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  1. G35 surround sound issue

    Just switch to stereo, as Beginna suggested. Your Logitech G35 is just another stereo headset(you've been defrauded by guys from marketing section and paid extra $50(or whatever) for a function which will actually hurt your positioning in video games) with only 2 speakers and which uses virtual surround sound: By using any kind of virtual surround sound technologies you will only make your positioning worse. To enjoy actual true surround sound, you want to buy true 5.1 headset, such as Roccat Kave 5.1: This one isn't a fraud, it will deliver you your 5.1 surround sound for reasonable price. There are some other models of true 5.1 headsets, too.
  2. G35 surround sound issue

    7.1 surround sound is broken in Squad. My guess is somehow it switches the game into 10.2 surround sound mode(which is broken, there are no even 10.2 mainstream sound cards yet): That's why you're missing sounds. I can even tell you where you miss your sounds, it's in the -45° to -90° and 45° to 90° areas(around +-60° by my tests), if I remember correctly. Some time ago I even found this in BaseEngine.ini in Squad Modding Kit: [Audio] MaxChannels=256 CommonAudioPoolSize=0 UnfocusedVolumeMultiplier=0.0 UseAudioThread=true EnableAudioMixer=false [AudioChannelAzimuthMap] FrontLeft=330 FrontRight=30 FrontCenter=0 BackLeft=210 BackRight=150 FrontLeftOfCenter=15 FrontRightOfCenter=345 BackCenter=180 SideLeft=270 SideRight=90 That's an azymuth map for 10.2 surround sound system AFAIK: there are no BackCenter, FrontLeftOfCenter and FrontRightOfCenter channels/speakers in 7.1 system. There are in 10.2, thgough. What's up with that? Can you comment on it, @anders? For now I use 5.1(choose 5.1 in Windows Control Panel), it works wonderfully for me with my Roccat Kave 5.1.
  3. Why can't I use grenade launcher without taking out GL's sight? It only stays in my way and interferes my view. It has been bugging me for many-many years of playing different games, such as Battlefield and now in Squad. I want to use this view when I shoot with grenade launcher: Or if you'll make GL iron sight only, to use this sight: Not these: That iron sight of a grenade launcher interferes view, that's all its been doing in all games for last 20 years in video games. If someone uses it to aim, sure, let them use it but don't force players(who hate that) to use it. I am pretty sure I wouldn't use that GL's iron sight IRL if I had to use a grenade launcher. I would just use red dot or default iron sight to aim. And that's exactly what I've been doing in all multiplayer games I played(HL(1998, multiplayer), C&C:Renegade, BF2, BFBC2, BF3, Insurgency, Squad, etc.) which had a grenade launcher in them and where I was able to use default sight to shoot with a grenade launcher(like with a red dot in Squad). Same with AK74. I want to use default iron sight when I shoot from my grenade laucher: Not this: I don't care how inaccurate it will be. I don't use that GL's iron sight on M4, anyway. I just use red dot and shoot by memory(but that GL's iron sight still interferes my view). /Thread.
  4. Command and Conquer Mod?

    Never liked C&C strategis with Tiberium. But I've played only the ones which came after C&C: Generals with fancy graphics. It's not that I don't like Sci Fi, I just don't like the game mechanic, like, you don't need workers to build new buildings. For me true C&C games are C&C: Generals and C&C: Renegade. I see Renegade as a grand father of Squad: Yes, that would be interesting to see a resource counter which squad leaders can spend to put stuff down, and a commander which will command the whole team sitting on the main base, looking at his map. But again, I prefer C&C: Generals and I would like to see something like this in Squad: Not tiberium wars, just common forces and resources. And Squad also already has a lot in common with C&C:Generals, like, suicide bomber cars, for example, or the fact that you need at least 1 worker building buildings for your team. C&C:Generals would require a lot less modding than Tiberium. To make Tiberium Wars would be like making a new game from scratch.
