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  1. Admins in camera mode a should have button which toggles the visibility of team chat from both sides. Also, it might improve readability if instead of "[Team]" the prefix was the 3 letter abbreviation of the Player's country. Example:
  2. Admin scramble command

    Hello, I'm an admin on the West Coast Tactical server and I think we need this to be resolved soon rather than later. Everyday I'm seeing more and more regular players who recognize one another and are purposefully switching teams to try and be on the better team. This results in one sided matches where the losing team suffers from a lack of solid leadership which turns into toxic behaviour which quite often leads to kicks or bans and damages the community. There should be a way for admins to scramble the teams. In my opinion there should be two commands, one that scrambles everyone and one that scrambles with the consideration of clan tags. I'd like to see some sort of command which does the following. AdminScrambleTeams Before scrambling. Team X Team Y Player A Player 1 Player B Player 2 Player C Player 3 Player D Player 4 Player E Player 5 Player F Player 6 Player G Player 7 After scrambling. Team X Team Y Player A Player 1 Player 2 Player B Player C Player 3 Player 4 Player D Player E Player 5 Player 6 Player F Player G Player 7 and also one for clans like this: AdminScrambleTeamsNotClans Before scrambling. Team X Team Y Player [zZ]A Player 1 Player [zZ]B Player 2 Player [zZ]C Player 3 Player D Player 4 Player E Player 5 Player F Player 6 Player G Player 7 After scrambling. Team X Team Y Player [zZ]A Player D Player [zZ]B Player E Player [zZ]C Player F Player 1 Player 4 Player 2 Player 5 Player 3 Player 6 Player G Player 7
  3. There should be a 3rd team included in some maps. Hopefully it doesn't require a ton more dev either because you could use the current assets and models. For example: Insurgents vs Militia vs USA *I searched first for the various tags on this thread, surprised it wasn't really discussed.
  4. Got stuck while prone moving towards top of staircase in Train station building.
  5. With the free weekend coming to an end, I found the vast majority of new players did not understand what the icons meant. As a result there were plenty of players standing around a capture point sometimes 2 or 3 areas ahead where they need to be. (This was not the case of a bunch of advanced players trying to get a jump start on the capture point). I suggest: 1. The double orange arrow attack marker should be changed to a medium sized bright red crosshair overlaying the enemy flag. 2. The unconquerable flags (team and enemy) should have a lock symbol on them. 3. The progress meter along the top should also include the words "Defending", "Attacking", "Locked", "Captured" accordingly.
  6. VAC error, collected information thread

    I can also confirm the hot fix worked! Woot!!
  7. ENABLE VAC error

    I have Avast and added client.easyanticheat.net to the exclusion URL list which should rule out Avast. Yet the problem remains. More info from the EAC faq. http://faq.easyanticheat.net/content/20/19/en/eac-disconnected.html Another thread: https://steamcommunity.com/app/393380/discussions/0/412449508288378480/?ctp=2
  8. ENABLE VAC error

    I just started getting this error. Tried all those things LeroyTB posted. Never had this issue before, now it happens after 15mins or so of playing.