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  1. -No heavy assets at round start (APC/IFV/CROWS HMMWV,MRAP) -FOB and rally not spawnable when enemys are within 25m. (atleast 3 enemys) -Reloads and kit change takes time.(ammo crate) (reload 15s, kit change 20s) -Stronger supression effects which scale with amount of bullets/projectiles hitting a certain area.* -More splash damage for mortars and rocket arty. *Every bullet entering a block of 1 m³ adds 3% to the supression effect. Supression affects movement speed, vision,accuracy. So at 100% supression you won't be able to do anything aka pinned down. Every block loses 3% supression per second, so you need a sustained fire rate of 30 rounds/minute to supress a 1m³ block @100%.
  2. MLRS/Field artillery tank ?.

    Add the TOS-1 for the russian faction, minimum range is 400m and it will obliberate anything in it's path XD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fUgOJpuf50 MLRS is extreamly powerful and will break the game balance, the same applies to other weapon systems (and loadouts) like: -AH-64 with 16x hellfire -Mi-24 with 128x 57mm rockets. -A-10 with all types of CBU -Bombers (B52, B2, F111, Su-24,...)
  3. There should be a hard and soft cap. Something like: FOB/HAB= max. ammo =1000 Ammo Bunker= max. ammo= 2500+1000 max. number of AmmoBunkers =2 hard cap=6000 ammo. (ammo bunker cost ~500 buildpoints but it acts as an ammo crate). Would be funny if ammo bunkers could be either destroyed or captured. So after you have taken down the enemy FOB the AmmoBunker would still be intact and you could use the enemy supplies for your own troops.
  4. Alpha 9.6 Feedback

    On some server locked squads are not allowed but to be hones ...that doesn't solve the problem it is simply more work for the SL. (because he has to kick alot of players). The "locked squads" concept is pretty good but it needs a few more rules. Such as: 1.)You can't lock squads with less than x players . (x=6 might be a good number) 2.)If you label your squad "y" rule 1.) does not apply. (y={TANK,APC,IFV,CAS,MORTAR})
  5. FOB Mechanics Too Harsh

    OnTopic: Harsh? Hahaha :D It is still very easy to setup and maintain a FOB/HAB even under harsh circumstances compared to PR (PR gameplay>Squad gameplay...for now atleast). I hope they will change that in the future, so FOB/HABs become unspawnable when enemys are within 50m and rally points will simply dissapear. The current system with all the HAB/Rally camping bullsh** is not worthy a game like squad^^ So people really have to plan and think twice before setting up an offensive FOB. Btw. i'd really like to see some sort of ammo bunker where you can store ~5000 ammo. (especially with more emplacements like AA, heavy AT,..) OffTopic: I played quite a few games as CO in PR and CO is super powerful. (especially with the right team). 1.) You can build FOBs AND delete FOBs everywhere on the map. 2.) The UAV with 3x zoom,FLIR (WHOT/BHOT) and DTV. So you can spot enemy armor/FOB/infantry easily. 3.) You can put down a lazer anywhere on the map and mark locations for your CAS/infantry and vehicles. (Tanks with laser guided munitions).
  6. Towing of unmanned assets

    M252 90m-6000m (82mm motar) M198 ~3000m-22.400m with RAP up to 40.000m (155mm howitzer)
  7. First of all thank you for the update! Especially the destructable emplacments which was (AFAIK) a good amount of work Pros: +Locked Squads +FOB don't generate ammo/construction points anymore +Destroyable Emplacments +Urban Warfare Cons: -Too many mortars available (especially on small maps) -Strange damage values vs. emplacements (30mm does little damage to sandbags compared to GL/LAT) -Server-Client hit boxes don't match quite often.(cheeky netcode tweaks? ) Suggestions: 1.) Add a "heat" value to mortar tubes (similar to .50cal)// RL values M252 : Max. ROF 33/minute , Sustained ROF: 16/minute 2.) Limit mortars to 4 per team. (2 per team might be even better) 3.) Mortar shelters should be indestructable by mortar fire.(or atleast very hard to destroy) 4.) Increase 30mm damage vs. sandbags/HESCO. 30mm AP should be able to pentrate everything ingame except bunkers/reinforced concrete.* 5.) .50 (12.7x99) and KPVT (14.5x114) should be able to penetrate one line of sandbags. *That would make mortar shelters the only emplacement which can protect you from 30mm rounds.
  8. 9.4 Thoughts?

