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  1. I have an SSD but Squad is on my HDD
  2. I was running with the exact same setup and got about 20-22FPS on a full 80 player server. I just bought a refurb 960 and same FPS. The CPU might be old, but upgrading won't make a difference unless you buy an Intel.
  3. My specs are AMD FX-4100 (yes I know it's not enough) and GTX 960 2GB. When Squad loads up, everything's fine until I reach the main menu, where unless I turn on my 3 additional case fans, the videocard runs up to 70* and the load is basically full. This drops down to 50* once I'm in a server but it just seems strange that it would be at full load on a main menu.
  4. Sometimes, maybe 1 in 10, I join a server and I see all of the players on the map for a second. This includes the enemy team, which shows up as red and I can see the squad leaders and everything just like the blue markers but in red. I don't know if it's just me, and I don't use the intel, but other people might and it's not a nice bug to have lingering around.
  5. QFF invite you to their server

    I've been playing Squad for a few months now and QFF is the first server I genuinely felt comfortable on. There's usually no toxic players and everyone is having a good time regardless of their skill level. The admins are 99% active and willing to assist when they can. The only issue I have with this server and clan is that there aren't more like it.
  6. Operational Detachment Sierra

    Is there any chance I could tag along with you guys in Squad? I'm already a member of Convict Gaming (for the purposes of being an admin on TTT on Gmod) but would like to be part of a surgical team. I'm no Leroy Jenkins and I'd be willing to take one for the team. I've got 2000 combined hours on FPS games including: Quake, CS 1.6, BF:1942, CS:S, BF:BC2, BF3 and CS:GO which means I know what it means to play as a team and how support roles can be as valuable as offensive ones. Please consider my request and let me know if there are any conditions. P.S. you are the only clan I've contacted.