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  1. I wouldn't say that few new models of btrs is a main highlight of v9. Maps got bigger, yeah. But the main highlight is HABs. It changes meta. If you look at v9 like that, it's pretty weak compared to giants as v7 and v8. It should've been here already: head tracking support and controllers support. And I'm talking about proper head tracking support and controllers support. What does that mean? It means I should be able to control my direction of sight(head)(separately from direction of aim) using any device I wish: free track, TrackIR, xbox X gamepads, ps X gamepads, any joysticks, keyboards and other devices. AFAIK ATM one can only bind in-game actions to keyboard, mouse and only some of the controls to xbox360 gamepads. Not before they increase FPS drastically. Yeah, this new UI hurt usability. I'm sure person who developed this new UI doesn't even play Squad or plays it very rarely and very casually. This new UI even looks very casually, lightly and not serious. It's like from some kind of Call of Battlefield: Casualline or something like that.
  2. This thing contradicts with the whole formula of Squad, as well as theory and thinking of developers. Currently Squad punishes bad plays, encourage thinking ahead of time and largely rewards good plays. Number of people which spawned(or the fact that they hadn't) on main base at the start of the round can determine outcome of the round. Squad is about communication and when you give squad leaders this kind of a function, it erases a little of communication part. Squad members can't spot people on the map for the same reason: if any member of the squad could spot enemies, there would be a lot less communication in the game. On the other hand increased timers at the start of the round would indeed only support current formula of Squad. More time would give opportunities to develop better plays in the start of the round, which in its order would increase quality of matches.
  3. Here's my Input.ini(never mind strange binds): Just tested it, when I switch MouseX and MouseY, for example, it does indeed switch axes in game.
  4. New A9 maps in case someone will be interested:
  5. Says who? You? So far I can see that Squad is a true successor of BF2. Game doesn't feed you with info, doesn't tell you what to do, has over9000 tricks you can use to become a better player, punish bad plays as well as it encourages good plays, allows one squad of 5-6 people to pretty much destroy whole enemy team of 40 players if this squad is good enough, etc. Nah, I'm not concerned about my kdr since I was 10 when it passthrough marker of 3.
  6. If he has Z170 MB, he can overclock any non-k Skylakes through BCLK up to 4.6 gHz easily on default cooling system and up to 5.2 gHz if he will get a proper cooling system, remove CPU cover and stuff like that.
  7. I suppose, something like this:
  8. Yeah, that's right. Neft everything, so clever and skilled can't use anything against knups and scrubs.
  9. Edit %localappdata%\Squad\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\Input.ini
  10. When was the last time they were announced? These values change all the time from version to version. If you're actually interested, go to Firing Range, change the map with command AdminChangeMap MapName and test it yourself. I believe OWI don't have a system and people to document this kind of stuff ATM. And most of the companies don't bother with this kind of stuff. Usually community take care of this kind of stuff. Developers are more worried to provide more content and skins to increase sells than with providing a proper documentation. After OWI implemented ticked bleed in V5.x(or whenever it was), ticket bleed was 4 tickets per minute per flag(flag of conflict or enemy flag). So for example, on OPFL, when you're on US side and your team has Storage Site and Fortress, other team will bleed 8 tickets per minute because you have one flag of conflict Storage Site and one enemy flag - Fortress. On infantry maps it's 3 tickets per minute. On maps like Fool's Road AAS v1 it gets complicated and kinda mad, where you as Militia can have Mine Entrance(Russian first flag) but Russians can have Ammo Hill(central flag) and Hilltop(Militia's first flag) at the same time. System is the same, though: when you're on Militia side, Russian team bleeds 4 tickets per minute per flag if you have Ammo Hill, Train Station or Mine Entrance and your team bleeds 4 tickets per minute per flag if Russian team has Ammo Hill, Fortress or Hilltop. When you understand how system works, it's pretty easy to calculate for how much your team bleeds and how much enemy team bleeds even if you haven't tested this particular map by yourself.
  11. Wow! Nice! Can't wait to get RPG'd by some dummy who 'thought' it was an enemy BTR. I actually already got sprayed down by some dummy on MLTB who 'thought' it was an enemy BTR. I was lucky that I was in his squad, I told him that he's firing at his squad mate and dummy stopped firing.
  12. You're right about everything except for it does give one an advantage when used properly. It's pretty much like side step strafe shooting in CS series but more complicated. The most virtuosos combine strafing and leaning with changing player states: stand, crouch and prone.
  13. Shouldn't this thing overheat or something? Reported it using bug report form but I'll report it here too. Apparently, all vehicles don't overheat. And it looks like devs did it on purpose? And what if I want to test how fast they do overheat? That's exactly how I discovered this bug: I wanted to see how fast Stryker will overheat. Am I supposed to load each map and test vehicles one by one on different maps?
  14. The only thing I'm saying is 5.1 is better than stereo in terms of determining distance, angle and what actually happened and where(steps, differences between BTR/Crow/Techy engines, differences between AKs of Militia and Insurgents, for example). That's the only thing you can even argue about when you're talking about stereo vs 5.1, because frequency response, Impedance, driver sizes, housing, driver technology, etc., they're just parameters of some specific headset and have nothing to do with 5.1 or stereo.
  15. Oh yeah, that's awesome, considering BF2 doesn't even support 5.1. lol. I obviously meant PCI-E and not integrated. But nice catch. I didn't pay $100 for them. I stole them, told you. HD 630VB AKG Q701 HD 598 Philips X2/27 Fidelio PC 360 All of them have no chances against properly designed and configured true 5.1 headphones. It doesn't matter how much you pay. One technology is just better than the other, as it was explained above. You keep trolling or whatever you're doing without providing any arguments whatsoever. But keep believing that your expensive stereo can compete with proper 5.1, better for me. There are 1 player out of 99 who plays with true 5.1, anyway. And maybe 1 out of 999 who actually configured it in the right way.