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  1. SQUAD, we have a problem

    I don't mind being SL, but I myself only have 30hrs playing time... Im comfortable to be SL but don't really know the best tactics for CPs on any map tbh. But for me, communication is key in Squad and it's obviously one of the fundamental factors of Squad but too many are taking on SL without a mic or without talking/giving direction to the team...
  2. No sound

    I done all of this but the problem was in Squad specifically. I still had sound in Windows and other games/applications.
  3. Steam down?

    Ah I didn't realise this happened annually hahaa... That SteamStat link is a good tool, thanks! Hoping Steam comes back up shortly.. I've not been able to play Squad recently due to my headset not working after the 8.8 update, now I've got a new headset and Steam's down! Gutted haha dammit... you dont wanna know how! haha
  4. Steam down?

    Is anyone else having problems connecting to Steam?
  5. No sound

    Ill give that a try now! UPDATE: It did something... I could hear audio for longer but when anyone spoke, after a few seconds the audio would then deteriorate and eventually drop. Still an issue! So freakin frustrating too
  6. No sound

    I haven't had any response on my post so I doubt this is being looked into. I've just bought a PC compatible headset now
  7. Audio drop shortly after joining a server

    Can anyone help with this? It's obviously an issue that's come about from one of the recent updates. Currently can't play because of this
  8. Audio drop shortly after joining a server

    Yeah I've noticed that too. All plugged in securely, the issue is repetitive in that it always happens shortly after joining a server or spawning and someone starts to talk. I've tried turning down audio quality and turning off radio beeps etc. And also tried changing the audio device settings in windows but nothing helps. I've also tried plugging my xbox controller and USB for headset into other USB ports but nothing changes!
  9. Audio drop shortly after joining a server

    UPDATE: I can play for as long as I want in the Shooting Range without loss of audio - so it must happen when people start to talk in-game... that's when my audio drops
  10. No sound

    It's possible but if thats the case, it's only happening in Squad. I was playing Insurgency for about 45 minutes tonight with no audio drops at any point. Seems to always be about 10 seconds after spawning/joining server in Squad that I lose audio Also, I have unticked the option: "Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device" in my headset's properties window I've also disabled all other audio devices and recording devices.
  11. No sound

    I tried setting audio quality to Low - same issue: for me the issue is shortly after spawning (like maybe 10-15 seconds after) I lose all Audio in-game. Still get audio on the main menu so it's not like Squad isn't using my headset
  12. Xbox Headset Issue

    Same for me! Worked before v8.8 I believe, for me at least
  13. No sound

    Did you ever get this fixed? I have this problem too
  14. Hi all, So I have Turtle Beach XL1's (Xbox 360) that I'm currently using for gaming on my PC. I can hear all Windows audio and I can hear the audio on the Squad splashscreen and also on the spawn screen just after joining a server. However, shortly after spawning, I just get running out of the spawn point and then the audio drops and I can't hear anything at all in Squad - can still hear all audio in Windows + other applications. Any ideas? Also, a while ago I used to play a whole game with this setup so has only recently stopped working Thanks in advance UDPATE: Just verified game files - something was missing so was re-acquired. Then cleared user cache from game settings. Relaunched and had sound all the way up till when I spawned and started running around! Really wanted to play a couple games tonight too!