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  1. Hi! I've had this problem for a while where i couldn't change (Or even Enable) the Motion Blur settings in Game. But now i have figured out a way to enable it! just follow these steps and i hope this will help you out who wan'ts Motion Blur Enabled! Step 1: Go to the search bar on windows, type in %AppData% then press AppData on the top. Step 2: Go to "Local" and then find the folder called "Squad", Then go to "Saved" after that go to "Config" and then "WindowsNoEditor". Step 3: Right click on the "GameUserSettings" and open with NotePad (If you don't have NotePad just search for it on Google and download it, It's Free). Step 4: Press Control + F and then Type in MotionBlur, Then change the value from 0 to 1 and then Save! Thats all, i hope it helps you out with the Settings. If you have any questions, just type them in the Comments below, Thanks! Wayzzted out.