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  1. You don't have to pay them anything. You can have server files and launch a server on your home Windows machine. lolwut? CS 1.6 had ~10 years of self-made tournaments starting in 1999 without any official stat tracking, ranking, supervision or support by Valve. CS 1.6 is still in top5 of the most competitive video games ever. All you really need/want to make a competitive game as big as CSGO is: 1. Proper spectator mode. 2. Anti-cheat system to effectively catch cheaters. About 99% of all professional matches in all tournaments with big prize pools are played on self-hosted servers. Only biggest LAN-finals are played on 'official' servers. And the only difference between an 'official' server and a self-hosted one is that it was configured by a person working for tournament organizers or developers of the game. How in the world it came to your mind that legitimacy of the competitive matches depend on stats and 'official' servers?
  2. Yeah, drop a facepalm meme to an answer with 5+ sources(about 5 hours of watching videos/reading articles). Explain this one. When you write something like this, it doesn't really mean anything without an explanation with examples. What you say here is like saying 'grass is green, sky is blue and my name is Captain Obvious'. It's a sure thing that tournaments without regulations, neutral supervision and transparency can't be deemed legit. But there is none of them in Squad atm. So you're talking about non-existing thing as it was a problem. Show me a tournament in Squad without regulations, neutral supervision and/or transparency. Yeah, like referees in Football never gave yellow/red cards to players they personally don't like or because these players played in a team they didn't like. Do we need an advanced spectator mode for streaming and to catch cheaters? Sure we do, and devs will make it, it's an alpha. Nowadays developers completely understand power of Twitch and YouTube. And after we have proper spectator mode, 3rd party tournament organizers will come.
  3. He meant to say 'turn full texture loading off'. That's most probably your problem @Mister Skippy
  4. @-MG TL;DR Version: Long version down below. Have the potential? What does that even mean? Squad doesn't have a potential to be a competitive game. Squad is already completely a hardcore anti-random, fast-paced, skill-based, teamplay-oriented competitive video game with one of the highest skill borders needed to start playing it and one of the highest(if not the highest one) skill gaps between players: aka hard to enter, hard to learn, hard to master). If there was an official definition of a competitive team video game, that would be it and that would be Squad. It's alpha. I think so too that we need advanced spectator features, like key logger, mouse movement logger and other features that has never been implemented yet to catch cheaters. But I'm sure they will think of something. They already fixed most of the bullshit they have in other video games, like, a revive spam, grenade spam and hundreds of other stupid things that destroyed gameplay in CS, CoD and Battlefield series. It doesn't have anything to do with the competitiveness of the game itself. That's just a collateral whatever. Well, in a perfect world tournament organizers shouldn't be interested but that's not what we have here in Squad. And that's not what people had in CS Alpha-Beta in 1998-1999 either. Squad doing just fine for an Alpha game. How many tournaments you think CSGO had in Alpha stage of the game? And what about Battlefield 2? Or what about any Battlefield game? That's right. Zero. And again. It doesn't have anything to do with the competitiveness of the game. What? It looks like you don't understand at all what competitiveness is: It's like they wrote it about Squad. If there was a 'template' or a 'reference' of a competitive video game, Squad is one of the very few video games(such as CS 1.6, Starcraft and Battlefield 2) in the whole gaming history which could actually be considered as this 'template' or a 'reference'. 1. Very small amount of randomness. Remember RNG-47 from CSGO, which can miss 5+ perfect headshots? Well, in Squad you can headshot a guy 900 meters away 100 out of 100 times if you're good enough, just as in real life, no 'slot machine style' random generation here(read as 'CSGO RNG bullshiterry to reduce skill gap between scrubs and masters of the game'). 2. One of the biggest skill gaps between players. Player who played game for 10000 hours should be better than a player with 1000 hours. And that's true in Squad. You can play this game for 2-3 thousands hours and still not learn it. I know quite a few players with 2000+ hours in Squad but I don't know anyone who actually mastered Squad. And yes, I'm talking about every single one top clan in this game and every single one top player in this game. Nobody mastered this game yet. Whoever thinks he mastered this game, is just lying to himself. 3. Hard to get in. One of the hardest game to get in to in the gaming history. It is very far from the average FPS aimed at gamers which never played FPS in their lives before. 4. Hard to learn. One of the hardest games to learn in the gaming history because of its complexity(game mode, vehicles, big maps, a lot of classes, etc.). 5. Hard to master. If you're good enough, you can holocaust entire enemy team by yourself in Squad. Yeah, right, your words are indisputable and If someone doesn't agree with you he should burn in hell. I mean, are you mad or something? And who's going to determine what legit means? You? Before doing so you need to at least understand the definition of the word competitiveness(and maybe play a few tournaments in a real team yourself). These things don't have anything in common with the competitiveness of the game. Your post almost completely consists of a bunch of delusional wrong facepalm claims(you wishful thinking). And that's not a good thing. Before making claims you did in your post, you need to at least get good with terminology, instead of acting like a 3yo kindergarten kid saying stuff like 'i don't see how someone can argue with me', like you're The King in this game or something. I mean, how ignorant and arrogant you have to be to actually spell something like that? I think I'm going to puke
