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  1. Tips and Tricks for 4K-Gaming?

    Yes, as well as overclocking your RAM and video card. And turning your HPET off and other 20+ things you can find in the previous post. Just go all-low, disable all effects, like eye-adaptation and alike, leave Anti-aliasing at MSAA.
  2. Tips and Tricks for 4K-Gaming?

    Try 368.81 Nvidia drivers: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/27772-fps-tweak-for-gtx-9xx-users/ Also this: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/28197-low-frames-with-gtx-1080/?tab=comments#comment-298820 After doing all of that I don't see you going below 60 FPS at all with your rig. It will take long-long time to apply all of them, though. Still 100% worth it if you want as smooth experience as you can realistically get in Squad.
  3. too blurry

    MSAA in the game + lumasharpen reshade. Also provide screens what in your mind is blurry and what is not.
  4. What counts as a kill?

    Points system need a complete overhaul. Currently 'points' or 'score' don't mean anything and are pointless. Like, a guy with 107 points/score can be 10 times more effective and useful to a team than a guy with 1000 points sitting on the flag in afk getting 100 points every time his team defends the flag. They should get rid of points/score and just leave hard data, like: how many kills you've made; how many deaths you have;how many times you neutralized, captured and defended the flag(one stat); how many times you revived teammates and how many you healed teammates; how many vehicles you have destroyed, and, of course, different vehicles would give different amount of 'vehicle kills', so bike would give 1, techie - 2, Humvee/MTLB - 3, BRDM - 4, BTR/Stryker - 5, 30mm BTR/MTLB - 6, etc. Unlike points, you can actually tell how active and useful someone has been during the round, you can't tell how useful someone has been by points.
  5. Barrel(where bullets are actually coming from when you shoot) is actually physically few centimeters under the sight. So it is perfectly normal that you shoot the wall instead of what you think you should be shooting. I saw this happening to people IRL playing paintball with red dots and iron sights. This is only annoying when you don't understand what you're doing. Once you understand what you're doing and how it works, it becomes your advantage(instead of annoying thing) over noobs, because you know how to use it and they do not. I still see people trying to shoot me through walls when I can only see their head down to the eyes but can't see their gun, so they shoot wall and I shoot their heads. It happened to me once or twice when I started playing this game and I was, like:"Hm, Ok, so barrel is actually under the sight, like in real life, not like in other video games where you shoot exactly from your sight".
  6. Gunshots sound quieter

    My guess it's automatic gain control plus some glitch. Sometimes it is named Smart Volume Control or some other facepalm tech. Install audio drivers manually, then go through windows audio settings in Control Panel and then go through audio control panel from the manufacturer of your sound card and disable all audio enhancements everywhere.
  7. Radio silence toggle key

    When it's a nice feature: to be able to mute microphone and output, that's a bad solution to mute/unmute during a game because you can't hear enemies close to you. If you can't hear enemies close to you, that's not a problem of people who are talking, it means you have a badly configured sound system. I, for example, can hear enemy steps and shots near or far away from me when my teammates giving me info: it doesn't matter if it's through in-game voice system or through Discord/TS/Mumble. But that system is very tricky to setup: First of all, you want Windows to do nothing when it detects communication activity: Then you have to set proper sound level in Windows: overall on Device; for Squad; for TS, Discord or Mumble. Then you have to have proper sounds levels set in Discord/TS/Mumble themselves. And then you have to have proper sound levels(Master, Effects volume levels) in Squad itself. Together it makes about 10-15 sound sliders in total, which is a disaster to configure, but it can be done. I can't possibly tell you what levels you should set because everyone have different sound cards, dynamics, ears, etc. I believe my game is louder than Discord/TS/In-game voice, this way I can always hear enemy steps and shots and still be able to hear what friendlies say.
  8. This game is great, for me it is maybe greatest of all time I played, but it is not realistic. It has nothing to do with realism. You can get revived in 2 seconds after getting RPG in the face. And the other things, well, you can run and jump in Super Mario, it doesn't make that game realistic, does it? Squad is business. As long as people will buy enough copies of the game, OWI will not quit. And even if they will start selling exactly 0 copies of the game, there is still Squad SDK, modders will unbind Squad from Steam and we'll keep playing Squad, anyway. At this point of time it will be incredibly hard to kill Squad, considering there is SDK out there. Hackers reverse engineer and compile everything from scratch when they need to. Look at how DICE and EA tried to kill Battlefield 2. It is still alive even in 2017. If you want to make some kind of Heroes & Generals from Squad, you can feel free to do it yourself: there is Squad SDK out there. Or course, you'll need the whole development team of project manager, designers, programmers, etc. to handle this kind of project. But Squad isn't really that kind of a game. Squad is "Battlefield 2-alike" game where 2 teams start on their bases and fight for territory control(flags), teams who had more flags usually wins. Premium account that will boost skill gain? You mean scrubs will pay2win? We definitely don't want this in Squad, Squad is beautiful as it is.
  9. How to be *GOOD* at squad

