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  1. Did they change the impact sound when a vehicle gets hit by a rocket?Ver8 drove me nuts cause I could never tell if I got hit or it hit close to me ...Maybe just me but i could never tell if I was hit or not ...just that I was shot at..
  2. Can't wait to bring back the good ol days on project reality flying trans heuy blasting veitnam music haha
  3. Oh wow yea this is going to happen often they look really similar and AT boys are hungry to get that vehicle kill.
  4. Yea I use the eye mark Everytime I see enemy movement or a squad m8 calls it out it helps people that don't check their map often.situational awareness is key
  5. Runs better for me now believe it or not I use to run on low graphics to stop the stutter lag every few seconds ..Now I run on high graphics and it runs fine