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  1. Here we go again...i know this is a way to bring new people in and to sell product..i get it do you dev's ..but i will not be playing again untill this is over haha.
  2. i don't seem to have a problem...and anything that encourages and rewards Lone wolf COD run and gun type play i am against... so there is that.
  3. [Solved] I cant update to 9.10 :(

    The Wonders of google
  4. Release: Alpha 9.10

    i posted this like 2 hours before you guys patched http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/29103-interrupting-movement-and-communication/ i love you guys no homo
  5. interrupting movement and communication

    NVM I love you guys for real lol
  6. While Squad leading i can bring up map while on the move but when i right click to place a mark it stops me dead in my tracks while im holding W key still,i then have to let go of it and re hit W again to begin moving. Same thing goes to communication when i am talking to my boys in squad channel and i right click to place move order or map mark it disengages and i find myself talking to no one as the mic cut out halfway through what i was saying. i dont remember this happening as much before latest patches or maybe im crazy but can this be fixed. really my only pet peeve right now
  7. Rally Point

    I agree with that...if not just no more radio..and have the hab make a sound..simply to stop people from sneak digging. Until something like that happens just put the radio by the hab or your screwed
  8. Rally Point

    Not at all...it is actually easier for one player to remove a fob now that the hab is in. Because you don't have to dig the object that the enemy is spawning on directly. So unless the radio is right next to the hab you can dig it all sneaky like while the enemy spawning on the hab has no idea....and although spawn camping is a reasonable tactic and will never be eradicated completely limiting it by having Rally's dissipear when enemy is close and also having a hab(enclosed spawn point) is all implemented to make it less viable for single players to camp a spawn.thus to facilitate team play. Ie coordinated assaults on the fob location. And it worked great.. the developers are the shit btw no *** sucking inteded but they really take alot of time to think about what they implement in terms of how it effects gameplay, mainly how it does or does not promote coordination and teamplay.reward team play and handicap solo cod style players. That's why this game is the beez knees
  9. Rally Point

    I honestly don't agree with any of this...having to dig a rally would be terrible for gameplay simply because people will camp it and on top of that when your boy is pulling out his shovel to dig it people will just be spawning on it making for some really un imerrsive gameplay...the whole reason they came out with the hab idea was to stop spawn camping by making a enclosed spawn area(people use to spawn on a open radio) you guys are essentially asking for the same problem to come up again. And as for limiting the amount of rally points a squad leader can use ...that will just turn the game into a running simulator as every time your squad gets wiped you will have to spawn at main or a fob...and let's not mention if your logistics truck gets destroyed what then?????? You can't build fobs,can't re up on rally points and simply have to spawn main over and over and over again... The system that is emplace took a while to develop and has been around and built on since project reality days almost 10 years ago now... Don't fix what isn't broken please
  10. Weapons

    Wow thats sick. thanx for the link .thats were all my tax dollars are going and the roads are ****ed lol
  11. Weapons

    As a combat veteran of the U.S. Army 10th mountain division (a light infantry division) the US army does not use M4's that have Automatic Fire Mode its only safe,semi,burst. this was 2006-2010. and were instructed never to use burst...ever controlled pairs on Semi is the name of the game.
  12. What maps/places would you like in Squad?

    ****ing Wake island....i played prob 2000 hours on that map in bf2 it would be cool when we get planes and choppers and such
  13. Rally Point

  14. Squad vs. Project reality: discussion

    Don't change/Fix what Isn't broken....as long as that's the case it should be as good as PR and better due to better engine/graphics and some new stuff here and there. I can think of a lot of newer games that are prequel's or like squad made by same people/company built off the success of a previous game that made a shity or less appealing game. When really all they had to do was make the same damn game with new maps better graphics and on a up to date engine. If it isn't broke don't fix it...make it the same ..then after you have done that. make some tweeks or visionary things you want or whatever els built off the build that is already successful. but not in a way that can ruin what the base game is...donno if that makes sense but thats the way i see it.