    I like how most players seriously throw smokes to get to those injured players. So you're staying on CROWs waiting for this medic to come revive/heal that guy, then you just spray both of them through the smoke making the injured guy to wait 60 more seconds on spawn screen on top of what he already been on the ground. It will never get old It even works on matches against top tier clans.
  10. Not after an fps increase

    I use just MSAA and it removes that aliasing at edges of objects. Just 1080p, MSAA and no changes to scaling/sampling. MSAA is much more efficient anti-aliasing tech(in terms of computation power needed) than super sampling. Super sampling, is, like, the most expensive anti-aliasing.
  11. key remapping advice

    Much easier to just drop %localappdata%\Squad\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor in the address bar of the explorer. And it doesn't matter where your Windows is located, or where user folder is located or where Appdata folder is located, etc. http://environmentvariables.org/LocalAppData And it will be opened instantly. PS I wonder why so many threads about key binds are being bumped?)
  12. Any ETA on V10?

  13. Move right key binding

    This Orbweaver has 4 rows and ~20 keys accessible: There's no way you're playing Squad using that ORBWEAVER only. If you move your hand to your keyboard at any point of time after you launched Squad, that proves my point: these keypads are anti-ergonomic. Same goes for shift-keys: if you use shift key on that keypad when you can avoid using it on a default keyboard, that proves my point as well: it takes more time to press 2 keys and release two keys, than to just press and release 1 convenient key(like, F key on keyboard), as well as it takes one more finger away from you during that time(you could use that finger to press another button instead of a shift key), why use shift key, while you could just press a button around your WASD keys. On a proper gaming keyboard, like, X7 G800V there are 7 accessible rows and ~50 accessible keys(which is more than two times more compared to Orbweaver) if you use UHJK-based layout, for example. You can use any number of keys as different shift keys on any keyboard. And if you start using shift keys on a keyboard with 50 accessible keys, difference between keypad and a keyboard is even bigger because you can use more different buttons as different shift keys to increase number of functions you can access with the same button. There's no way any competitive player would play any game on that kind of keypad(you don't see them on tournaments anywhere because they're inferior to proper keyboards and keyboard layouts, you just don't have enough buttons on a keypad) with 20 buttons on board in total, because there are just not enough buttons on them. Here's an example of Starcraft 2 layout developed by pretty much controls layout scientists(if you can call anyone that): You wouldn't even be able to set this layout up on that Orbweaver because it doesn't even have enough rows and columns. And as you can see that layout uses 3 modifier keys on a keyboard: alt, ctrl and shift, in total it makes 6 different modifier combinations: alt, alt+ctrl, alt+shift, alt+ctrl+shift, ctrl+shift, shift. Any sane competitive player don't decrease amount of accessible buttons on a device, it's the opposite: adequate players increase amount of keys they can access, that's the reason they moved controls to the right side of the keyboard: so players can access more buttons. When you use that keypad, you decrease amount of keys you can access. And it doesn't matter if it's a strategy. Squad as well has a lot of functions you want to access at the same time simultaneously, and that keypad will not allow you to access all functions in all possible combinations at the same time simultaneously, while keyboard on the other hand(if used proper layout) will allow you to access all possible combinations at the same time simultaneously. Doesn't mean you can't do your own keyboard and bunch up buttons like this: To get access to ~40-50 keys against 20 on these branded keypads. These branded keypads with 20 keys on boards is just a joke and a scam. They provide inferior product compared to a keyboard, ask $30-80 for a piece and tell people that it's better to play on keypad than on keyboard when in fact keyboards are just better, which is outrageous.
  14. Move right key binding

    Tab key is configured to show Scoreboard by default. If you want to set tab to lean right, then find ActionName="LeanRight" and set it up like this: ActionMappings=(ActionName="LeanRight",Key=Tab,bShift=False,bCtrl=False,bAlt=False,bCmd=False) If tab is already bound to something else, then search for Key=Tab word in your Input.ini file and set Key=None instead of Key=Tab. At the end you should have one stroke with Key=Tab in your Input.ini file.
  15. Move right key binding

    Key=None You can also find list of keys here: https://wiki.unrealengine.com/List_of_Key/Gamepad_Input_Names You don't need programmable gaming keypad/keyboard in order to reprogram any keys on your keyboard, that's just marketing. To reprogram keys you can use programs, like, KeyTweak, or write your own scripts using AHK, for example. And these keypads are worse than usual keyboards because they provide less accessible keys for left hand compared to pretty much any keyboard. If someone wants flexibility/universality/betterThanDefault, it is better to buy this kind of keyboard: A keyboard with small space and additional buttons all over the place, which is better for pretty much anyone: people who chat a lot, people on the forums, gamers, programmers. There are membrane and mechanical variants from different manufacturers. But, of course, they're very unpopular because it will require for a player to start using UHJK-based layout(to get access to more keys at the same time on the keyboard) instead of default WASD one.