  5. They aren't actual military. Actual military are training and having real life wars IRL. We play an arcade hardcore teamplay-oriented competitive video game, which has nothing to do with real life, called Squad. IDK what they call it on their website to attract milsim players from ArmA and other horny for realism players - an apple is still an apple, no matter how you call it, and Squad has nothing to do with realism, no matter how hard everybody will claim it on the title page of the website. Squad has many more things in common with checkers than with real-life military. And don't complain about recoil system just because of your inability to successfully use it, because it is hard to use. This game is unlike almost all others(excludind BF2, PR and 2-3 other games): it is hard to enter, hard to learn, hard to master but once you master it, you become a god. If you want easy recoil system, try Battlefield series, rumors has it that in new episode of the series they will introduce aim assist on PC, so you don't have to put any effort whatsoever - just press LMB and it's done.
  6. That's a problem of your internet connection, drivers of/ your NIC, settings of your NIC, network code of the game or 1000 other things. But not the recoil system itself. Recoil is just how much your view angle changes after every bullet. That's where recoil ends. Spread of bullets(tech parameter of a gun itself) is small and almost non-existent in this game. It is just very big recoil in this game and your inability to control that recoil make your spray ridiculous(read as bad), not spread. And yes, you don't spray on longer distances than on the video, unless you're a god of sprays in Squad and you know what you're doing.
  7. Well, if you want come from 'training' point of view, I agree. Squad need ~10 hours training course to actually explain people how to play(l2p them) this game. Currently 95% of people are completely clueless and more important they are ignorant and arrogant at the same time: they think they know everything about this game and they know it better than most of other people(I'd say they think they're the best at this game), when in fact they don't really know anything about this game and play the game in the wrong way. How wrong? If it was a table tennis game IRL, they would be breaking windows using their heads in the building next door, instead of hitting a ball with their rockets, like table tennis players are supposed to play the game...
  8. I think I can agree with this one. Sometimes on long ranges I have this glitch, you can hear 1-bullet taps by 14-mm BTR(and in-between these 1 bullet taps it won't trigger 14-mm sounds at all for some time), when in fact this 14-mm BTR is holding its trigger(spraying), you can tell it's spraying and not tapping by the number of tracers(you get 1 tracer every 5 shots on 14-mm BTR) coming towards you. That happens during big fights, when there are tenths of sounds playing at the same time. And no, it isn't my setup, I tried it on 2 different sound cards and using different setups(stereo, 5.1). Could it be something related to MaxChannels=128 set in configuration files? Another glitch is that there is no way you can hear 14-mm BTR tapping 1 bullet at a time on close ranges. You will hear very long sprays even when the guy is actually shooting bullets 1 by one with big intervals(1 bullet per 1 second). Same with all weapons in automatic mode(known bug, right?). So there are definitely many problems with triggering of sounds in Squad. Once I record these bugs on video, I will just might post them here, if I'll remember it by then.
  9. Even now if you want to play with 80 people on the server, with appropriate tick rate on the server at least above 30, you need 7700k overclocked up to ~5 gHz. You add little details like you describe when you already implemented everything you needed and wanted, but you still have plenty of resources left to spend. OWI don't have any free resources to spend. In fact, they already added too many things without optimizing them. That's why most of people play at very low FPS unless they have Skylake/Kaby Lake CPU and GTX970+.
  10. What do you mean? We have Battlefield 2 dream in Squad, not ArmA. ArmA is a milsim, Squad is an arcade, competitive, hardcore teamplay-oriented video game, which has nothing to do with military simulation and realism. Can modders make ArmA from Squad in Editor? Sure. But something like that would split community, which isn't a good thing. That's just ridiculous. Only people without internet access will play with bots. Everyone with stable internet access will play with and against people. Sure there will be exceptions, but 99.5% or something will play on the internet. There were bots in Battlefield 2. People are still playing Battlefield 2 online 13 years after its release. Same with CS 1.6 and CS:GO and many other games. Well, I just think it isn't worth time to make bots for Squad but maybe modders will disagree and make it happen. I don't think OWI will even consider to make bots for Squad in 2017, blossoming era of the internet.