  5. Low frames with GTX 1080

    Well, I kinda like that there is no like button. Posts should be read and understood by each user individually. Posts with a lot of likes will more likely to be liked again and again when on the other hand in arguments posts with less likes will not get or get much less likes, which will not reflect points or actual outcome of the conversation... On Reddit it works in the way that whenever someone post anything that herd of sheep(majority) doesn't like(especially when the person is right), like something controversial, herd downvotes the hell out of that account and a person is obligated to delete their account...
  6. It's not just 'show an example of an UE4 game with good performance' but 'show us an example of an UE4 multiplayer game with 100 players on a server, which will provide players with adequate for their hardware FPS'. From what I've heard, when 100 players drop in PUBG, it is a lag fest until most of them die, then it's fine. But it doesn't really count when there are only 40 players left. You can play Squad 20v20 on AMD CPU and it will be Ok-ish, too. Basically, modern developers should really start to care about input lag and FPS issues more, instead of sells of their games, skins of guns and other irrelevant 'cool-looking' bullshit. Regarding your 30% CPU usage issue. I am pretty sure you're sitting on AMD. If you actually want it fixed, just sell your AMD MB and CPU, and just buy Intel-based system.
  7. Low frames with GTX 1080

    No, it's not Ok. They just don't know how to fix it and frankly speaking, they don't really know what they're talking about. I have much worse video card than you do(20% of computing power of 1080) and I have 50-120 FPS depending on the situation and a map, on all-low, of course. There is no really any other settings except for lowest if you want smooth game with very low motion to photon latency. It doesn't use one core. It uses at least 4. Just FPS is bound to IPC of a single core. These are different things. That's normal because for the first seconds it loads assets to VRAM from RAM and for these first seconds it doesn't render most of the stuff. But then when it finished loading, it starts to actually render all of that stuff. You can even see grass, trees and other objects loading and appearing on the screen in real time after loading has been finished. You can do a lot. You can do so much that it can take up weeks to do all of that and test it out. I'll link many guides and tutorials in order to improve FPS as well as motion to photon latency. Motion to photon latency just as much as important(if not more) as FPS. The reason movies are so smooth at 24 FPS is because you don't see any motion to photon latency when you watch movies. If you could play video games with 0ms motion to photon latency, they would be just as smooth as movies at 24 FPS. But it's a paradox when you talk about video games, in video games lowest motion to photon latency you can logically have at 24 FPS is 41 ms. 41 ms motion to photon latency is outrageously bad, and that's just frame rendering time, not counting lag of your LCD display, monitor board, mouse lag, Windows lag and other things. When you add all of these things together, you get up to 150 ms lag at 24 FPS. That's your 'unplayable Squad' - bad motion to photon latency, not FPS. You want to aim at below 10 ms motion to photon latency. There is no system in the world which is able to provide this low motion to photon latency in video games. The best LCD display(270Hz, 0.7 gtg lat) in the world will give you 5ms latency by itself. Then you need at least 250 FPS to have 9ms combided. And when you add mouse click lag to it, you're already above 10ms. There are a lot of other things(like USB controller, for example) which will add more latency. A lot of people are sick of this '30 FPS lag-festival peasant gaming'. That's why there are guru3d and forums with sections, thousands of threads and probably hundreds of thousands of posts dedicated to lowering motion to photon latency and FPS in video games. If you need proof and you think it's a placebo, then these guides aren't for you. You can continue to git rikt and play with 100ms additional latency introduced with new bad BIOS and UEFI technologies, bad drivers and bloatware(like Nvidia Crapirience and PhysX, for example) which comes with drivers. There are a lot of proofs that these tweaks are real but you will have to google for them yourself if you actually want a proof, or test them youself. Here are links worth studying if you actually want to become one of the True PC Master Race members and have a smooth game: Turn off hyperthreading. Turn off HPET to decrease latency and increase FPS in Squad Make sure you have your video card in PCIe x16 slot. Try 368.81, 372.90 drivers. Install them as described in my post here. Use Display Driver Uninstaller to uninstall previous drivers. Switch your PCIe devices to different PCIe slots, so they are on different physical IRQ lines. Make sure your Line-based devices don't share IRQs. If they share IRQs, disable some of the devices if you can, so only 1 device use 1 physical IRQ line. Link to start studying. Switch your video card