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  1. Grenade and Mortar Blast Radius

    yes and on 30 mil he rounds.. it has been like that for a long time...still hasn't been addressed. its a pretty big deal imo... effects game play every single match played and often.. wish it would be addressed or at least acknowledged by someone dev team or community team. i made a thread about it a while back. while i think they changed the mortar damg for balance issues it is still just painfully nerfed ... on the real battlefield things exploding is the main cause of death... it shouldnt be nerfed imo.. granted no one wants a grenade fests but with mortars...if you get womped loose a point...get your shit together and kill the mortars..i donno why they nerfed them Or shit if there not going to change the damg ..at least change the model of the mortar to look like a 60mm mortar and not a 120/81 because thats the kind of damg its putting out.
  2. I think Nerfing Rally Points is a bad idea

    As much as I hate to agree with this...I do. Post scriptum is a nightmare and it is because of the spawn mechanics in that game..(well and no Vic claims on msp) I have been playing these kind of games since the early pr days..and to do it how it was done in PR would be awesome.. but I don't think the community would do well with it .. This is not the same community as project reality shit half pub games people can't even be bothers to sit on the defend flag. Most games are won and lost because of this.people don't want to sit around waiting on a spawn all the time..it will become harder to keep your boys together and it will effect cohesion. And I must add the people that will be the culprits..that will start degrading teamwork are not the ones that are on these forums..we only hear from the more invested fans on the forums.
  3. Re-Master Loading Screen

    They should do some kind of Photoshop contest and have people make it look a bit more snazzy...and put whoever wins in the credits..it would be kinda cool for the community to get involved.. Don't change anything just the color scheme and smooth it out to match the rest of the menus
  4. Mk 19 in project reality not squad why?

  5. Increase Splash DMG on 30mm's

    Glad it's not just me... I haven't been keeping up with recaps or anything is this acknowledged as a prob by devs? If not let's not let this die considering seems to me that most are in agreement on this
  6. respawn

    Just FYI I don't know if they still do it but I believe squad ops hosts whitelisted 1 life only events every now and then.
  7. Increase Splash DMG on 30mm's

    Worse Edit: I have to add... It is so bad and frustrating that I don't even use the ammo type anymore...ever...just AP and co axle mg
  8. Title says it all...The splash DMG on the 30mm warrior,brad,btr need increase.. i Cant name the amount of times i have landed a Hi explosive round right at a guys feet. only to have him emerge from the smoke like John Rambo runing out of my line of sight...shit i have even landed multiple right next to a guy and had to reload..the guy didnt even have to bandage he just prone and looked at me and ran off into the sunset...
  9. nice that's the first i heard of that. good thing's take time. all in all squad is the diamond in the rough of games...not very many games that are made by people with a passion and clear vision of what they want. seems the suit's and ties are infiltrating the gaming industry to try and make some money and its really making for some shit games that cost more then normal. this game is made by people who play or have played..and you can tell it really translates from the development process to the gameplay! so dont think im bitching just tossing my opinions here and there.
  10. yes! and if you saying contact at 150,250 what ever please use local as it is not the same for you mates not in the same location as you
  11. Great! Please bring back Intel system to reveal cache locations on insurgency mode so that people want to play it again!(was popular in PR) I feel the main reason people don't play it on squad is this and this alone..Intel system made insurgency fun! The way it is now ..correct me if I'm wrong but it seems like time based untill cache appears on map..Wich means people just sit around and wait for cache to appear and then just rush it before insurgents have a chance to fob it. In PR you (as bluefor) had to patrol to find enemy strong points and if you killed civilian class people(no POD, indisciminent fire) than the cache location would not appear as killing civilians subtracted the Intel needed to reveal cache.
  12. i didn't read through all of this only the first post..:/ but this seems like the kinda thread were i need to lay in my maybe worthless opinion again on the INS/militia faction to only be on insurgency and invasion game modes like in PR. the INS/militia factions are made for asymmetrical warfare and thus should only be on asymmetrical warfare map modes...ie insurgency and invasion.
  13. If your a SL go into a battle wanting to do a certain thing..or play a certain way...i get it you want to get your kicks but being a SL means you have to be flexable..if your in the position to attack/mobile/freedom of movement its in every ones best interest you do that...if you in position to defend/locked down no freedom of movement thats your job now...it changes through out the game..you cant just...be a defend squad/attack squad/recon squad... now if you want to lock a squad with 4 men to do mortars fine but if the other logi's are destroyed you better have your logi help out...its called teamwork. the fact that you mute other SL's in a game that bases success off teamwork and communication is inherently wrong. i get it some people think that know better and get annoying but just deal with figure out a way to work together or lose thats the way it is and should be. but yes i get it.... some humans have no people skills *cough* DOC ham*cough* and have no business being a leader of people regardless how much they know about game mechanics..
  14. Ticket Bleed

    ^^^Agreed before this change it was so boring being a SL you had no freedom of movment if you were not on the cap you were wrong...if you tryd to flank and it took longer than 5 min it could cost the match..now you have time to maneuver I get it for clan matches this might pose a problem...because they know not to attack and how to abuse the ticket system.. but in public games 50% of the team wants to attack constantly no matter what...shit half pub games there isnt anyone on the defend flags lol...all in all the new AAS is good for majority of players imo...just not comp clan matches were people know the game inside and out.