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  1. how do i rank here?

    It's not a rank...just a measure of how much people spam...
  2. I regret I bought Squad!

    Thank you for your constructive criticism.... Got to love how people join a game in Alpha and expect a finished product.
  3. I am not having any issues with FPS. Minimum 50-60 FPS @ 1440 My Spec - i5 6500 R9 390 16gb RAM Win 10 My settings are similar to yours, however I have: Full Screen 2560x1440 AA off Shadows off
  4. Agreed, losing the name tag should be a must in my opinion...permanent removal. Medics get the 'bleed out / heal' icon, which can be used to find downed friendlies - It's then a case of using squad / local comms for medics to priorities the casualties.
  5. The Floating Graveyard.....

  6. It can work in certain situations. FOBs on or very close caches during Insurgency for example. Also can work well having FOBs close to capture points on certain maps, especially if you have opportunity to build strong defences but only in certain situations.
  7. 100% GPU Usage - Main Menu

    Ok, I'll keep things as they are for now and keep an eye on it.
  8. 100% GPU Usage - Main Menu

    Odd, google searches suggest 100% usage is normal...wtf is that about
  9. 100% GPU Usage - Main Menu

    Gigabyte-Z170 K3 gaming
  10. 100% GPU Usage - Main Menu

    Not sure with the vRAM setting, will check tonight.
  11. 100% GPU Usage - Main Menu

    Does anyone have any idea at what could be causing this?
  12. 100% GPU Usage - Main Menu

    It is also now a constant 100% in game....its getting a tad warm in m room!!
  13. 100% GPU Usage - Main Menu

    Tbh I have never noticed it before, as I have never sat in the menu screen for any great length.