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  1. A friend of mine that I play squad with but refuses to ask questions on here has been struck with an issue where as soon as he loads into a game his resolution changes and his centerpoint on screen is about 3 inches off so nothing he does ingame is accurate. Then shortly after the game crashes. He has uninstalled/ reinstalled about 3 times. Does anyone know how to fix this issue? Please help has made his game almost unplayable.
  2. squad bug

    just did thank you
  3. squad bug

    I'm not sure the map but it was def at the beginning of a conquest match. Its the same bug from project reality where only squads can be created but no one can join any of the opened squads.
  4. squad bug

    anyone else notice the squad bug from PR while playing on conquest? any way to fix?
  5. Release: Alpha Version 8.9

    great update except for the squad bug while playing on the conquest gamemode. Lol love the real PR feel.
  6. FPS issue until reboot

    would playing in borderless be worse for fps or better?
  7. sound flipped

    I changed my graphics settings during a match tonight to improve framerate and in the next game all of my audio was completely flipped. Sounded like the entire firefight was coming from outside the map. This is the second time this is happened. The first time was random during game play with out any changes to settings. I didn't change any audio settings. Anyone else having these issues? Only has happened since last update.