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  1. Then again all deccisions are more based with the rebel factions in mind who always have the outdated gear VS ''state army'' then actual State army VS state army.
  2. That's is true, but a cage on an APC or reactive armour on a tank is not too much asked for since Tandems and ATGM's are a thing. These 2 additional armour options to vehicles are a MINIMAL countermeassure bud'. It's not like i'm asking to go super realistic and have the Isreali ''Trophy'' countermeassure system on vehicles. Which is basically a computer system that has radars installed on a vehicle and provide a 360 horizontal dome scan and will terminate any direct propelled explosives when it enters that dome by an accurate widespread counterfire. Always funny to see realism being shunned yet nobody has an idea of how the millitary industry works. I'm NOT a soldier myself or have never done service, but as an enthusiast i can tell that for every new weapon/vehicle that comes out quickly a counter meassure is being developed against it not long after. So you can't say, oh i dont want realism. You're basically saying, i don't want balance. Cuz that's what millitary developement is about. Constantly developing counter meassures against new weapons/vehicles made by another country. So one country isn't going to be more advanced and probably be much bigger of a treath to the other. Btw i wasn't having a fit against you i was more adding my idea to your initial statement.
  3. So you're telling me realistic armour is a little too much ?....But being able to spam unlimited RPG/tandem's like farts after beans/onion soup isn't ?. This makes vehicles obsolete....and i can confirm cuz i already been in barrages of RPG's. 3 to 4 at once back to back to back. Now let's see if the Balance over Realism is till going to be a thing when guided armaments come out.
  4. Designing a system around countering should be around timing indeed. But i feel like doing such indepth thing is going to become really complex to translate in game.
  5. I'm aware of the javelins not only that but also future Fighting choppers that might come geared with guided missiles. Would be interesting if they can add such a realistic damage model. That means tanks need some sort of escorting into dense areas. That would totally kill the immersion and strategy if a 50+ ton vehicle is being obstructed by futile stuff. So this means tanks will only be a thing in Yehorivka and Al basrah examples where there are large open fields instead of Sub urban/narrow pathways and such. The more nifty things they add, the more versatile and complex the gameplay becomes. It'll involve more strategy/tactics thus will make the game more interesting overall imo.
  6. Some are thinking; MG....are you serious ?. Tanks m8 ?, these are steel monsters that bring death. Alright, that's what they are initially designed for right ?. Now to the questions i have regarding specifications and other variables within the game. 1. Will the commander seat or gunner ? be capable of popping smoke curtains ?. 2. Will the Cannon gunner be capable of switching armament ?, HE/APFDS rounds ? (obviously depending on if it's realisticly capable). 3. Will there be an indicative alarm when being locked upon with an AT ?. (i guess not just for the sake of gameplay) 4. If there will be ?, are you able to counter these locked on AT's with your smoke curtain ?. 5. How will the damamge model be ?, just hits till it blows up ?....or will it go a little more in depth and will track-damage be a thing 2 so that when one pops, the tank goes slower ?. 6. What about blast radius damage from the barrel ?. 7. Will the envoirment be destructable soon at some point ?. (mud walls, stonewalls, trees, bushes). Otherwise tanks wil be nothing more then a PITA These questions are really thoughts about this particular vehicle's developement in general for the future.
  7. Quit trying to explain how Squad can be competitive :P. If one does not understand that Squad can be devided in multiple skill sets, in which 2 teams can vary big time or by a little stretch then one can not comprehend the competitive aspect of it. Like 1.Strategics, 2.communications, 3.weapon handling, 4.insight and anticipation, 5.knowing how certain weapons work and behave 6. situational awareness and reporting, is an all to common thing right....Hence the reason pub matches are so awesomely great. Being a part of a clan, i can say that playing against another clans is waaaaay more harder and challenging then pub games. So those who say Squad can't be played on a tournament level, should try some clan games instead and form an opinion again. Cuz it's not that easy, and the first person to respond to me with ''git gud'', thanks for confirming my point. That's the whole point of competition, gitting gudder then your opponent. Anyhow, i'm not gonna get any further with this cuz.....it's usually those that do not play in a clan or competitive way that dumb down squad to an ordinaire shooter game (something i have noticed lately), but really don't see the bigger picture of it all. Which is sad, and imo dissrespect to the devs.
  8. Squad can't be competitive ???
  9. 9/10 RU vs MIL. Squad only comes with UK/US/RU/MIL and INS factions
  10. Never fails to amaze me !!!, i'm certain that after V10 Squad sales will go up for sure. Mainly because of the new animation system and Freelook because it makes the game look more polished. Either way, this game just gets better and better.
  11. Same dude, a realistic WW2 game with eye for detail ?. **** me, i have been waiting for this all my life. Since The PS1 Medla of honour days i've been waiting
  12. I checked the site, feels, sound and looks like a Squad off spring but then WW2. A mod ?, none the less, if it's based on realism and historically accurate. i'm getting it
  13. +1 Great clan, lots of laughter, competent players, no drama, Active with events/competitions, Trainings. Glad i decided to go with ZXD
  14. Auto-ban should be OFF for Mines, then people will learn to read the map when they get blown up after 5 times. I always write in teamchat that a mine is down, yet sitll people run over it