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  1. Bundeswehr Mod

    Since the model of the P8 we currently have in the mod was kind of crappy (it was one of my first models), I took the last week to completely redo it:
  2. Bundeswehr Mod

    It is. The G36 is not in yet since we're not really happy with our model anymore and someone is working on a new one. Since the HK416 (G38) is most likely going to be the successor, it's the main AR in the meantime. The final mod will probably have both.
  3. Bundeswehr Mod

    BWMod The BWMod (Bundeswehr Mod) is a mod adding a German faction. Some of you might already know it from Arma 3; This is a port of that project and the Arma version will remain the primary development platform. WIP Screenshots