and all other PCI devices(which allow you to) to MSI mode. Link. Another Intel's article on the subject. Overclock your monitor. Use Nvidia Pixel Clock Patcher to improve results. Do this trick to fix more latency issues. Set timer resolution to 0.5 ms with a service. Link. Overclock USB to more than 1000 Hz. Link. Disable services. Link. Make your own research and disable as much as you can, not only the ones that are described in the article. Disable as many devices in Device manager as you can. HDMI audio on you video card, all audio devices except speakers and microphone you use, built-in APU, network devices you don't use, etc. Connect keyboard to PS/2 jack, overclock PS/2 to 200Hz, connect mouse to USB jack. Link. Uninstall all Intel chipset, PCI and USB drivers in the device manager. Link. Let Windows install default drivers from Microsoft. They are faster. I test my tweaks on My average reaction time is about 150-160ms. That's top 0.1% of all people on the planet ever, in all time, according to this website with 50+ million clicks during existence of this website. My personal best record reaction times are 120-130ms(reaction time itself is probably below 100ms if you subtract motion to photon latency of my system which is probably about 20-30ms atm). My median personal best(5 tries) is 144 ms: Somehow got only 161 ms at the fifth try. Could probably go under 140 ms average if I wasn't that slow on the fifth try. I asked multiple people with 144-240 Hz monitors(I originally own a 60 Hz monitor, which I overclocked, obviously) to do this reaction time test and none of them were able to beat my 144ms record or even come anywhere close to 150-160ms(I wish I had 270 Hz monitor myself). Not to mention that I was in top10(it erases data after some time) for quite some time when I was testing all of that stuff(don't forget cheaters which just get 100ms by tinkering a little with JavaScript of the page). Feel free to test it yourself and try to beat my personal best , good luck you with that, you gonna need a lot of it in order to beat it. One-time tries don't count(sometimes I get as low as 1 ms on the counter, it isn't a reaction time, just lucky clicks, update your page when you get this kind of lucky clicks), only 5+ tries in a row count. Praise Glorious PC Master Race Tweaking Gurus!
  8. You just said this: In CS 1.6 and CSGO(and any other Source games) console is accessible and it isn't community banned wherever. Same with BF. It is accessible in BF2 and in some other episodes of the series and was never community banned. That's what I meant when I said that you wishful thinking. Check your facts before you throw something like console being inaccessible or community banned in CS 1.6, CSGO or BF2. Now I doubt you've ever played any of the games you listed in your list, at least half of them have accessible console which was never banned. The fact that you think it is not honorable(or whatever) to use a console and that you never heard/used a console in some games don't automatically mean it is inaccessible or community banned. These are actually very different things. For whoever says there is no dignity or honor in doing whatever it takes to win(without braking rules), I have this video: It doesn't really matter when you're on a winning side and others are on a losing side. You still won without violating any rules(fair'n'square). And if losers want to make excuses about consoles/changing settings/whatever, let them do it, sometimes it is even funny to look at how they make excuses about getting rekt because other people had better settings(or whatever) then they do. Sometimes this kind of losers even made excuses(when they talked to me) that some other people used tricks that weren't allowed on some tournaments but were allowed on the tournament these losers played, so these losers lost matches because they wouldn't use these allowed tricks, which were forbidden on some other tournaments(I hope I said it right and didn't confuse sentences). I told to this one loser:'Well, you should've used these allowed tricks yourself, then. You would probably win the match, considering you say yourself that you lost a match because you didn't use these allowed tricks yourself'. He would start telling me about honor and dignity and how it was forbidden to do it on other legues. 'Who cares about any other legues if you lost in this specific legue', - I told him. Then it turned out he didn't even read in the rules that it was allowed to use these tricks in that specific legue. Just as with you, LauthingJack, not being aware that there is a console in CS and BF series and it is allowed to use it in every single game and tournaments a console is present in. When they want to ban something, they ban a command, not a console. You're wishful thinking. PS And what the hell with all of this off-topic? Nobody asked a console command to remove models of weapons from the screen. I asked for an in-game function to be able to use grenade launcher without taking out GL's iron sight, just as I would be able to do it in real life. You need to learn how to read, stop wishful thinking and understand points of other people before you start off-topping about consoles.
