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  1. We need Gary Back

    Still waiting for gary.. We wont take no for a answer
  2. Can we get this back from pr???seems simple enough? or possibly even get the open close hatch back?
  3. Mortars need to be a little scarier

    yea i would rather have a new thread made then rezing old shit from different time/versions of the game lol..i never understood that anyway i agree explosives need a bigger splash radius not just Mortars but HE from 30mm aswel that shit is worthless.
  4. Armor Penalty

    -1 seems like a good way to have alot of tanks collecting dust at main.
  5. The Worst Part of v12

    Thanx Lol what in the hell is that from
  6. The Worst Part of v12

    Lol he's just upset ...he hit alot of trees
  7. The Worst Part of v12

    I think militia is like eastern European dudes.. insurgents are what your thinking about
  8. Alpha 12 Released

    Great job as always This game is turning into something amazing!
  9. The Worst Part of v12

    Looking at this Ugly Russian Mean Mugged bulbous headed mother f*cker
  10. Weird graphics issue

    new patch fixed it. praise jebus..erm i mean praise the devs
  11. Weird graphics issue

    I lied its not fixed...but the driver update allowed me to run the game with that box checked for full texture...i still get stutter lag here and there... but if i uncheck that box its still mincraft mode...i can even see threw the ground at the top of hills and shit its weird.. hopfully a patch soon fixes this stutter
  12. Weird graphics issue

    i Updated my graphic drivers and its fixed thank the lord so it was on my end
  13. Weird graphics issue

    its the ****ing load full texture checkbox i cant have it checked and if i dont it looks like that...even with all other settings on high ultra and yes i had everything on medium in v11
  14. performance issues

    Having that checkbox tunred off makes the game look like mincraft...so is still unplayable. i hope you guys can figure out another solution like maybe a slider or options for textures like load low/med/high/ultra textures cause this all or nothing check box is going to put this games performance demands out of reach for most of the players..and or they might as well play a 15 year old game cause thats what the graphics look like with it unchecked. look at this...this is not playable
  15. Weird graphics issue

    why is there not a slider or options to have low/med/high/epic for textures??.. its all or nothing