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  1. Saw this as well in a Stryker on Jensens.
  2. A Big Problem A Big Solution

    I dont think that your idea in specific as a solution to the problem is bad. I think though that if a crew wedges or gets a vehicle stuck, it should be that you messed up. Its stuck. Its useless. Gone. Drive better next time. But thats just me.
  3. Zen Ryzen

    This. I mean when I started playing Squad I was running an Athalon X4 880K (bumped up 860 basically) with a GTX 970. When V7 hit I was lucky to pull 15FPS. Switched to a basic I5 4690 on a cheap H97M Asus board and the difference was night and day. Explosions, animations, everything. Despite the predictions about how soon gaming will move towards using more cores rather than relying on faster single core performance, right now most of the games I play, including this one, benefit from better single core performance. Though ever since AMD announced the launch date on Ryzen seems all of the Intel CPUs are on sale, so now may be the time for a little upgrade.
  4. Zen Ryzen

    I guess we have to wait until March the 2nd to get any actual benchmarks. Looks hopeful though. Im kind of worried about how it will deal with Squad as my last rig was a Kaveri and it could barely handle V8. I switched over to a 4690 and an entry level H97 board for Asus. Should it be able to handle this game as well as an Intel rig, it may definitely be a consideration for my next build. Heh speaking of Intel price drops, the day AMD dropped the Ryzen bomb for sheer interest I went on to New Egg and magically enough, the Kaby Lake i7 was on sale for almost the same price as the R7 1700 it was paired up against at the tech demo. I didnt check any of the Broadwells against their rivals.
  5. Looking to the future: Asset Squads.

    Which would suggest to me that other players actually feel the same way. My only thought is if we, the players, are bringing this issue forward, its already been thought of somewhere else beyond us. I guess at the end of the day, we will just have to wait and see.
  6. Looking to the future: Asset Squads.

    Its always been a weird sort of asset. It was my pass time in PR. Even back then it wasnt uncommon to see about 8 guys in a mortar squad with 3-4 on the tubes with the others pulling security with a medic trying to hold down the fort. Or to be manning a TOW or MG near the FOB. Best was the AA. The enemy air would find you and CAS would start trying to piss you off if you were really hitting them hard. I remember one round I had a few of my opfors air assets littered around my FOB all burnt up. Called them my lawn ornaments. However this isnt PR. It would make sense that an inf squad defending a FOB is the one in charge of the tubes.
  7. Looking to the future: Asset Squads.

    What I dont understand is that people around this forum are constantly saying the community and general player base seem to be leaning towards a very Battlefield franchise type of game play, yet when suggestions to fix this are made, they simply get met with nothing but animosity. While I can understand that most of the regulars might get sick of seeing similar posts, this isnt one asking for a zombie mod, or a SquadLife mod. And anyone who takes the time to come here, read, and give ideas and contributions to the community in hopes that maybe it makes the game better in the long term for everyone has to have the interests of the game, their game, the one that they boot up after a %^&*(@ day at work or school or whatever just that much better and more relaxing and enjoyable. Seeing how the game currently plays, its an unfortunate fear for most of the players that enjoy this game on a more organized level, that once heavy assets come into the game, without some sort of control or management system, the game will simply become "BF4 without EA." To be fair to all players bring back the rule from most PR servers-no asset Squads before a certain time. This lets people with both faster gaming rigs and sufficient computers time to load into the map and to be able to have a chance to make the squad they want to be a part of. Hardcode it in. No squads before 1:30 remaining. Secondly: As Shadow is suggesting, have a way you can select the Squad you want to make broken down by class/vehicle. And possibly even limit the amount of people in that squad, by the number of assets on the map. The players only get to take kits that pertain to what they are doing. We dont need a tank Squad full of snipers. At the same time we dont need infantry grabbing crewman and pilot kits. My only suggestion would be to make APCs an infantry squad asset. Have it so 2 riflemen are needed to crew the vehicle. No medics or other specialty kits. This lets them run motorized or light infantry. Tanks/IFVs/Fire support vehicles/tank destroyers should be crewed by a tank squad. CAS should be manned by a CAS squad. Trans manned by trans. And at the same time, CAS cannot grab a trans chopper or vice versa. The only grey area I see is for the mortars that are coming. I think the ability to create a designated mortar squad should be an option, but at the same time they should traditionally have infantry kits (such as a medic) and in PR, having that one guy with a recon kit running silent and telling you where the sweet spots are/helping you guide your shots is definitely a bonus. But supposing down the road we make a recon squad an option. They should be able to jump on Squad Comms and say "Hey E6 key 5 got a whole squad plus looks like they're fobbing it." Regardless. There will always be some guys who take the assets and TK or abuse them. But if there is some kind of system in place, it is my belief that it will help players understand the mechanics of the game and the way of gameplay in the game. It wont be for everyone, but for some, it might turn them into stellar players.
  8. Question to the devs

    You will be. IEDs and mines in PR were a huge PITA. You would have one guy that just sort of hangs around a cache placing all kinds of booby traps. When the vehicle rolls up-BOOM. Especially when you had guys that used to hide them under bridges. And once that vehicle hit the other side-night night. Back in PR, deploying them in an area of active combat was suicide. This was something that was done in preparation. Of course though, people would never check their maps and the down side was many friendlies lost their lives to your own traps. But @mrbojangles is right. Im saying that when the game is more feature complete, I would expect that things will become more balanced. Its just with the current assets in the game right now, its essentially making the light assets perform more like heavy assets to give having that vehicle some sort of competitive edge.
  9. Question to the devs

    I think right now its all kind of because of balance. Once we see more stronger assets and other systems like the IED and AT mine, they will begin to balance out all the weapons to more realistic, if not sensible, capabilities.
  10. require graphic optimization asap

    Honestly. If you can afford it: do an Intel swap. I had an Asus A88XM-A paired with an Athalon X4 880k. It had 16GB DDR3 1600mhz at its disposal. And an ASUS Strix GTX 970. The game was running on an SSD on Windows 8.1, with a beefy EVGA Gold 750 power supply. After the V8 update, it ran way better but as servers filled up or more demanding game play was going on (like rockets explosions heavy gun fire etc. etc). I noticed some lag and the GPU fans would kick into overdrive. I upgraded to an Asus H97M-E/CSM, and an i5-4690 (non-K Haswell), and kept pretty much everything else (I actually installed Windows 10 so maybe DX 12 helps?) and its like night and day. Where as animations seemed lagged or a little stuttery before, theres none of that now. And on full 72-80 man servers theres no frame latency.
  11. Please Devs !! do something about Logar !!

    Black Adidas track suits really help when lining up the sights!
  12. couple of questions

    Thats how it was back in Squads predecessor, Project Reality. Armor, CAS, Trans, APC, Mic Inf. It may seem pointless, but it works. So if you want to play a certain role, if theres room, you join that squad. Squads need to be lockable first, as a map with 2 tanks wont require 9 guys. Its bad enough now people insist on grabbing the kit they want and running off on their own.