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  1. SQUAD - ISKT Promo

    Nice vid, i always wanted to make cinematic stuff....but you need a server and admin privledges . Gave it a thumbs up though
  2. Animation System Update

    Last year they said 1st iteration of choppers would be fall this year. So maybe, unless they pushed it. For crying out loud i hope they put in Track ir support and Hotas input
  3. Mobile artillery goal reached Sike
  4. Animation System Update

    Btw i forgot to ask.....The leopold scope. Since Rangefinders are for designated snipers only. How are we gonna be capable to know exact distance ?. Will we get a player model height ?. So we can do the Average model height x 1000 devided by amount of mildots in height the player makes in mildots ?. Resulting in range of player to your location.
  5. Animation System Update

    ACOG and PSO scopes have a built in scale to find ranges. Very simple and easy to use. Zero-ing with ironsight is spoopy, you have no means of being sure except judgement. Oh, did anyone tell you that elevation and decline from hills means you need to compensate extra due bulletdrop ?.
  6. Animation System Update

    Yup, i'm curious if range calculation with the M110 leopold scope mildots is working aswel.Since Rangefinders are meant for Designated Snipers. I would not know another way to actually be able to zero in and shoot shit. None the less, this part is kind of making me interested again in Squad.
  7. Animation System Update

    Finally !!!! functional scopes. Holy shit !, only thing that still needs fixed is rework on the actual scopes themselfs as the mildots, reticle and scale are way to tiny to read. Arma 3 example of a PSO scope
  8. I have watched some Q&A videos with the Project lead. I have very high hopes on HLL for the following reason. The guy himself has a pretty broad gaming background with shooters himself, as a ww2 fan (just like the rest of black matter) he plans to go for realism as much as possible without gameplay suffering. From the anwsers he gave he seems to have a solution for all flaws from games back then and now, Also he started the game years ago as a hobby, and 2 more people joined after a while and it seems that whatever they did propelled the motivation and morale to continue on which one point he asked the other guys if they wanted it to take it a step further.....and they all did. Ever since people from Russia, the US and other countries joined. So now they got to the stage where they need the funds to actually take it to the next step and develope it to the extend of what they have in mind.
  9. 205k - Utah beach map goal has been surpassed. !!!
  10. Who said Squad is complicated ?. It's as barebone/simple as it get's xD....
  11. Just not a fan of subscription. Paying for a game and paying inorder to be able toplay a game is just money milking IMO. Now What DCS world does, asking a set price per Jet module is something i find acceptable. As they put alot of study and work in developing jets. The base game comes free aswel. But no, charging monthly to play a game. DOn't buy that shit
  12. I have looked at warthunder and World of tanks but it's too arcady to my liking. Anyone knows of any better one's ?. Simulations included are fine with me.
  13. I'm sorry but i'll have to break it to you, this is the nature of these type of games. Public will never ever be up to a specified standard that can be considered somewhat acceptable on how Squad is supposed to be played, minus the trolling. For Squad to work it requires a common grounds which is the will to play the game as it ought to be. Pub has a variety of players though, those who want to play it as it ought to be, the casual Joe and the dickheads uttering non sense and shooting their guns to give away positions and blocking doorways etc.... Those who want to play the game properly will always look for a clan that meets their needs, which leaves the average joe's and trolls in the pub pit for a large part.
  14. Guys 190k stretch goal reached. That makes for The german Hurtgen forrest and the Light tanks.
  15. Looks nice, but not much positive to read about the people behind this game + monthly payment ?. Yeah, sounds fishy....
  16. Saw the video, hilarious how the comment sections make the comparison between HLL and every other WW2 game that was practically arcade based shooters.
  17. Good news, they pointed out in their kickstarter that they're looking into a paypal solution since many have requested so.
  18. 136k goal been reached and it only has been 4 days. Mucho excite
  19. A streamer and his mod i know are planning on buying a Platoon pack as i got them and some other interested, do you got any other means then paypal aswel ?. If yess let me know. Maybe i can work something out.
  20. 90% made of their kickstarter in 3 days. So excited to see what funding goal will be reached by 2 weeks. So far the game seems to be positively welcomed by alot of people.
  21. Wel comparing 1st impression with a far more dev'ed game is unfair. After all they said that the funds will be used to flesh out and add more content to the game. So a barebone game as HLL is as of now can't be compared fairly to Squad. What you saw in 6 minutes is what they worked on for 2 years from 0 to that. Squad been in development for ? 3/4 years ?.
  22. Sweet, it just trespassed 100k in 3 days from 136k goal. It seems like the game is very welcomed.