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  1. Few suggestions

    Way to divert from the actual issue I brought up with the ideas presented here.
  2. Few suggestions

    Reread what I said.... " have no one to blame but themselves and the groups they play with." Guess what, the rest of the people on your team (not just in your Squad!) are part of the people you are playing with; its a problem of the player base, not of the experience of the players. I never said it was your fault; it comes down the the team. This isn't true at all. Example, I see someone has 15hrs in the game in my Squad, and I know that there are experienced people that are not currently part of the Squad who want to be (someone unassigned with say 100+hrs). What prevents me from using that information to remove the "less experienced" player from my Squad? Why would I want to keep the person that doesn't know what they are doing in my Squad? (Thus, leaving them in a situation where they can't learn the game in an actual Squad setting). Saying that it only has benefits is clearly not correct. It's unfair to punish new players just because they don't have hours in the game yet. The solution is not that simple...
  3. Few suggestions

    This is the only sensible suggestion for a "time limit" for SL's. Locking people out of being an SL because they don't have 50+ hours in the game is just... unfair and will really limit game play when new people join; it's not going to be veterans playing the game forever. Who cares if they don't have the hours; if they are willing to learn then let them play SL. If not, then leave their Squad. The player will quickly learn if they should SL or not. I also hate the "we need to see how many hours a player has played!" crowd. No you don't; you're going to get good games and you're going to get bad games. We don't need differentiation between new and experienced players in terms of hours played, the solution for bad play with new players is the let them make mistakes and gain the experience to get better at the game, which is exactly how we ALL learned how to play to the game's current meta. If people think the quality of play is going down, they really have no one to blame but themselves and the groups they play with. Help the new people, they will get there.
  4. In-game advertisement to pull extra $$$

    Yes... lets throw more ads on everything.... /s
  5. Where's the comparison? WW2 fans will like PS/HLL, Modern fans will like Squad; some will like both. They are two different games... gameplay will be similar ("hardcore"/"unforgiving" gameplay that emphasizes teamplay), but really beyond that, they are different eras, and will appeal to different people.
  6. Some ideas coming from a rising storm player...

    This is a very narrow sighted opinion. Clearly the demographic they are going for, players that like the game-play of PR, has been buying and playing the game plenty. PR lasted 10+ years. Squad is going nowhere. We don't care about "the core Steam demographic of teen to early 20's dudes with expenadle cash" and I bet OWI doesn't either; they've stated many times they are in a fine position financially. They'll keep driving their numbers with sales, as they have consistently done.
  7. Mods will be server specific; if a server isn't running a mod it will be vanilla Squad. They are asking for customization, albeit limited, within the vanilla game. Don't think changed appearances will be what see in terms of customization, even if that's what people are talking about. It would probably be more "I give up these extra magazines so that I can take some more grenades" type of customization; although limited character customization in terms of patches or *very small* cosmetic changes would probably fit as well.
  8. Hardware input for choppers ?.

    Please just make my Warthog HOTAS relevant for Squad, it collects dust when I'm not playing DCS. Just a heads up there, it appears that new stick will be an Add-On for the Warthog HOTAS: that is, it will be a stick that can replace the A-10 stick on the Warthog base. I don't think they are doing a new base/HOTAS; simply a stick replacement for existing HOTAS owners. Would be cool if they offer it standalone, but the idea at the moment is that they will not. Sounds like you have the throttle; so if you can get a hold of the base you should be good to go.
  9. LAN Support

    It's Roy, and people move on to other companies. It happens.
  10. 9.9 Movment issue

    Does this happen in the range or in a normal game?
  11. ADS FOV Slider

    Why do I vaguely remember one of the game designers (Sgt. Ross I believe) mention that he would have liked the have split FOV sliders; or at least they considered it? (If I'm mis-remembering, well shit...) I remember the original argument was that there was a single FOV slider to make people make a decision: Less zoom / More peripheral, or More zoom / Less peripheral. Then I remember, when talk of the animation system and core inventory came along, that it may be possible to split the FOV zoom in the new system. So why all this back story? It's been a hotly contested feature since the beginning of Squad, and I'm not quite sure where it will be heading. I wouldn't mind the split FOV sliders; but I also agree with the original reasoning on why they are not there.
  12. Stat indicator for when game is cpu vs gpu capped

    'statFPS' and 'statUnit'... problem solved. You don't need anything more fancy than that.
  13. Suggestion about the game

    Honestly? Sounds like this game isn't for you... The game is meant to be slow, unbalanced, and unforgiving. It's not complete, let the devs add the content they want before they optimize. You need to know whats in the game before you can optimize things to work for everyone. You're asking the game to become something it never will.
  14. The Devs already replied to the Reddit thread on this issue; they stated they are getting to it, but I would imagine its a minor priority thing anyway; much bigger game play systems and content to work on in the mean time. I wouldn't expect it soon, but would after A10 and other content gets released, at which point they can visit the QoL stuff.
  15. Full Access to Optics on US Army vs Russia Maps

    No it won't, its one of the things that makes this game different and unique. Each faction is not the same, each class on the factions are not the same; and its a big reason why many of us come back.