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  1. I noticed much more stable fps in Squad when I disabled turbo core nonsense via BIOS. Turbo core is basically another AMD "function" that basically underclocks/idles some cores on the CPU and is cancer for gaming. Now fps are stable even in 40vs40 game. And disable cool and quiet if you are not already.
  2. camouflage of the factions

    In real world, man, not in the game. And agree ambushes are very common used tactic, but in the game Militia are just black dots and can be shot from 2 km.
  3. Commander Role

    Nobody will listen to the Commander. SLs barely listen to each other. Me myself was trying to coordinate SLs, and in the most time it works, but there always is one squad leader that say "You talk too much" aka "I don`t give a shit what you are saying" or "Shut up, dude".
  4. Disabled AMD turbo core = fps gain.

    Yes, it`s about AMD FX CPU. You can disable turbo core in BIOS.
  5. require graphic optimization asap

    Optimization is pretty good now after V8, I am with FX 8320 and GTX 760. I play with all settings to the max at 1080p with high fps enough and no lag spikes. My hardware is playing every game on the market (Witcher 3, Skyrim Enhanced Edition, Dragon Quest Heroes, etc, etc, etc...) as it should even ARMA 3 pretty well (after they made some major updates). Don`t preach bullshit to inexperienced gamers. Thank you.
  6. I am not elitist, just putted around 500h in the game and I love it. And sometimes I advice the SL for some things. Most of the times even new or young players can listen advice and adopt to the situation really well. But there are few assholes, who kick you because "you talk too much". It`s ridiculous because the first role of the squad leader is to talk and listen to a talking. Of course the radio chatter shouldn`t be full of irrelevant conversations and jokes.
  7. Games won or lost in the 1st 5 minutes

    Here my advice for less stressful beginning of the round: 1. Don`t make a squad if you don`t want to be squad leader. 2. As SL you will have to tell others to take the needed kits for the map. 3. Open map as Yehorivka needs sniper kit. 4. Against Russian you need 2 AT. Against militia auto rifleman/Humvee gunner are good because his fire prevent them from rushing fast. In one round I killed as gunner in Humvee over 30 rebels, preventing them to flank and advance. 5. "I need two medics" works only if the medics stay at the back and try to heal others. Kick medics, who are not doing their job. 6. If you are rebel you need their fast vehicles, so order everyone to spawn and take the vehicles. 7. Do mic check in the beginning. Kick players without mic/ desire to communicate. By this way you show there is active SL in the squad. 8. Order radio silence and coordinate your plan with the other squad before the round starts. 9. If you command vehicle and infantry order the infantry to find targets for the vehicle gunner and the vehicle to cover the advance of the infantry. 10. Don`t order humvee or APC to rush forward to enemy positions, there will be AT shooters waiting for you. This tactic works only with Rebels because their vehicles are expendable. 11.Tell every one to disembark before you close to enemy positions, don`t do it under enemy fire. 12. If the enemy don`t know you are coming try to close the distance as much as possible, gather intel on the enemy positions then open fire. 13. Tell your squadmates to tell enemy`s locations and mark them on the grid so every squad gets the information. 14. Don`t be greedy and don`t take all the APCs or Humvees. 15. As rebel use SPG9 truck to hunt down the BTR/Humvee. 16. Your first weapons as SL is your binos. Watch for flanking enemies and mark their location, tell their movement to your squad. 17. Supply truck should supply all fobs, not only his squad`s fob. I can continue this, there is so much to be told. Comment if you find these strategies useful.
  8. This is just awesome if it get into the game!
  9. camouflage of the factions

    MIlitia use hit and run tactics in real world. You charge , hit hard, then disperse. So much potential in their fast vehicles, rarely used from the players.
  10. Artillery

    No such fortifications that need 155 mm artillery to be destroyed and delay time make it impossible to hit moving targets even with area attack.
  11. New and love

    Freelook with Alt like in Arma is more important than tanks and helis ...
  12. The only game I have problems with AMD is called Squad. Squad was unplayable for me until V8, now I can play it pretty well on everything maxed out, 1080p. Stop blaming AMD CPUs, everything depends on optimization. Idiots paying for overpriced hardware is not my source of tips. Devs have done excellent job on the optimization in V8.
  13. Tanks and bomb cars

    This should be present in Rebels faction. Suicide bomb car with great blast radius is a very common tactic in this armies.

