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  1. Hello forum. SInce this friday Ive experienced something unexplanable and very frustrating. Everytime I join a FR based server my ping raise trough the roof. I know pings arent shown correctly on the UE4 engine. But ive never ever had a ping over 600-700 before. It even goes up to a 1000 sometimes. I cant even hear coms, the game stutters (no fps change just latency lag). Ive also been "disconnected from queue", had the "invalid aut token" and had "server connection closed" issues on EXODUS where Ive got aut token given by server owner since long time ago. Basically I can no longer play on Uk servers. Im from Sweden so clearly I shouldent have problems with ping against a FR server. Another guy in my clan (also from Sweden) has had the exact same problem, we also share the same ISP. Yet other people in the clan who has the same ISP dont have this issue. Ive tried flushing my DNS, Ive tried restarting my fiber transformator (dont have a router). Before this Ive never had such problem and the funny thing is that when I join german servers the ping is fine. What could be the issue here?
  2. VAC error, collected information thread

    I can confirm that this actually works (for me at least)! Finally got to play a full round.
  3. VAC error, collected information thread

    Very interesting. Il try this out.
  4. VAC error - enable VAC

    Ok so Ive looked at both of these threads that invisible posted in respons and I tried installing EAC after verifying steam files and that did not work. Could Geforce experience/shadowplay have anything to do with this? Or mabye steam overlay? Im just shooting in the dark here. The worst part about this whole thing is that the 15 minutes I get to play are so awesome...
  5. VAC error - enable VAC

    Hello, I just bought this game like two hour ago. Been disconnected every 15 minutes or so because of this VAC error. Been looking around for answers and Ive tried every "solution" I could find. Starting steam as admin, starting Squad launcher as admin, even tried reinstalling the game, switching users on steam etc. Nothing works. Im totally bummed out about this. I really love PR which is why I finally decided to actually get this game (payed full price). I really dont want to refund it... Please help. //Mr moO