  9. Free to use on pretty much any tournaments and LANs with very few console commands banned specifically depending on a tournament. In fact, in BF1942, BF2 and BF:BC2 usual clients had access to way too many assets that it destroyed eSports in these games. One can use whatever console commands game allows usual clients to use. And what about it being locked on the release? You've got DeLorean or something? Show us a picture of a console being locked on a release, then, so we can track changes in the future. They never locked console in PR. The fact is that consoles exist in many multiplayer games, they are allowed to use by developers and by tournament organizers, and consoles are actively used by players and admins. When they want to ban some exploit console command, they just ban a command, not a console. I can already see rage of admins if OWI lock console
  10. How/Where did you discover Squad?

    YouTube suggestions(Jan 2016). I watched a video where they showed a Humvee riding through Kohat or something. Then I looked up some actual gameplay and was like: Bought it the same day, it was 19th January 2016 if I recall correctly. Never stopped playing it. Played 2.5k hours already and I hope to go over 25k some day. That's the game of 21st century for me so far. The best I've ever played. I believe I started playing this type of games with the discoverers: C&C: Renegade and Battlefield 1942.
  11. And they call video gamers 'nerds' . I miss when I try to hit a moving away BTR on the ground with a grenade launcher, this guy hits flying 15inch targets with a bow. I wonder if he could do the same with his eyes closed
  12. Is wall healing permitted?

    And after they get killed, they dare to tell you that you are a glitcher. When in fact these people used a glitch by making their legs to go through the wall. You just shot the legs. I usually tell them that in chat and ask admins to ban all glitch users on the server Same with shoveling sticking out of the walls HABs, FOBs and anything else. It isn't the person who shoveling is glitching - object is actually sticking out of the wall so it is legitimately visible to a person shoveling. The real glitcher is the person who put these objects down, so they are visible from the other side of the wall. But that's when objects are visible. When objects are not visible through the wall but people still healing/shoveling, sure, people are glitch using.
  13. You're wishful thinking. Console is made for configuring and debugging. Programmers just physically can't make a visual button for every single configuration setting. That's why they release command lists to public and make console and commands accessible to public in the first place. Console is present in multiplayer games more often than in single player games because multiplayer games are made for more advanced players(single-player games are much more casual and clueless, obviously). Single player games are like a journey in a Wonderland while multiplayer games is a competition between people. Great examples will be CS 1.6 and Quake. Starcraft 2 doesn't have console but it has configuration files and here's what people came up with: It's a completely changed layout changed programmatically by 3rd party developers. The point is, console has never been banned, not banned nowadays and probably will never be banned in this era of gaming. Console as a thing will probably disappear when people will be able to execute commands using their brain(sending radio(or whatever else they will invent by that point of time) signals from their brain) instead of using their fingers and keyboard.
  14. When they discover some exploit, then they decide either to ban that specific exploit or no. Ban of the console itself is beyond argument. I could probably provide quite a few rules from different legues with 0 words about forbidden console in rules but if you read them, it become obvious that console isn't banned and when they want to forbid something, they write it down in the rules and add some specific command to the list of banned console commands in the anti-cheat. I don't know what LANs you've played but I seriously doubt you'd be able to provide a link to this kind of rules. Sure, maybe you will be able to provide 1 link to a 1 tournament where console wasn't allowed. But it isn't a common practice. Wherever console is present, it is allowed, it's just forbidden commands are banned.