    So much time when I am about to throw a grenade, I was shot and I dropped the live grenade on my team. But every time I apologize in chat. Or when you shoot from 50 cal it`s possible to waste whole friendly squad that didn`t give info when they are close to the enemy.
  15. I have 3 humble wishes: 1. Freelook. 2. Freelook. 3. Freelook.
  16. Treat medics better, they're there to help

    In many cases is not. And it sucks when the medic dies of heroic death reviving under fire.
  17. Treat medics better, they're there to help

    Sometimes reviving/healing a teammate under enemy's fire is impossible. The fallen player should tell to the squad this zone is too hot and he cannot be saved. Otherwise the squad will lose its medic.
  18. Tired of lack of co-ordination and tactics

    I think it have to show how many hours gameplay player has next to his name. This way as a SL I can understand what my squad is capable of within seconds. and modify the tactics according that. And one more thing - to be the Sl is a heavy duty, basically those guys are making the whole game and the victory, so try to be helpful and obedient. Clear the comms of bullshit, because the SL have to listen SL channel, own squad channel and all noises around him. Helping your squad leader you are helping yourself.
  19. Release: Alpha Version 8.8

    Make a free look with Alt pls. It will be so much more immersive. All other problems are solved btw.
  20. Never forget to call the exact direction where the enemy fire comes from. This is the most helpful squad option in the game. Provide extra info if you have it : range, any buildings, or objects around the enemy, where the enemy is headed to, etc.
  21. Low fps issue

    I made it playable by enabling trilinear optimization + vsync in Nvidia control panel. Write back if helps.
  22. Server Closed Connection?

    Guys, many server close connection today. Log file: http://pastebin.com/jWXhkm92
  23. I got unjustly banned

    In the night map I drive BTR with a gunner without a mic. So I know how to drive because I have played driver before, but in the night map without lights the BTR glitched and flipped over and I fell under the map, etc. My gunner wrote in the chat : ""You are the worst driver ever". So we had little discussion in the chat calling each other idiots, etc. and I got banned. So I am extremely frustrated because I put over 300 hours in this game, just to be insulted unjustly, then banned from the one of the 5 active servers. I got awful experience with the majority of the community and I don`t know if I ever play this game again. This horrible experience is not only from this evening, it stacked up and my dreams of easy access public multiplayer military game are ruined. All the time I was an dedicated player, called directions, revived everyone if medic, strictly obeying squad leaders, being polite, never team killing or anything. I got banned because I was defending myself verbally. I don`t know why I am writing this because I expect no help. Just wanted to share my experience. F hell this is so unjust.
  24. I got unjustly banned

    Yes, I contacted RIP admins and complained there. I hope I provided enough details about the case.
  25. I got unjustly banned

    Yeah, I am telling myself this every time, but English speaking community get meaner and meaner every day. And I know why I am banned, because I used words like idiot, just like the gunner of that BTR. But it`s not my fault that the BTR just flipped over and to be told "You are the worst driver ever" is unjust. So I couldn`t stand that injustice and begin arguing in the chat leading to insults from both side - me and the gunner. Of course he said "Learn English"and other mean things. (I am Bulgarian and are are zero Bulgarian servers, even zero Bulgarian players, so I am force to take insults every time about my English) Like 10 sec after that I was banner right away. Not just kick or warning. It was executed right awaywith no possible way to defend my actions. The server was UK [RIP] Rusty In Places UK/EU 1 it the only one of three full of ppl. I am 100% sure this bad behavior is because I am not British or German. And I cannot change that.