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    We are looking to recruit members to create mature combat squads in 'SQUAD' We have our own dedicated Teamspeak server and will rent a squad server when enough members join The number one rule of the EVO Gaming is that we are here to have fun. 1. We will treat each other with respect. 2. Moderate profanity is allowed, but we won’t tolerate any hate speak or sexual harassment. Excessive use of profanity or hate speak/sexual harassment will lead to immediate removal. 3. No hacking/cheating is allowed under any circumstance. 4. No one will be excluded based upon gender, or race. Only your attitude and actions will exclude you. 5. Toxic Gossip will not be tolerated in this clan, this will lead to automatic removal from clan Teamspeak: ts3.evoclan.net Channel : Squad Squad Players Snooze Debenhams Simon
  2. Do you have any good Cpu that you can recomend for this Game ? price class 100-200 euro
  3. Hi i have had some serious problem. with squad ever since i bought it. i got alot of stutter going on and my overall FPS is really low. and i have the Graphic settings on low. With 1920x1080p Resuloution when i switch to a lower Res the FPS drops even lower for some reason. If anyone have tips or tricks pls let me know CPU : Intel I5 760 @ 2.80 Ghz Lynnfield 4 Cores, MMX, X86-64, SSE4.2 But its overclocked to 3,33 Ghz MOTHERBOARD : MSI : H55M-E33(MS-7636 GPU : AMD Radeon R9 380 4 GB RAM : 8 GB