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  1. You just gave an example of the US being less powerful. Your team had managed to back them all the way up to their last flag, which clearly shows you were able to handle all the assets they (the US team) had during the majority of the game. Just because you couldn't capture one flag doesn't make the Stryker invulnerable.
  2. Opening Squads and then dropping SL is a bannable offence on many servers. It's just not a respectful thing to do. Generally the rule is, you start it, you lead it.
  3. According to the data sheet, the RPG-7V tandem charge can defeat 64mm of armor with the precursor charge, and 105mm with the main shaped charge. The RKG-3 can penetrate armor of varying thickness dependent on the version used, anywhere from 150mm-220mm. So, it may be fair for it to do more damage to the Stryker, or in general. I think it should 1 hit HMVs but that's my own opinion.
  4. lol no, the SKS is a great weapon. Probably one of my most used weapons behind the standard M4 ironsights. Now, saying the DM's rifles are the worst guns in the game would be more accurate.
  5. Ok fine, we don't have to complain about the type of players then. I don't like the type of gameplay snipers produce, it can be accomplished with the DM, and it sounds like the devs seem to agree, based on the statement a couple posts above. On Topic: I'd like to see some Chinese small arms in the game. But that would, obviously, require the addition of a new faction.
  6. To be frank, they are working at a very respectable pace. Software development, including game development, is not easy nor quick, and they have not only been releasing features and improvements since the games inception, but they are also very responsive when it comes to what they are working on for future version. It hasn't even been on Steam for a year and half yet (or it may just be encroaching on a year and half now). You can't expect to have feature parity with PR when they have to develop systems and assets from scratch. Anyway, this is the most consistent EA/Alpha that I have bought into by far.
  7. It doesn't I believe. Team damage is part of the game. Something you need to prevent.
  8. I personally like the HAB. What's the problem with it? A FOB shouldn't be rushed anyway, it should be somewhat thought out. The HABs allow you to choose exactly where you spawn within your FOB area.
  9. That's when the one random soldier comes along and stumbles across the FOB, ultimately removing the FOB/HAB for the other team. I tend to keep my radio/HAB combo somewhat close to each other to prevent exactly that scenario.
  10. No, they are exempt from claiming in my experience.
  11. I never mentioned super sampling, I'm talking about windows scaling. Its a native windows setting, not in game.
  12. Have you tried messing with windows resolution scaling? That can easily throw off the performance you are seeing. There have been a few threads around how scaling changes the resolution that the game is rendered at. I started a thread around here about scaling a while ago, and how detrimental it can be to performance. Might be the issue you are encountering. Notice, even though the game is reporting the resolution to be the same in both cases, it clearly isn't; with 100% scaling be more-so the correct 4k resolution, and 150% being some intermediate resolution between 4K and 1080p. This is seen in the text rendering (the size of the text) and the overall sharpness of the scene.
  13. Because ReShade has nothing to do with lighting? It's a post-processing injector, used to add coloration, AA, or effects; as you said yourself.
  14. Turn off TXAA
  15. I never presented a solution, just a thought as to why it may not be beneficial to integrate with the base game. Post-Processing effects require just that, extra processing power, something not everyone has.