  11. Yeah, I have this problem myself. It cost me quite a few deaths. When this stuttering happening to me, Squad is using HDD, it's reading data from HDD and loading it to RAM. When I have this problem, my RAM usage is about 5 GB out of 8 but it uses HDD to load stuff, that's why I have my stuttering. It usually happens after I had my game minimized for several hours, so Windows unloaded most of the Squad's data back to HDD into page file. In your case it is RAM and page file, too. When you reach 90% of RAM usage, it starts to load unused data from RAM to page file on HDD back and forth. As I said, when I play Squad, it uses 4-5 GB of RAM. In your case you want to use less RAM. There are a lot of methods you can use to deduce RAM usage: There are a lot of methods to reduce RAM usage in Windows, you gonna have to make your own research to disable everything you don't use. And yes, you can go down from 8 GB to 4 GB of RAM usage.
  12. Which makes it desynced with recoil, which in its place only makes everything harder to do, right? Which is neat, IMO.
  13. I love it. Not in any but in some, yes, like in random casual arcade(read as anti-competitive) CS:GO or Battlefield 4/1/Hardline. No. It is a problem of your mouse setup, not of a shooting mechanics. Your sensitivity is too low compared to the size of your mouse pad. Me, for example. I have a mouse pad 46x30 cm. Back when I played CS, I had sensitivity ~46.5 cm/360°. So as you can see, my mouse sensitivity in CSGO was bigger(slower) than size of my mouse pad, so I needed to move my mouse more than by 46 cm to turn by 360°. After I came to Squad, I configured my mouse sensitivity, so I have the exact same mouse sensitivity in Squad which is equal to ~46.5 cm/360°. And I don't have any problems controlling recoil in Squad, even considering my mouse sensitivity is a little bit lower than the size of my mouse pad. If after controlling a spray your mouse is out of mouse pad, it means you have too low mouse sensitivity compared to the size of your mouse pad. For example, your mouse pad is 35x20 cm and your sensitivity is 50 cm/360°. Get bigger mouse pad, make your sensitivity higher. That's a solution for you problem, not changing shooting mechanics just because you have dysfunctional mouse setup. I hope nobody will change anything just because some guy on the forums has too low sensitivity and too small mouse pad, so he can't control his sprays as in Cattlefield series made for console peasants, which are used to play with 0 recoil, spread and with aim assists... And this thing does help a good gameplay - it increases skill gap between good and bad players. The thing which most games avoid and suppress nowadays(CS, Battlefield, fighting games), so scrubs and lamers can be almost as good as nolifers with 5000 hours in the game. Very good example is CSGO and their nerfs of AWP, Rifles, ADADADAD strats, tagging system, making pistols and SMG overpowered compared to their price(so noobs can just buy SMG and randomly kill a guy with AK47, which is random by itself). In Squad we have a very good shooting mechanics with 0 random generation(you can headshot a guy at 1000m distance 100/100 times, if your aim is good enough), which encourages skill and dedication, which allows nolifers to win gun fights against noobs, scrubs and lamers 99 times out of 100. And when you lost your gun fight it was because you weren't good enough and the other guy was better, not because of random generation: What you propose in your post is to decrease a skill gap between players. It isn't a good thing at all, for any game. TL;DR version: git gut or git rikt
  14. Come on, this isn't a 1994 when most of the people didn't have internet access. Nowadays most of the people have internet access. And it isn't a CS series either. Bots are unnecessary in this game and are probably would only waste time of developers, which could use this time better to fix performance issues.
  15. I see you have active front panel, as well as active rear panel. It is probably some conflict or a glitch between front and rear panels. There are check boxes on these Realtek sound cards(In Realtek control panel), which allow you to set front panel as independent sound device, play sound through both front and rear panels, disable jack on rear panel once you connected front one and other functions related to front panel. I think one of these functions could be causing the problem. Go through the whole control panel and tick/untick check boxes related to front panel. Also, do you connect your mic(which doesn't work in Squad) to front or rear panel? Do you have only 1 mic connected to your PC or do you have 2 mics connected to both front and rear panels?