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  1. LAN Support

    Oh no problem! (Seriously though, you asked a question, I answered, I also corrected your mistake. No need to be a jackass).
  2. LAN Support

    It's Roy, and people move on to other companies. It happens.
  3. 9.9 Movment issue

    Does this happen in the range or in a normal game?
  4. ADS FOV Slider

    Why do I vaguely remember one of the game designers (Sgt. Ross I believe) mention that he would have liked the have split FOV sliders; or at least they considered it? (If I'm mis-remembering, well shit...) I remember the original argument was that there was a single FOV slider to make people make a decision: Less zoom / More peripheral, or More zoom / Less peripheral. Then I remember, when talk of the animation system and core inventory came along, that it may be possible to split the FOV zoom in the new system. So why all this back story? It's been a hotly contested feature since the beginning of Squad, and I'm not quite sure where it will be heading. I wouldn't mind the split FOV sliders; but I also agree with the original reasoning on why they are not there.
  5. Stat indicator for when game is cpu vs gpu capped

    'statFPS' and 'statUnit'... problem solved. You don't need anything more fancy than that.
  6. Suggestion about the game

    Honestly? Sounds like this game isn't for you... The game is meant to be slow, unbalanced, and unforgiving. It's not complete, let the devs add the content they want before they optimize. You need to know whats in the game before you can optimize things to work for everyone. You're asking the game to become something it never will.
  7. The Devs already replied to the Reddit thread on this issue; they stated they are getting to it, but I would imagine its a minor priority thing anyway; much bigger game play systems and content to work on in the mean time. I wouldn't expect it soon, but would after A10 and other content gets released, at which point they can visit the QoL stuff.
  8. Full Access to Optics on US Army vs Russia Maps

    No it won't, its one of the things that makes this game different and unique. Each faction is not the same, each class on the factions are not the same; and its a big reason why many of us come back.
  9. Game uses up all ram?

    Well there is more power available, its not like hardware was stopped being developed and iterated upon, so of course new games are going to have higher specs or else there would be no point to the newer hardware. New game engines do more, and take advantage of that high end hardware. PR has more "complex" gameplay because it was developed over 10+ years, there has been tons of time to dedicate to its development. That being said, the engine that runs PR is extremely dated, and its fairly obvious when you go and try to play it today; of course it doesn't use much power, it was made to run on 2005 era PCs. Can't really compare the specs needed for either game, as Squad does a lot more behind the scenes; such as its extremely well done audio system, something that was generally absent from PR. Of course gameplay isn't going to change much.... they are trying to make a spiritual successor to PR here, so why wouldn't the game play be similar?
  10. Dude, you've been around these forms forever, and you've always posted threads that have simple answers. They're going to be added, it's not a question of if, it's a question of when. This has been generally known for a long time.
  11. 9.8 Sounds

    Hmm thats personally something I haven't noticed. Lets see if others have.
  12. Alpha 9.8 Release

    Look in the patch notes. The entire engine was updated. Of course it's going to be a larger patch.
  13. Nope, they aren't standard issue, so you won't be seeing many sights/scopes for irregular or Russian factions. Most likely coming with the new update; (ie. a chnage in how recoil is done). But the point is for it to be hard to shoot full auto; use single fire more often and you'll see it's fine. They get their equipment second hand as irregular forces, they trucks are second hand; this is a non-issue. So you said you play the game, but I don't think you understand the point of the game. The game is about asymmetry, not all factions are equal; not even close. If you played, you'd also realize the Humvee is anything but armored. You mention the Humvee but fail to realize there is the MRAP on the US faction which is more armored than the Humvee. The point is, the game isn't supposed to be a fair fight equipment wise. Learn to use the faction's assets. Glad you're so open for discussion! Maybe if you had read through these forums you would have realized that much of what you're complaining about is they way it is for a reason; because we actually discussed the mechanics.
  14. Any chance of a modding wiki?

    No offence, but every company does this. This is nothing new... may as well stay off the internet completely if you're afraid of data being sold to the highest bidder.
  15. Supplemental Rules

    Curious about this one, seems odd to have considering the Devs have explicitly said they won't be adding dedicated SVBIEDs. That one shows an admin/rules team that doesnt quite understand the game. Dont see the point of a supplemental rule list when its completely different for every server though. Most of these are never applicable on the most popular servers. The only ones really seen are the 15v15 rulesets you listed for popping servers and rules related to 1 manning vehicles. My suggestion for your list is only list the absolutely most common rules, no obscure rules that appear on a single server.