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  1. Hi, I've been playing squad without issue (besides the typical fatal errors) for the last couple of months. I downloaded the latest update 7.3 and played without issue until Saturday 09/03. Since that date I have had a total computer freeze requiring me to restart my computer from the Crtl-Alt-Dtl screen. This freeze always seems to be on the loading screen where the keyboard is displayed. It completely freezes the loading bar and nothing happens until I restart. At this time I am also not able to navigate away from the program using shortcuts or the task manager. I have verified local properties multiple times. I deleted all local files and completely re-downloaded the game and I have also ensured that my system and all of my drivers are up to date. I have gone through the recommended changes on the stickied freeze post such as closing different background programs however that has not had any effect. Thanks for everyone's help. I hope to get this figured out as I do love playing this game.
  2. Fatal Computer Freeze Upon Launch

    Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations. Still so confused about this whole issue.
  3. Fatal Computer Freeze Upon Launch

    No I haven't. I did however delete and reinstall my game when this was first happening and I haven't been successful in getting the game to run since.
  4. Fatal Computer Freeze Upon Launch

    My logs folder in that location is empty. All I have there is config files and server files.
  5. Fatal Computer Freeze Upon Launch

    Located my appdata folder and after digging around there I can't find any crash logs or anything that correlates with the time of the crashes.
  6. Fatal Computer Freeze Upon Launch

    I can't seem to locate an appdata folder either my Steam or my Squad files. Is there somewhere else I should be looking for crash logs? Thanks!
  7. Fatal Computer Freeze Upon Launch

    I run Avast and Malwarebytes and my Squad folder is excluded from the anti-virus.
  8. Fatal Computer Freeze Upon Launch

    Anyone have any thoughts?