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  1. Cookers

    I really hope that cooking FOBs doesn't come back. Keep the logistics flowing.
  2. Release: Alpha Version 9.6

    Yep that seems like the best solution. Otherwise, its as you noted: 1) Put FOB 2) Put Ammo Crate 3) Get Ammo from Crate 4) Dig up FOB 5) Rinse and Repeat Really, you should have to bring a Logi with you in order to get points to a FOB quickly.
  3. Release: Alpha Version 9.6

    People have been asking for an indicator since the first releases. People are tired of needing to look at their feet to see what stance they are.
  4. Thanks Devs!

    Thanks Bullet. Here is a link to all OpsCasts in case anyone else is wondering
  5. Thanks Devs!

    No problem, there is a button in the games' settings menu near the bottom right corner (or is it top right, I can't remember) that will clear it for you.
  6. Thanks Devs!

    Cr33ping interviewed IronTaxi, not Karma Have you done the usual step of clearing the game settings cache after each update?
  7. Squad: 9.6 Preview Trailer

    How does it break immersion exactly? I'm sure we'll see the INS/INV layer on it with MIL/RUS, but I like the US v RUS heavy hitting match up for the AAS layers. And in the city, with all of their respective assets, it feels like an actual battle is taking place. Gameplay > Immersion, and the RUS/US game play in AAS is just more compelling on this map.
  8. AMD is worst for Squad

    What are you talking about? "Prehistoric Engine"... they are on a modern version of UE4, not like they are on the original UE. UE4.16, which they are moving to now, was just released... The bolded statement is just blatantly wrong. Again, for example, an i5-6600k runs perfectly fine, netting me 80+ FPS easily.
  9. Rifleman Build sandbag

    If that is happening, you're not shooting accurately enough. If they have enough time, while under fire, to get down a sandbag and build it all the way up, you are doing something wrong. This is a fine change. You do realize that there will generally only be a rifleman or 2 on each squad, as all the specialty roles (Medic, LAT, AR, HAT, Scout, etc) do not get sandbags at all. Further, the rifleman can only place 1, this is a hard limit and does not reset after death. He places a new one and the old one will disappear. This is really a minor change you guys are blowing out of proportion, it increases the survivability of the standard rifleman ever so slightly, and is hard countered by the fact that deployables can be destroyed.
  10. Suggestion: Stamina Penalty For Leaning

    Ahh good! Glad I wasn't misremembering.
  11. Al Basrah map balance

    Even more-so, with all the changes, it is extremely easy for INS to get to pretty much anywhere before the US even leaves main. This should give the map a more "squirrel-y" feeling to it as INS should be able to spread out quickly. Its not like the entire INS team needs to spread out to the south from their main; they should be moving into the heart of the city and get themselves situated for later in the game as soon as the round starts. By the time the US team reaches any of the "killing zones" you describe, INS should already be well setup within the city itself. Next, you say from 1a/b they can attack main. No they can't. Main has protection zones that extend out to the bridges, allowing INS to get across. You're also neglecting the land bridges.
  12. Rifleman Build sandbag

    The 9.6 preview showed they really did this right. They don't cost points, and the rifleman who places it can only place one before it disappears. Even more-so, you don't need to be anywhere near a FOB to lay them down and build them. This is going to be a great change, giving the standard rifleman some more survivability, and allowing us to use Sandbags as decoys. Seeing a Sandbag will not longer mean you are near a FOB.
  13. Squad only using 30% of CPU. Please help

    PUBG runs terribly, you can't say it runs well at all. Hit detection is terrible until player counts drop from 100 -> 75ish, and the game is a complete lag fest until then as well. None of these examples you brought up are particularly relevant at all, with PUBG being the only somewhat relevant one; and it runs like trash at times.
  14. The Red dot in red dot sights cannot be seen

    Are you using ReShade at all? The only time I have had issues with not being able to see the Red Dot was when I was running ReShade.
  15. Suggestion: Stamina Penalty For Leaning

    Pssst. I'm 99.9% sure there is a "Toggle Lean" option.