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  1. Problem is you cannot see the smoke and fire if your the driver of a BTR you have a tiny port hole to see out of you have to rely on sound to determine if your getting hit and as of now you just can't tell. Even some suppression effect of some kind will work im all for minimum HUD and realism but I think this needs to be addressed someway...btw not only can the driver not see the smoke and fire if engaged by a mg there is none untill it's to late.
  2. I agree I can't use it or I find myself bolting around a corner by accedent and get shot. Great idea though auto walk will be a godsend if it's fixed
  3. Dear devs please add some sort of vehicle hit indicator for when your in a vehicle and it takes damage aka RPG, lat ,grenade. It is really hard to tell if the RPG landed close on the ground or actually hit the vehicle when you are inside. Would be nice to have something like red hue around the edges of screen or something flash when you get hit or some sort of notification. Maybe it's just me but I have rtb'd countless times thinking IV been struck and no damage to be repaired when I get to a station.
  4. I might add if you have AMD processor it will not as good .Only with Intel does it disable hyperthreading . Btw It's not one of the most popular purchased items on steam because it doesn't work. IDK I understand being skeptical now adays but just read the reviews and make your own decision. It does work and especially for games with long loading times aka fallout4 civ5 late game shit like that
  5. It's not a scam lol I use it regularly and can now play games that I could not before...I could barely even play squad before I started using it. Had to run on all low graphics and still stutter lag. Now I am on all highest and run flawless. Don't steer people away from something that might fix a problem just because you have some pre determined notion.
  6. There is but it's a pain in the ass to do Everytime before you run a specific game. That program is steam integrated so you just launch games through it and you good and still works with steam saying (yourname) is playing squad and all that jazz ..Figured I'd through it out there .I can run on all highest settings now with 60+ fps as before I ran on all low and accasonally got stutter lag still.
  7. http://store.steampowered.com/app/384300/ The solution to all your squad proformance needs it really works and specifically for squad as it is heavy on your CPU. I and all my boys use this
  8. The problem is the people that try squad for free weekend get different experience then how squad normally is. that said the more the merrier.After it's over some will stay and play after and then realize that people can actually work together and effectively play the game.and sadly some will not.
  9. Did they change the impact sound when a vehicle gets hit by a rocket?Ver8 drove me nuts cause I could never tell if I got hit or it hit close to me ...Maybe just me but i could never tell if I was hit or not ...just that I was shot at..
  10. Can't wait to bring back the good ol days on project reality flying trans heuy blasting veitnam music haha
  11. Oh wow yea this is going to happen often they look really similar and AT boys are hungry to get that vehicle kill.
  12. Yea I use the eye mark Everytime I see enemy movement or a squad m8 calls it out it helps people that don't check their map often.situational awareness is key
  13. Runs better for me now believe it or not I use to run on low graphics to stop the stutter lag every few seconds ..Now I run on high graphics and it runs fine