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  1. Since you started the topic, what do you think needs to be changed? What would you like to see? Personally I think it's fine in most cases.
  2. Test it, that's all I can say. I haven't noticed anything but it can be different for everyone.
  3. It turns texture streaming off, loading the full textures into video memory so they are ready to go. I believe this will increase loading times, but prevent texture pop-in as higher resolution textures are already loaded in. It can only be done on a video card with enough video memory.
  4. The problem with some of the V9 testing is you get the more dedicated player base, and they know how to play the game better. This leads to them not stealing or griefing with vehicles. I think a normal pub game with claiming off might be a disaster, based on seeing how much people love to take the bikes and drive off to bumble**** nowhere, away from the squad. I'm sure they'll find a happy medium one way or another.
  5. I too read this from their audio FX guy, I thought be mentioned that he was just beginning to put thought into how to do it, so presume that we will see it eventually.
  6. If you're letting infantry get close to you, then you are going to have a lot of problems. There is a reason vehicles are used for fire support, and not charging headlong into a group of enemies. You're going to lose every time you have enemies close to you, keep the vehicles as far away as effectively possible. The vehicles are fairly balanced when you treat them the way they are meant to be used, it really isn't hard to keep them away from foot mobiles. Use your dismounts to keep a security perimeter. And now onto your military sim point, the game has never been billed as a military sim, and the devs don't want it to become one. The game has been represented as a team-based tactical shooter, not a military sim, and has always been that way. Based on your complaints it just sounds like this game isn't what you were expecting, and will not be for you.
  7. It's not a Squad issue, it's a UE4 issue. UE4 doesn't support 7.1 surround sound audio, only 5.1; and it doesn't do a great job at spatializing the audio in the first place. Once the audio refactor comes out of UE4, we will most likely start to see higher precision on the sound effects that are made. In the end, there isn't much the devs can do to make the audio have better spatialization until the engine refactor is done.
  8. If you haven't played in a long while, you will need to clear your settings cache. Not doing so can lead to exactly what you're talking about, as well as other issues. Make sure you clear the games' settings cache (%localappdata%\Squad, or the settings menu).
  9. Wow, no need to get your panties in a bunch when people give you suggestions aftet asking a question. We didn't have to answer/help you at all.
  10. It needs a nice pass of some zebra striping to make all of the columns/rows more distinguishable.
  11. Huh, I was thinking the same thing hahaha.
  12. Did you try right clicking?
  13. Luckily the most recent set of patches to the test branch appeared to have removed a majority of the stuttering. Just had 5-6 games back to back without any stuttering, crashing, or performance issues.
  14. Roy and one other, I think it was Kory.
  15. Uhh I wouldn't be complaining with decent framerates like that. There is a large portion of the player base that is just happy to hit 30-40 fps, with many dipping into the 20s.