of damage done to a vehicle) of tickets vehicle cost. So let's say you hit enemy BTR(20 tickets) with an RPG and made exactly 33.3% of damage to it. Then Stryker came and finished it. You get 20/3~6.667 Kill influence point. Of course, it draws rounded number. Same with when you destroy enemy vehicle. You get number of 1 Kill influence point, which is the percentage of tickets vehicle cost. I would also add one more parameter called Cost to enemy. Based on the above logic, it would calculate how many tickets you personally cost to the enemy team. So, let's say one one-manning Stryker, one killed 70 enemy soldiers, destroyed 3 enemy BTRs, 2 MTLBs and 2 trucks. This way it would show on the scoreboard that one cost enemy team about 170 tickets. I would say that this parameter is more important than any other, because this parameter shows how many actual pressure one put on enemy team and how much one actually cost to the enemy team.
  11. Nah, on Al Basrah all you can do is destroy techies with it, at best. With a Stryker or CROWS you can take out half of the team. That is exactly how they should be used. BRDM is a tank of Militia: Which can destroy enemy BTRs, Strykers and kill pretty much anything on the map. .50 cal on HMMWVs is very good at destroying enemy vehicles. It takes only 40 hits to destroy a BTR. Doesn't matter at all how they are designed in real life. And how do you mean frontal assaults? You mean like going inside a flag, so there are enemies all around you or something? That's not how you play vehicles, not in any game AFAIK. In Squad you play vehicles like this: you go to some good spot with good visibility, you zoom in, you shoot and kill.
  12. Yeah. It would be also nice to get a CROWS grenade launcher and Stryker with a grenade launcher. Imagine what Stryker with a grenade launcher would do on Al Basrah or something PS If they added Stryker with a grenade launcher on board, I would definitely play Squad wearing Schwarzenegger mask.
  13. On 4:3 and 5:4 monitors you will always get this kind of 'map problem'. Interface was made for 16:9 resolutions. For map bug you have 3 choices at the moment: 1. Create a custom 16:9 resolution on your 4:3/5:4 monitor. 2. Buy a 16:9+ monitor. 3. Suffer and wait for a fix by devs for non-16:9 resolutions,which will probably not come soon, it can take few more years for them to fix it. Squad is bottlenecked by IPC of a single core: AMD CPUs have very bad IPCs... If you want more FPS, you will have to buy Intel CPU with high IPC. Kaby Lake and Skylake series are the best for Squad ATM AFAIK.
  14. In my case it was about 3 hours
  15. Check these threads:
  16. Better find another driver for your headset or some other solution for your problem. Your headset shouldn't freeze your PC. You can try to use Virtual Cable: The concept is that you will transfer all audio data to a virtual sound device which will be constantly turned on. And when you will reconnect your headset, Squad will be still using your virtual sound device, which was never disconnected. This just one of many things that Virtual Cable can do. It is also used by streamers and youtubers, who like to record TeamSpeak, Windows sounds and in-game sounds into many different audio tracks with Open Broadcast Software, for example. It allows them to bind different virtual devices to a different programs, record different sounds into different tracks and then play all sounds on the needed physical device.
  17. No, game doesn't have to support any kind of hardware in order for players to be able to use free look. In this video: Devs used hotkey to activate free-look mode and mouse to move camera around. I hope in v10 they will make that you can bind free-look to mouse, joystick axes, buttons, as well as free-track, trackIR and VR helmets... But I'm afraid that all we'll get in v10 is just a hotkey+mouse free-look. Because if they added support of any kind of other devices, they would brag about it in a video 'TrackIR support, and you can control your aim(using mouse) and camera view angle(using trackIR) simultaneously. They didn't even add support of DirectInput devices yet. Meaning you can't even use any kind of gamepads, controllers, joysticks and wheels, except for xbox360-compatible controllers, which is pretty much the only thing that is supported natively by UE4...
  18. Nah, I wasn't trying to be rude. I had this problem with some other programs few years ago and one of methods I found in google worked. It's just the correct way to do it when you want to fix your problem, you go and try all existing methods you can find and if all of them don't work for some reason, you go to the forum and ask for help. And when you create a thread, you list all of the methods you already tried, so people don't suggest you to try these methods because you already did it. It is fair to try to fix this problem using first 10-20 links in google and then report here if all methods didn't work. To me it looks like there's something wrong with his system and not with Squad, that's why I gave that link, where people have the same problem but with different random programs.
  19. 1 months later... Or am I missing something?