  15. What people are looking for in Squad isn't really my concern. And it is also off-topic from your side. That's a legitimate useful feature which will affect gameplay of people who play with a grenade launcher kit. And considering it is already there, it would probably take 20 minutes of time of a developer to add this function to a game: add controls function, set it up in terms of timings(how fast you'll switch back and forth), cut the animation, so you don't take out GL's iron sight. I don't really know much about that stuff but it should be very easy, because it is very slight modification of the already existing animations.
  16. Why hax? People were allowed to come to a LAN, write viewmodel_fov 0, r_drawviewmodel 0 or whatever depending on the game and play it as they like. Developers specifically added these commands so players can configure the game in a way they want, not how developers force them. There is a downside of not seeing your weapon model, too(or in a case of Squad, not seeing GL's iron sight). You have to remember it(yes, you can look at ammo counter). Noobs will forget and die but good players remember what weapon they have in their hands. I remember if I have GL or main rifle chosen in Squad. Often enough people in close quarters shoot at my body with their grenade launcher because they forget they run with a GL chosen, not with their main rifle. Grenade doesn't go off and I kill them, obviously. When I run with a GL chosen and I see someone in close quarters, I shoot a wall behind them, so it kills them and hurts me a little(10-20% health). GL isn't a noob tube in this game, it is hard to be useful with it in this game. I know quite a few very good players who refuse to play with GL because as they say 'I often get killed in close quarters with it and when I switch from rifle to GL or vise versa'. Well, when you play video games it's so much closer to a hunting where you need to aim and shoot fast than to a shooting at a static target and when you have as much time as you want to aim. I am glad that bowmen(who hunt at least) have same understanding of crosshair as I do.
  17. Feature Request: Listen to Mic

    In my experience with many PCs, 'latest' drivers are often glitchy and laggy ones. When you fight for lowering your input lag(like I do), you are constantly and forever at ultimate war with BIOS, drivers and their bloatware they implement(like HPET) in new versions of their drivers to add some input lag just for kicks. Don't keep your drivers up to date just to be 'up to date'. I mean never. Update them only if you have some particular justified reason, like a lag during a playback of your microphone through your speakers(and when you actually need that function for something, like OP does). But considering you don't care about that playback function, I wouldn't update my drivers if I was you. Yeah, the problems start when you start using local, squad leader chat and TeamSpeak. In my experience it is the hardest thing to configure in video games - audio settings: TeamSpeak mic sens; TeamSpeak Playback; in-game sound effects to hear steps and shots; in-game mic sensitivity; squad voice chat; squad leader voice chat; local voice chat. And not just set it up so it 'works' but to set it up in the way that you will be able to hear in a good way steps, shots, TeamSpeak, squad chat, local chat, squad leader chat. And to hear all of that at the same time. I noticed that most of the people have problems hearing squad leader chat and local voice chat. And that's not because they're dumb, deaf or whatever. That's because of bad default in-game settings. I had to set my in-game settings in this way in order to be able to hear in a good way steps, shots, local voice, squad voice and squad leader voice at the same time: But then TeamSpeak is too quite even if you set +20 db in TeamSpeak settings. Now I use different volume levels in Windows(Volume Mixer) for TeamSpeak, Discord and for Squad in order to maintain equal volume power for Discord, TeamSpeak and Squad xd. Well, yeah. I was thinking of making this bind to boost my microphone sensitivity to a 100 and use boost function when I talk in local, so people will better hear me(I am loud in squad chat even at my 50 mic sensitivity). Downside of this is it will not work for everyone, some people already have mic sens at 100 and they already use boost function.
  18. If we were talking about Quake or CS I would be asking to add a console command to remove model of the gun completely. We aren't talking about Quake or CS, I provided Quake and CS series as examples. Therefore I ask to add a function to use grenade launcher without taking out GL's sight. And you can take my word for it, I can aim even with that sight in my way. If you can't, here you go(my average result with a GL kit at the end of the round): You wouldn't want to be on the other team. What was your point, anyway?
