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  1. Game Crashing

    Same here
  2. [WIP] Gaza PR Remake [Gaza Mod]

    Nice work, would be great to have comparison at exact same spot
  3. Totaly agree for that. It would be a lot more immersive to have located entering points. I made a simple pic of what can be done in the first iiteration, far from specific entering animation & door opening but a thing as simple as this can already push up the gameplay. Exemple of the m1 abrams, driver/gunner have to climb on the front to enter, on bradley infantry have to ride from the back,...
  4. Voice chat

    I'm pretty sure you'r not using default language (english) There is a know issue on french language that not showing name correctly. And this still not fixed since localisation release.
  5. Weird thing happening

    Same problem here with a fresh install of W10 PRO x64. No manufacturer software suite, no OC program. Just Antivirus, TS, steam,GF experience.
  6. The problem its not only SL, but everyone on team can see the message !
  7. Steam Items

    I was exited to see "you have 4 new items" in squad inventory. Duplicated weapons
  8. Hi, Its now 10 or more times i spotted cache trought wall. Its to easy and unrealistic. Last time, cache was outside but inside a compound. I just follow the walls to enter in compound, and the message just show up. So i throw incendiary above the wall and destroyed the cache. That the same with house, you just have to trow incendiary inside when the message appears. And that kill the "search every house" you just have to walk around the house, even its fortified to see the message.
  9. I noticed that too. The "Give up" = "ABANDONNER" Don't fit. The "EXIT GAME" = "QUITTER" is out of screen. On the map, when you press "?" info marker, it pop fast a first long menu, and then the normal, look the timer, there is only 1s between menu.
  10. Wall glitching, still a thing

    I was insurgent in this game at cache. The guy was glitching between sandbags and wall. Its really a pain, everything in the game favor the glitch for bad player. There is a few trees, some building "corner" that actualy textured but without colision that you can cross & hide for shoot. Hope this will be fixed
  11. Cant set process priority to "high" anymore

    Thanks, its working from game directory! I'm to bad to know how to use start -command ahaha
  12. Cant set process priority to "high" anymore

    Hi, Still not fixed for me! @echo off Start "Squad" /high "D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Squad\squad_launcher.exe" "Missing EasyAntiCheat Launcher .dlls"