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  1. MUTT

    Yeah.. I Know we still need tanks, helicopters and jets, drones, and stuff. But, we have at least 1% of chance to see a MUTT in Squad in the long future? https://futurism.com/the-marines-latest-weapon-is-a-remote-controlled-robot-with-a-machine-gun/
  2. That, or a arrow uniting the FOB to the HAB.
  3. Comunidade Brasileira De Squad é Aqui!

    Esqueceu o [BrF] Também... Brazilian Fury
  4. Show Us Your Rig for Squad!

    (CLICK FOR FULL IMAGE - sorry, is a little dark) CPU: i7 2600k RAM: 8gb of Corsair Vengance 1600Mhz Motherboard: Intel DZ68DB Storage: 1tb Samsung Blue Caviar (games) + 500gb Samsung Blue Caviar (OS and Stuff) GPU: Zotac GTX 970 PSU: Seventeam 550p-am Case: Sharknoon BW9000-W Monitor: Samsung 37' Mouse: Microsoft Wireless Keyboard: Microsoft Wireless Headset: Dazz Rock Python 7.1 Joys: Xbox One Controller + XBOX 360 Controller + RG Arcade Table
  5. Al Basrah Squad Remake

    Best map in the game, right now!
  6. I think having Project Reallity as inspiration is really great, but as a squad player, I hope when the game is finalized he is one step ahead of your "big brother". I really expect more varieties of scenery, like rainforests, modern cities, paradisiac islands, things of sorts, not just maps that seem to be all in the Middle East or Ukraine/Russia. Despite this, I am quite satisfied with the game, and with progress. The V9 really surprised me, I expected less. It was worth waiting so long.
  7. Alpha Version 9 Released

    22gb update after 1.9 ... where is the release notes? edit: oh, wait.. there is a hotfix note on steam.. http://store.steampowered.com/news/?appids=393380
  8. Black hawk Down / rescue scenario

    maybe some capture the flag (or intelligence), with some fortified bases in the map and return to main base to score.. or just rescue hostage missions (npcs located in different points on the map), and scort them back alive to base.
  9. The Wrench - February 2017 Edition

    they are improving the trees.
  10. Some nice visual immersive effects .

    a sandstorm, maybe!
  11. Announcement: Alpha 9 Features & Changelog

    In case someone missed!
  12. January 2017 Monthly Recap

    No feb monthly recap?