  20. You said you can start the game by opening Squad.exe itself instead of through Steam and that it shows you that Squad is running even when it isn't: I have this problem myself. In order to fix this, you want to close all .exe files running(EasyAntiCheat.exe, squad.exe, squad_launcher.exe, steamwebhelper.exe, steamwebhelper.exe, steamerrorreporter.exe, steam.exe) and then just start your game. You can do it by hand or by using this .bat file. Here's how it looks like for me: All this batch file does is it just kills all processes and restarts Steam for you. It is just faster than to do it by hand. If you can't start Squad even after killing all processes, then you have some other problem.
  21. You can place it anywhere you want on your PC. I placed it in some place on my PC and added shortcuts to a Quick Launch bar(yes, it does still exist in Windows 10) and to Classic Shell Start Menu, so I can start by just opening Start menu and typing KillS.bat.
  22. There's a thread about it: 368.81 is the best Nvidia driver ATM AFAWK. 372.90 is also very good but worse than 368.81 on my configuration at least. People have a lot of serious problems on last video drivers, like yours, if you search forums. Same with old ones, like 361.75. On old UE4 point whatever version(Squad v8) 361.75 drivers was one of the better ones(recommended by Epic). Now 361.75 is unplayable in Squad(v9, UE4.14). Regarding your problem, download MSI Afterburner 4.3.0 and monitor your CPU/RAM/GPU usage in real time with RTSS overlay. Also make sure it's squad.exe that is using 100% of your CPU(it is very unlikely, actually). Perfectly, record some video with an overlay to show us your CPU/GPU/RAM usages, temperatures. It would be even better if you also screenshotted your task manager and showed us that squad.exe actually is using 99% of your CPU.
  23. More teamkilling compared to what? Compared to no nametags? Agree. Especially when there are your teammates behind buildings but enemies in your direct vision. It causes name tags to appear literally on top enemies, which makes it much harder to aim at them. If devs want name tags so much, they should to that name tags only appear when you aim directly at your teammates. And once your aim leaves hitboxes of friendlies, name tags should instantly disappear. Yeah, this is how. Ok. Well, I play a lot of vehicles and if I don't get teamkilled in a vehicle by backward dummies at least few times per day of playing Squad, it means I haven't played Squad that day. Agree. Yeah, removing name tags completely would only increase a skill gap between noobs, lamers, scrubs and experienced true squaddies. But teamkills go hand by hand with name tags. If I were OWI, I would also punish players more for teamkills: 1. If you destroy a friendly vehicle with people inside, you get instantly banned for, like, 2 hours, if you're in infantry. And not on the server. In the game itself, so you can't join any servers, only Firing Range. If you destroy a friendly vehicle with people inside while you're on an armored vehicle yourself, you get banned for 1 day in the game. 2. If you teamkill 1 friendly soldier, that's Ok(default penalty, just like it is atm +60 secs to a spawn timer). If you teamkill 2 in less than 5 minutes, you get 5 minutes spawn penalty. If you kill more than 3 teammates(you need to teamkill 4 to get banned) in 1 round, you get banned until the end of the round. The thing is that these teamkills should happen 1 after another in some time. If you grenade 3 teammates with 1 grenade, it should count as 1 teamkill, not 3. And on clanwars, of course, this system should be turned off for obvious reasons. Even now on clan matches people get banned for 1 day because of system punishes them for teamkills. With this system implemented no dummies will even want to take vehicles. They will know. They will get banned for a long time. I am really sick and pissed off because of the fact that I get teamkilled by retarded kids on vehicles, which don't even know what vehicles enemies have on different maps. I get destroyed on 30mm BTR all the time, by mentally backward kids on 30mm MTLB, while we play against Americans. I mean, WTF is that bullshit about. Teamkilling mentally backward kids like these should be banned at least for a months for teamkilling a friendly 30mm BTR.
  24. That's a glitch when your game switches to a windowed mode(when you press ALT+Enter, for example) or when you try to change resolution. Or God knows why else it can happen. You can fix that like this: 1. Go to a graphics menu 2. Choose windowed mode, 3. Change resolution to 1280x720(or similar, smaller than your fullscreen resolution) 4. Click apply, so your game switches to that windowed 1280x720 mode. 5. Choose fullscreen mode. 6. Change resolution to your fullscreen resolution(I suppose 1680x1050) 7. Click apply to switch back to your normal fullscreen resolution. On your screen you can't access Apply button. You fix that by pressing ALT+TAB to switch between fullscreen and other modes. Also open GameUserSettings.ini in %localappdata%\Squad\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor and change PreferredFullscreenMode=0, then DesiredScreenWidth=1680 and DesiredScreenHeight=1050. It will force your game to start in fullscreen mode 1680x1050.