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  1. [Delete / Will edit at a computer]
  2. It's easy, you turn your head Plus, it's been updated just a bit with 2 1080p monitors on each side; for the full Sim Pit experience.
  3. I'm not getting triggered; just stating that they have reasons and they never publicly said why. It's called respecting their decision to leave. We don't need to question it. Here you go:
  4. Why don't you just respect their privacy and decision to leave? I don't know, nor care, why he left. Just that he did. It's that simple.
  5. Because people leave for other jobs eventually? Can't expect them to stay on the project forever. It's been a good number of years.
  6. I agree that it really depends. I have tried multiple setups, from 3x1080p monitors, to a single 4K monitor, to a curved 21:9 setup. I, personally, have come to the conclusion that I like the single Ultrawide as the best of both worlds between a higher resolution and a wider viewport. It means I only have to use one input cable from the PC, and only a single power cable. Triple monitor setups can get messy with cabling. I've felt the 21:9 setup is pretty good for both FPS games and Flight Sims like DCS. I will say, getting a higher refresh rate monitor is never a bad idea, you can generally feel the smoothness (given you configure windows to use the higher refresh rates). Here's the 21:9 monitor I picked up (on sale right at $500): Here is the 1080p monitors I used: And I forgot the 4K... I think it was a cheap 60Hz Samsung. Not sure 4K is really worth it compared to the other two setups. A single 1080p is also perfectly fine, but I would recommend at least a 120-144hz monitor for a single monitor setup. Finally, with your specs, you should have no problems running any of the various aspect ratios or resolutions; you just need to find one that fits you. Long story short, currently in love with 21:9 Ultrawides:
  7. You can change your preset... not hard to do... I just don't care anymore to do it because they fixed many of the issues I was using ReShade for. You make it sound like ReShade no longer works; just adjust your settings.
  8. There is a button in settings. Clear Game Cache.
  9. Agreed with other comments. What's wrong with using ReShade? I know that I disabled mine last night, because my presets are no longer as applicable as they used to be (makes some lighting scenarios too washed out). Other than that, works fine still.
  10. Have you tried clearing your game's setting cache?
  11. I don't see the complaints with the lighting on Basrah. I will say, I needed to turn off my ReShade preset after this update as it originally made Basrah look washed out. It looks fine once ReShade is disabled., and with AA and Sharpening actually working in game, I really have no reason to use ReShade anymore.
  12. Probably like a normal game, the SL's discretion. I presume you'll still need FOBs / Logistics.
  13. If they are limited in number, it will be fine. Did you see how many Strykers and Humvees were sitting in main there? Good luck destroying 2-3 .50s shooting at you. Granted, vehicles will need to work together to get it done (Shocking!).
  14. You just gave an example of the US being less powerful. Your team had managed to back them all the way up to their last flag, which clearly shows you were able to handle all the assets they (the US team) had during the majority of the game. Just because you couldn't capture one flag doesn't make the Stryker invulnerable.