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  1. korengal

    Can't wait to see it in game!
  2. You have really good screenshots. That's what i can say once again looking at your portrait gallery @ ur site. Great job. Love the style you applying to the photos. Keep posting bruh!
  3. Yeah. I think your CPU is tired already. Get new for your socket or use tweaks for better performance.
  4. My favorite is a First Light but i have crazy freezes and stuttering on it while other are running smooth.. Hope the next update will resolve it.
  5. How long do you work on this remake from 0 to current day?
  6. Will be great if next patch will provide: - free look - auto-confirmation of chosen respawn point when the timer ticks out - removing false reloading of weapon even if no shots was fired from current clip (i'm often press R while in game to keep my weapon ready) - some response from US side to russian BTR (the same class of APC that could support/transport infantry). AFM the BTR is more powerful than HMMV - at least one type of heli (even if it would be a recon chopper without any weaponry) just to add some action in such a beautiful sky - frag grenades for grenadier kit - deployment ability for MG and marksman weapon - collimator optic - silenced weapons (at least pistols for sniper kit and rifle for marksman as in PR) - SNIPER kit - KNIFES!
  7. The same for me too.