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  1. I dislike HAT's Tandem which destroys all vehicles in 1 hit. Completely overpowered unskilled weapon for noobs and scrubs which can't destroy vehicles with few hits. I can play in a disadvantage in a Humvee against multiple BTRs, or in a 14mm BTR against multiple Strykers, or in a Stryker against multiple 30mm BTRs and MTLBs. But that Tandem is a complete imbalanced overpowered unskilled bullshit. Well, 1-hit-1-kill weapons like this Tandem is a bullshit by definition in Squad-alike games(Project Reality, Battlefield 2, etc.).
  2. Sure: To disable it completely you gonna need to disable it in registry, group policy and in the Windows services. You can also disable 40% of the Windows you don't use yourself in the same places.
  3. Well, it wasn't close to death. At the moment when your friend set it on fire, it had ~50% HP left if it had full HP before your friend started shooting at it. It has. It has one of the weakest guns against armored vehicles but it is still very balanced and fair. Big jump would be if you got to it from behind, full-sprayed it until your gun overheats, then waited ~10 seconds and finished that BTR with a second spray. That's how it is supposed to be... That 30mm BTR has the best gun against armored vehicles. You can't just go up against anti-vehicle unit using an anti-infantry unit and think you can actually win in head to head battle.
  4. All vehicles have 500 HP. One bullet from a Stryker does 6 HP damage to a BTR. So you need to hit BTR with 500/6=83 bullets to destroy it. You obviously ran into a 30mm BTR. One 30mm bullet does 25 HP damage to a Stryker. So that BTR only had to hit you 20 times to destroy you. You said that it only hit you 8-10 times, meaning you probably wasn't full HP or you counted it wrongly.
  5. Not if you knew what you're doing and could get on the server before everyone else even if there was 50 people joining at the same time. Now there is no way to get on the server before other players because of the queue. Now it takes up to a half an hour to get to the server. Before it would only take about 3-8 minutes maximum.
  6. ahahaha, this image is so accurate. Al Basrah, right? But I wouldn't call it useless. You can use it when you're a guy in that window. I know I use it when I get a chance.
  7. Here's what Epic recommend in BaseHardware.ini for current version of UE4(4.14) of current version of Squad(a- I think that info on the website is very old. 361.75 was a recommended driver for 4.08 version of UE4 or something like that. Yes. With 361.75 in V9 of Squad I get ~25-35 FPS on Fool's Road. Right after I updated to 372.90, my FPS went to 35-80, depending the situation... Well, that's a completely different question and I think for different video cards(even different revisions of the same model of some video card) different drivers can be and will be the best ones. So if you want to find the best one for your setup you gonna have to setup each of them one after another, one by one. Don't forget to report here if you find your best Nvidia driver for your setup.
  8. Well, Microsoft is evil and a lot of people in Microsoft should go to jail but they aren't really garbage. Can you name any other platforms that are as universal in what OS can do as Windows? And it's just a wrong statement that Windows OS is a place holder, for obvious reasons. Literally nobody cares what that's to you. Again, this world and this universe(as well as all other worlds in this universe and all other universes in ours multiverse(if it exist)) don't care what you want, man. Why would you even write something like that in the first place? Well, back to the topic. I wouldn't install Creators update in the first place(yes, I know about hidden backdoors in the previous versions, etc.), it adds Telemetry.
  9. Since we aren't console peasants and we aren't playing Squad on consoles, 144+ FPS is the only acceptable option for a proper multiplayer FPS game.
  10. You gonna have to edit your files manually and map game axes and actions to gamepad axes and keys by yourself. Here's a list of gamepad keys and axes for you:
  11. Can anyone provide an example how stabilization works IRL on these CROWS? I know what stabilization is, I just never saw it in action IRL, saw plenty in video games, though.
  12. Read this thread: Just edit files and set Key=none where you want to unbind something.
  13. wtf, Squad has nothing to do with real life. It is an arcade hardcore teamplay-oriented video game. And in video games it works differently. You can start from reading about vectors in 3D space to understand how it works in video games: And about FOV in video games: I don't care how it works in real life, it doesn't work like that in Squad. And Squad isn't a realistic game. And it shouldn't be this way in a realistic game(which in its order has nothing to do with Squad, because Squad isn't one). Again, it doesn't work like that. You can move your rifle by 1 meter and still hit the target. It's about vectors. There is no 'will'. It is already different. I explained how and why in the previous posts. Before you do that, you need to understand what is FOV and vectors. And how it works in video games. lol. Yeah? Tell us how you would fix FOV for few different configurations: 1280x960, 1280x1024, 1440x1080, 1920x1080, 2560x1080, 5760x1080. Make sure you at least read about FOV on Wikipedia before you answer. All of these resolutions are possible in Squad and people play on these resolutions even right now.
  14. Open %localappdata%\Squad\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\Input.ini. Find and delete all strokes starting with AxisMappings=. Then paste this at the end of [/Script/Engine.InputSettings] section, under ActionMappings= strokes(that's just all the axes there are in the game): Now you can bind any axes as you wish. To unbind set Key=None. To edit sensitivity of different axes you gonna have to use AxisConfig=: AxisConfig=(AxisKeyName="Gamepad_RightX",AxisProperties=(DeadZone=0.25,Exponent=1.f,Sensitivity=1.f)) AxisConfig=(AxisKeyName="Gamepad_RightY",AxisProperties=(DeadZone=0.25,Exponent=1.f,Sensitivity=1.f)) You want to put AxisConfig= strokes in the same section with AxisMappings= - [/Script/Engine.InputSettings]. Finished Input.ini file will look something like this: Set read only flag or make a backup copy of the file, because it will get overwritten sometime in the future. To access AppData folder you need to show hidden files in Windows:|pcrid|190284175379|pkw||pmt|b|pdv|c|&gclid=CIaO1ZDwqtMCFVqBsgod2AcGXw Then you'll be able to see, access and change Input.ini in AppData.
  15. I don't know about discounts, but how people can't see that Squad and Insurgency are competitors in terms of getting a bigger player base? Anyone who's tired of casual bullshit games by EA, Dice, Activision and Valve, like Battlefield 3+, CoD: Whatever Warfare, CS:GO, etc., have to search for something else. And it's not like there are over 9000 projects that can provide better experience than CSGO/CoD/Battlefield. People are left with a choice between Insurgency, Squad, Heroes & Generals and maybe few others. That's why these games are competitors.