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  1. 22gb update after 1.9 ... where is the release notes? edit: oh, wait.. there is a hotfix note on steam.. http://store.steampowered.com/news/?appids=393380
  2. maybe some capture the flag (or intelligence), with some fortified bases in the map and return to main base to score.. or just rescue hostage missions (npcs located in different points on the map), and scort them back alive to base.
  3. the wrench

    they are improving the trees.
  4. a sandstorm, maybe!
  5. In case someone missed!
  6. No feb monthly recap?
  7. +1 I think it's a good idea!
  8. It would be interesting, if it were random. In this case, the weather would change during the match, then the fog would dissipate slowly. He being present 100% of the match, would be a mess. Maybe a sandstorm in some desert maps too!
  9. In the Brazillians Servers Rushing happens all the time.. rarely don't.
  11. Some modder need todo a HUE City for squad. Man, this map is AWESOME, very polished and intense!
  12. Thanks @ChanceBrahh, for me, these recent additions (polishes), make a total difference! Keep the GREAT work! can't wait to play in this map!
  13. I want it all, and I want it now!
  14. Someone, besides me and BlueDrake42 are excited withall the possibilities that TitanIM (OutTerra engine) can bring? Imagine a PR or a SQUAD game with PLANET Scale, with 1k+ players like Planetside 2? This engine sounds like a charm to do that.