  19. Feature Request: Listen to Mic

    AHK: ;#IfWinActive ahk_exe Squad.exe ~*$vk42:: ; B Key { toggleMute("vk42") ; B Key } return toggleMute(thisKey) { SoundSet, 0, Microphone, mute ; sets the microphone's PLAYBACK mute state KeyWait % thisKey SoundSet, 1, Microphone, mute ; sets the microphone's PLAYBACK mute state } Uncomment #IfWinActive to make it work in Squad only. To bind local and squad leader chats to activate playback, use virtual key codes(not names of buttons, it will only work in eng layout then). Also consider the fact that even if you will hear yourself very good, it doesn't mean other players will, because everyone have different ears, level of hearing, sound cards, headsets, windows volume sounds and in-game settings. It is your sound card's drivers or sound card itself. I don't have any noticeable lag on my sound card and it doesn't matter if I use built-in windows playback feature(listen to this device), playback settings int the microphone settings, or playback feature in the brand control panel of my sound card. It depends. If you want everyone to hear you, even in local at a big distance, you can set boost mic function as well as set sensitivity to a 100. I am pretty sure one can even write some programs to bind different buttons to set different microphone sensitivities: B - 50% mic sens, talk in squad chat. B up - set mic sens back to 50%. V - 100% mic sens, boost microphone +30 db, talk in local voice chat in squad. V up - set mic sens back to 50%, set boost mic to what it was before. G - 100% mic sens, boost microphone +30 db, talk in squad leader voice chat in squad. V up - set mic sens back to 50%, set boost mic to what it was before.
  20. It depends: Consider the facts that yes, he has a GL's mesh but he doesn't use GL's mesh as on this screenshot: That guy is using that mesh just as a crosshair. It would be exactly the same as if he had default crosshair on his screen. When they add tanks, expect to see this on tournaments: No, they didn't have meshes in Battlefield 2. It's just pure skill using good positioning, crosshair, brain and muscle memory. Also consider the fact that there was fog in Battlefield 2. So the guy on video couldn't even see his target. Sure, that would be the solution. This system would also make switching to grenade launcher faster, since you wouldn't have to take out your GL's sight. I'm pretty sure most of tryhards in this game would switch to 'no GLs sight' politics because of upsides it proposes: no view interference, faster switch. And no real downsides. That GL mesh with 5 dividings is very arguably an advantage. I am pretty sure even if they will not add a function to remove GL's sight, I will probably be using regular+GL's sights on default diving all the time: or I will just use GL's sight on default diving all the time: without changing what dividing I use. Why? Because it is much harder to use 6 different crosshairs than to use just 1 all the time. I am not a bowman but I am pretty sure that's what bowmen use on tournaments(FYI grenade launcher in Squad is a bow which always shoot with the exact same power): To me it looks like they just use 1 crosshair and their eyes to aim. That's what allow them to put one arrow inside another: consistency(1 setup all the time: 1 crosshair, not 6), not some mad mesh with 1000 dividings.
  21. No, IRL I just put it down and use my red dot. Nothing will really stop me from doing it in a real combat. No one else would even notice that I did that even if it was the biggest violation on the battlefield. I said 'it stays in my way and interferes my view'. What is there to not understand? People in cs 1.6 as well as people in Quake and Reflex Arena nowadays are used to delete whole models of their guns using console commands to get better view: One of the known tricks to get better view. It's like when a fly or an eyewinker gets in your eye but you can still see. You can live with it but it would be so much better if it was gone.
