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  1. Recently played a insurgency game and realized I could not drop a radio anywhere near cache. It was a short match to say the least considering we had to protect a radio 200 meters off the cache as well as the cache itself and cold not even build defensive positions on the far side of cache compound. Allow radios in insurgent resupply and cache locations.
  2. Map Grid - Revert Colours

    I agree I can't tell what's what with the current color setup I find myself hovering the mouse wheel around reading the grid numbers frantically trying to mark when my squad m8s call out enemy positions. They really need to etheir go back to old color scheme or change it to something else with more bold thick lines cause I can't even tell what's what.
  3. Keep digging noob it's not done yet ...nonono left click dig!
  4. How/Where did you discover Squad?

    Project reality
  5. I Really Have been hoping to see this put in...NO to the hearing enemy in local tho As a vet of PR and many many hours on squad i was expecting to eventually see this it would be great if while i was talking to other squad leader my voice came over in local (with the radio beep) so that my men can have a idea of what im doing when im just hiding in a corner on my map lol. great for immersion as well. i cant count the times iv been on my map making marks and talking to other squad leads on the net and then i look up and 3 of my squad m8s are just standing there starring at me like wtf are you doing
  6. Squad Mortar Calculator App (Android)

    You are a golden God! Thank you
  7. Vehicle hit indicator

    No sh*t? I never noticed I'll have to pay more attention now thanx
  8. make ied´s ignitable from shots

    From a realism point of view it doesn't make sense explosive s don't normally ignite from being shot they need the right condition s of pressure/ignition.(iraq vet here we tried)then again IED/HME isn't exactly stable haha. From a gameplay prospective prob more important ,I wouldn't personally like it etheir. What would be cool is if there was a small chance that the thing would go off while placing it and or digging it up hahaha would make for some crazy moments.
  9. Vehicle hit indicator

    HEY Amazing sound guy please this! The indicator might be a bit much but yea something like a metallic DING impacty sound for when you get hit by rocket/heavy MG.and a squeeling sound or something when it's damg past 50% and engine is on/being driven
  10. Post Scriptum : The Bloody Seventh

    I for one am thrilled I need this game from what I have seen so far haha.me and my buddies have wanted a full on WW2 game like squad since PR days. And I would gladly through 20 bucks or so to the dev team for the hard work and dedication I mean this is a lot of work. as for the thread location the more the word is spread the better. I look forward to more content updates and the like. keep spreading the word PS dev's. I'm so hyped for this I can't stop checking for dev blogs or content updates. I can't wait to see what you guys come up with. But me I just need to drive through a hedge row in a tiger on an unexpecting squad of Brits.
  11. Anti tank grenades wont explode

    Confirm as well
  12. Types of Annoying Players

    - YES! -Agree -Has to be done.players will sustain a fire fight with a entrenched enemy on a fob out cap...You will not win that fight you have to get on top of them and ethier cap and make them come out the positions or destroy their spawn. -Lol -Im guilty although I usually check to see if there is someone without a mic -Yup -Yup - Marksman piss me off it's not a effective enough class yet and as a so I need boots on the ground and in the fight. -If your a basic rifleman and the squad needs a medic you better ****ing switch lol -Agree but rushing mid point flag is key
  13. Vehicle Warfare Map Discussion

    They should have waited for MBT's ..On another note I never liked the vehicle only maps in PR I played 1 time and bailed out of my burning vehicle only to be 30 min walk to get back to main and nobody picked me up lol good times. Experimentations are good though keep on keeping on devs game is coming along real nice
  14. Would you play a WWII Squad game?

    This...This is amazing I am beyond excited! I always loved forgotten hope 2 and this this is going to blow my socks off as a WW2 nut
  15. Vehicle hit indicator

    Problem is you cannot see the smoke and fire if your the driver of a BTR you have a tiny port hole to see out of you have to rely on sound to determine if your getting hit and as of now you just can't tell. Even some suppression effect of some kind will work im all for minimum HUD and realism but I think this needs to be addressed someway...btw not only can the driver not see the smoke and fire if engaged by a mg there is none untill it's to late.