    I like 9.4 so far but the mortar spam is (in some matches) just crazy. They should really limit the amount of mortars to something like 2/4 per team and not 2 per FOB. Especially on maps with very "open" flags like ammo depot on Fools Road. On the other hand i'd like to see a new building for FOBs which can store more ammo. (ammo bunker which stores +1000 and can be build twice per FOB)
  9. Shooting over sandbags

    Thats a known problem in squad some objects (sandbags/windows/..) "eat" bullets/grenades (collision issues with UE4). +1 What Rybec said.
  10. m203 sights are completely useless

    Visit Jensens Range and practice with the GL...~2000 40mm later you can kill everything within 400m with a single shot
  11. How boost supply drivers motivation ?

    @Kerri You have different types of logistics vehicles in PR which can carry different types(small, medium, large) of ammo crates. There is no destinction between ammo and supply (to build structures). A few examples: -HMMWV/Transport Trucks carry ammo boxes. -Logistics Trucks carry 2 large crates (it takes 1 large crate to build a PR FOB=FOB&HAB in squad and 2 crates to build fortificatiosn next a FOB {MG,TOW,AA,Bunkers)) -Mi-8 Helicopter 1 large crate -Chinook 2 large crates A lot of vehicles are also delayed in PR (e.g. 20minutes until tanks spawn in). So at the beginning you have only a few Logistics Trucks, light APCs(BTR-60s) and 1-2 light helicopters such as Hueys. The Logistics Trucks have to remain in the field to repair vehicles (there are no repair stations in PR/except at main base). So the only way you will get ressources to the frontlines are helicopters which in return can only resupply at main base. So the activity level at main base is quite high because asset squads (MBT, CAS,IFV,...) have to return to main base after 20minutes. The transport and CAS squad has to resupply at main (on some maps there are 5+ helicopters, 2+ CAS jets). Quite alot of emplacements are ammo hungry beasts (TOW, AA, Mortar) and need a lot of supplys to keep them running. Another big factor is that its very easy to overrun a FOBs which makes it unspawnable so the defending forces have to secure quite a big paramiter around the FOB. (~50m). So in order to bring more reinforcements to help the defendes you have to spawn in main and fly in via helicopter. I hope that answers your questions
  12. Why the medic aversion?

    Just a few ideas why medic is great: -M4+ aimpoint is a very good close/mid range weapon. =>Use your smokes to break line of sight and force the enemy into CQB.You can patch & heal yourself 5x. => atleast 5kills. => Medic is the best class for HAB camping.(patches and self heal!) -Summon your minions aka revive your teammates. Tell them to stick with you to protect you. Tell them to patch wounded soldiers so you dont have to use your own patches. -Friendly medics will revive you first because you are one of them -Your squad will protect you. Always send your squadmembers first in a dangerous situation. If they die you know where the enemys are and you can deal with them. -Don't revive teammates who died in really stupid spots e.g. middle of the street while the enemys are holding the nearby buildings. -It looks pretty good on the end screen with 20+ revives while almost everyone else has a zero in that specific stat.
  13. The OP stryker.

    There are few things that are not corret in your #1 post. 1.) Stryker armor thickness is not 14.5mm. It is resistant to russian 14.5 x 114mm which means it is atleast equivalent to 40mm RHA(pen. value of 14.5x114). 2.) RPG-7 PG-7 warhead has pen. value of 280mm RHA. IRL the damage done to a vehicle by a HEAT warhead depends on quite a few parameters (projectile size/shape/velocity/eplosives, angle of impact,..) So its not surprising that a Stryker might take a few hits from cheap russian RPGs.
  14. Unbalanced Al Basrah

    The map is not unbalanced in general but there are a few cheesy tactics which can break the balance. - Insurgents village rush (which was not possible in PR because BLUFOR arrives there about a minute earlier/ no first flag rush rule) - Stryker&FOB on the bridge south west of insurgent main (not possible in PR because its not allowed to shoot in the DOD) - Rocket arty spam out of insurgent main base (not possible in PR because its not allowed to shoot in/out of main base)
  15. RWS stabilization in Stryker?

    IRL the M1126 Stryker is equipped with the M153 CROWS II (there is also a CROWS I and III variant) which is fully stabilized with 30x optical zoom,FLIR and a Laser Range Finder. So there is definately room for improvements in game but such a weapon station would probably kill the balance on insurgent/milita vs. US maps.