  22. When the concept you're talking about is interesting: using code names instead of nicknames, using numbers as code names is way worse than using words, just as with using bearings(azimuth, angle) worse than using cardinal points and divisions(sides of the world) compared to the other objects: 'Why?', you might ask. Because people much easier remember words than numbers, simply because we use words so many times more often(and because we have associative memory) than numbers. Note that I haven't use a single number in my message yet and used 87 words before I used first number in my message: People who train their 'number memory' use associations with letters or words while trying to remember many or very long numbers. It is much better to say:"I see 4 enemy infs 200 meters away east-north-east of a Hemp Farm" than to say:"Enemy 265". But that's what most people do, they give irrelevant information - a bearing from their own position, irrelevant because that 265 bearing doesn't give any useful information to any of their squad mates, because everyone in Squad are in different positions and as a result everyone in squad will have different bearings to that enemy. And don't even start with that bullcrap about 'all squad mates should stay close to each other'. That's just a lie in fact it is exactly opposite: squad mates should never come close to each other unless it is necessary(medic to heal/revive) and should stay far away(50-100m between players) from each other when moving 'together' as a squad. And in most of the situations distance between squad mates is bigger(which is a good sign that a squad knows what they're doing), there are also vehicles on the hills, so bearing don't really give jack to anyone except for a person who said that information in the first place. There are, of course, a lot of squads, which just like to create a clusterfudge with 10-18 people in the same compound. But they play this game in the wrong way in the first place, they should l2p the game itself before moving to things like how to give proper information. 265 number is a random number which can't be associated with anything, without a person opening their map, finding a guy who gave info on the map, looking at their compass(bottom of the monitor) for quite a few seconds and doing a lot calculations in their mind:"Ok. 90 is east, 180 is south, 270 is west, so for me enemy is probably somewhere at bearing 225, because I am in another than the guy who gave the info position, not to mention that it took me about 10 seconds to just find a guy(who gave info) on the map out of 7 left squad mates(minus me and a squad leader)". Don't use bearings, unless you're not more than 2 meters away from your squad mate or if you're sitting inside an armored vehicle. And when you say:"I see 4 enemy infs 200 meters away east-north-east of a Hemp Farm", that info instantly gives everything to every single one of your squad mates without them opening a map, doing any kind of unintuitive calculations or looking at their compass whatsoever(if they have a brain). I can tell you what the place described above in this paragraph looks like, even without opening my game, on every map and game mode there is a Hemp Farm flag. Can you tell where enemies(and what kind of enemy) are and what the place looks like if on Kohat I will just tell you in squad chat:"Enemy are on 155"? Yep. That's my point. So if you want to use code names instead of nicknames - it is better to pick a system based on words than on numbers. I would say fire teams inside a squad, based on Latin alphabet and different colors on the map for each squad mate, as well as a name of that color in the list of your squad mates, like you showed it with numbers: And even better, to give specific colors to different classes, so Squad Leader is green, medics are yellow and orange, RPGs are red and brown, grenade launcher is blue, etc. It would be much better than using numbers: you have words instead of numbers(which is better just by definition), different colors on the map and on your monitor, and at the same time you have associations between fireteams, colored triangles on the map, colored code names on your monitor and classes in the squad, which will be much more intuitive and efficient to use than numbers. It will be even better if they will lock specific colors for specific fireteams(there can't be more than 3 fireteams in squad, right?). That's just a basic concept I came with in real-time while writing it, I'm sure developers can do much better if they will read about how memory works.
  23. It doesn't work like that. This game isn't about the amount of kills you make but the amount of tickets you cost to the enemy team. When you drop 50 bomb, you cost so much more than just 50 tickets they lost with their deaths. On top of these 47 kills that cheater made you need to add 4 tickets per each minute we couldn't take the flag, because we would kill almost all of them and then this cheater would kill all of us. And then add to this that if we took the flag, we would be attacking next flag, etc. When you drop 47 kills in a round, when you have flag in conflict, and enemy team is loosing 4 tickets per minute, in a round when all of your teammates are with negative kdr, your cost to enemy team is much bigger than 47+(30*4). Where 47 is number of kills you made, 30 is number of minutes you held the flag in conflict and 4 is amount of tickets enemy team looses every minute which you held the flag. Yeah, I misspelled it I suppose.