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  1. Cock Block Rush

    yes they are... http://joinsquad.com/readArticle?articleId=271 under ticket bleed tweaks... this will help alot with rush tactics. by not making them as viable. they can still rush but it wont win the game in the first 10 min of the game anymore.you have a chance to come back.plus new game modes.. it seems the devs are more active on reddit than this forum which is odd. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/247331082 they talk about AAS and game modes at arounbd 10 min ...12 min in he talks about this issue
  2. Can't reload station guns?

    i have had this bug...at a fob had ammo mg would not reload. was able to shoot the first belt after that it was useless had to be dug up
  3. Air Assault Mocap Session

    DAMN THEM PICK ME hahaha.. looks like a blast gratz to the lucky guys that got it. i figured i dint have a chance cause i have no facebook and the application wanted me to link my facebook prob for photo's slip in some funny animation for idle sitting in back of truck for me boys
  4. yea the game play as a whole has took a turn for the worst since v10 ..its like a eternal steam sale...(i hate to be that guy) but it is just bad now. taxi logi's,abandoned strikers/btrs, squads not communicating with each other, squad m8's not listening to SL, squads not playing caps, no fobs being made, people running from main, SL's blindly approving vics, i could go on and on. It feels like playing bf/cod ....only one guy not listening or doing something dumb hinders the entire team and screws 20 other people over for the entire match.(ie taxi only logi and force team to not have a spawn) SL's not putting rallys down and or putting them or attempting to put them right on a fighting position so they either get 50m or it gets burned instantly on contact. As a SL i have to play the defend flag and try and snatch the logi for the crux fob almost every game cause the gen playerbase cannot be trusted to do this anymore it is getting really old.
  5. Cock Block Rush

    ill try and make it!
  6. Cock Block Rush

    lets hope not! it looks promising!
  7. SQUAD uninstalled

    eck yea i feel ya. at first i thought it was jut another steam sale kinda prob (when v10 came out) but it still hasnt ended. i haven't played much either. the community is what makes games like this work and run enjoyably..and well the community is going to shit jsut to many trolls/people who really dont care to play (mil sim game) . hopefully they all get bored with it and it goes back to normal but the more diehards that end up like you the more we lose squad all together last game i played waited 2 min repeatedly telling my squad i need one to come to me for a rally finally one chirped up im just getting kills brah **** off. and i logged lol
  8. Review ?

    LOL ok... bf3,bf4,bf1 are not the same game as bf2,bf1942 for one dice made bf2 ,EA bought out dice after that and ruined the games imo. i have never played bf4,bf1 they look retarded cod like games. bf2 is not the same its dated yes but i still play bf2 pr. you should give it a go it is a good game and not what you think you might be to young to remember how good it was back in the day.. before it became a money whore. maybe im just old and clinging to the past but diablo 3 sucks diablo 2 was amazing, civilization 2-3 was amazing civ 6sucks,bf2 was awesome bf3 and on suck,rome total war was the best rome 2 is trash.
  9. Review ?

    donno if your computer could run it and you mentioned your money situation so im going to toss this out there for ya. http://www.realitymod.com/about thats a link to project reality a game mod based on bf2(made by the same guys that made this game) it is FREE to play will run on your comp,has a single player/coop experience for you and your friends, and also offers the same play style as squad. as well as multiplayer . try it out. its a bit slower pace then squad but with bigger maps more assets/tanks/planes/heli's honestly its better in every way besides graphics imo. but if it floats your boat then maybe you can save for squad and a new comp
  10. Cock Block Rush

    yea im not knocking the tactic... i rush... the problem is you have to do it or lose....every damn map over and over. it does just make the game boring. its strategy you gota stay competitive on the battlefield i just wish the map layers/maps/game modes would change it up a bit and make it not a viable thing every single damn game lol.
  11. Cock Block Rush

    I agree to a degree. 95% of the time the first 10 min of every round decide who wins or who loses. the tickets bleed 2 fast to come back from a enemy rush early in the game and so you must counter rush or you lose plan and simple. everytime i squad lead i have to take a logi to rush the central cap zone and set up a fob to make sure it is rushed and secured early or my team usally loses. even if we start the comeback we run out of tickets before we can fully turn the tide. it just gets boring af after a while. they need to give more love to insurgency add civilians with negative intel when killed and make it more work to make the cache pop up on the map. cause that shit is way to fast pace for anyone to want to play it...(this was my fav game mode in pr aswel) hopefully they make insurgency slower paced and when they come out with the new game mode with random areas to secure it will not be a flop cause AAS is getting old. AAS need's new layers like this at least 3 paths down the intire map so if they rush one you can push another...the map layers are to linear.\ Squads new game mode coming soon i hope
  12. Is minecrafting ever effective?

    well put i agree wholeheartedly.
  13. FOB Building guide

    Sumari is the smallest map in squad (so kinda an exception) you ethier have a north south radio or a central radio i for one favor the central one. simply because it forces random pubers to be were they are needed by simple making it the only spawn on a defend flag. also its hard to hide something that spews load noises out agree to disagree
  14. FOB Building guide

    Fob/hab together on the cap. Unless it's an attack fob of course. Rally's for back up behind the path of least resistance to the enemy. Rally gives you warning of enemy flanking if it Poof's all essential assets are still defended. And if hab goes down use rally to counter attack. You can literally put the radio inside the hab if you place it correctly. Never split them up.it will make you defend 2 places at once and or no one will be keeping a eye on it and it will get ninja'd If that happens to a defend flag that could lose the game for your team.risk losing a game by 1 enemy finding your radio...no thanks since v10 there is lots of new players and pub games a chaotic. competitive matches you have more flexibility with them since you can count on communication and knowing that all SL's know were they need to be. instead of just make it more convenient for people to be spawning in the right place haha. other than that i agree with all of it.
  15. FOB Building guide

    Never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever put the radio anywere but near the hab. Or your fob is able to be destroyed by a single man. No attack needed.