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  1. nice that's the first i heard of that. good thing's take time. all in all squad is the diamond in the rough of games...not very many games that are made by people with a passion and clear vision of what they want. seems the suit's and ties are infiltrating the gaming industry to try and make some money and its really making for some shit games that cost more then normal. this game is made by people who play or have played..and you can tell it really translates from the development process to the gameplay! so dont think im bitching just tossing my opinions here and there.
  2. yes! and if you saying contact at 150,250 what ever please use local as it is not the same for you mates not in the same location as you
  3. Great! Please bring back Intel system to reveal cache locations on insurgency mode so that people want to play it again!(was popular in PR) I feel the main reason people don't play it on squad is this and this alone..Intel system made insurgency fun! The way it is now ..correct me if I'm wrong but it seems like time based untill cache appears on map..Wich means people just sit around and wait for cache to appear and then just rush it before insurgents have a chance to fob it. In PR you (as bluefor) had to patrol to find enemy strong points and if you killed civilian class people(no POD, indisciminent fire) than the cache location would not appear as killing civilians subtracted the Intel needed to reveal cache.
  4. i didn't read through all of this only the first post..:/ but this seems like the kinda thread were i need to lay in my maybe worthless opinion again on the INS/militia faction to only be on insurgency and invasion game modes like in PR. the INS/militia factions are made for asymmetrical warfare and thus should only be on asymmetrical warfare map modes...ie insurgency and invasion.
  5. If your a SL go into a battle wanting to do a certain thing..or play a certain way...i get it you want to get your kicks but being a SL means you have to be flexable..if your in the position to attack/mobile/freedom of movement its in every ones best interest you do that...if you in position to defend/locked down no freedom of movement thats your job now...it changes through out the game..you cant just...be a defend squad/attack squad/recon squad... now if you want to lock a squad with 4 men to do mortars fine but if the other logi's are destroyed you better have your logi help out...its called teamwork. the fact that you mute other SL's in a game that bases success off teamwork and communication is inherently wrong. i get it some people think that know better and get annoying but just deal with figure out a way to work together or lose thats the way it is and should be. but yes i get it.... some humans have no people skills *cough* DOC ham*cough* and have no business being a leader of people regardless how much they know about game mechanics..
  6. Ticket Bleed

    ^^^Agreed before this change it was so boring being a SL you had no freedom of movment if you were not on the cap you were wrong...if you tryd to flank and it took longer than 5 min it could cost the match..now you have time to maneuver I get it for clan matches this might pose a problem...because they know not to attack and how to abuse the ticket system.. but in public games 50% of the team wants to attack constantly no matter what...shit half pub games there isnt anyone on the defend flags lol...all in all the new AAS is good for majority of players imo...just not comp clan matches were people know the game inside and out.
  7. simple take insurgents out of AAS like they were in PR...they are not made to fight the way you need to fight in AAS. Ins Militia should only be on asymmetrical warfare maps insurgency /invasion modes
  8. someone needs to host a 24/7 insurgency server dammit! haha maybe im alone on that thought tho
  9. Ticket Bleed

    please dont change a thing fuzzhead made this game playable again...the changes are good in everyway i can think of... before i could tell the outcome of a game in the first 15 min... now underflaged teams can actaully win and the battle is more dynamic.
  10. Quick Note on Helicopters from Merlin

    yea i gotcha..im just old school i guess ha. Btw fuzz great f*cking job on the AAS tweeks so so so much better!
  11. Quick Note on Helicopters from Merlin

    why do some dev's favor reddit/other outlets over the official forums? not complaining a genuine question. it seems most dev's are not even active on the official forums...thatnk god for gatzby haha. and at least they are making a effort to inform the player base(much better than any other early access title)
  12. DID I GOT BANNED?!?!?!?!

    is it possible you were running 3rd party programs...for shader's or something as dumb as cheat engine(the thing for single player games) int he back round? you might have to go on the discord or use the correct outlet to figure this out im not sure this is the place man.
  13. Vehicle Fliping

    im sure this is known but all vehicles seem to be flipping extremely easily. after v11 the main culprit is rocks it seems...i have seen almost half the assets on a team flipped and abandoned at one point. a 30 mil btr did a barrel roll after hitting a small rock in a open field doing 20mpr haha. any talk or hope for fix in near future? is it possible we can get a flip assist menu while another vehicle is close...or the driver can tow/flip other vehicles with logi?
  14. K/D RATIO

    As a SL this convo drives me nuts....K/D does not mean f*cking shit ever i don't judge my squad on K/d....listen get bodies on the ****ing cap and lock her down....gets habs in correct locations and you win...you can be playing a team of cloud9 level shooters and still win if you do 2 things ...bodys on cap...fob placement ...that is all this game comes down to atm unfortunately...until the fix the bleed on flags from being so bad.