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  1. Imo useless, the dev time and resources can be put to better use. All this will probably be introduced by modders in the future
  2. Sure i'll make a summary bellow (i can elaborate on some in PM if required). 1. Does 1AB focus on competitive base ? (CCFN/tournaments/etc). 2. Are trainings often ?, and do they happen on a private server ?.. 3. Since this is a milsim unit can i expect Maturity and discipline to be enforced ?. 4. What's the stance or ideaology behind this unit towards Squad ?.(casual or competition). 5. What are the expectations from people that join ?. 6. How long is recruitement time ?. 7. Which positions are available now to be enlisted for ?. 8. Can one run trial before deciding to join ?. 9. What's average game hour per member in the unit ?. Thanks
  3. I'm currently looking for a clan to join and i'm kinda interested in the milsim aspect. Could i ask some questions if anyone is available ?. It's quiet a list.
  4. Appreciate the heads up m8, i have posted in the past over there but it didn't yield any results. I was just hoping to draw attention this way from clans by my specific request. Also ,thanks for the kind words dude (y). Say hello next time you see me in game.
  5. Looking for a mature clan based in the EU.If possible with following;- English speaking- Competitive scene (CCFN, Tournament, other events)- Active Trainings- Willingness to improve- Mature playerbase- Discipline- Respect Thanks.
  6. /

  7. Worse then us, we had 250.
  8. They probably get a ZU23 in a techy.
  9. Mouse locks up

    So recently, my mouse started to lock up in game. Usually when i make a fast mouse movement it'll lock up briefly in the mid of my screen the continues. VERY frustrating and i dont know what it could be. I checked my mouse lazer optic for dust or cracks but it looks clear. Other then that, i have no antivurses running or other programs. EDIT; only does this in mutiplayer Any ideas ?
  10. By what you just wrote proves me that the whole point went over your head. You rather argue petty stuff then to actually understand that tournaments without regulations/ neutral supervision and transparency can't be deemed legit for they are prone to favourtism, cheating, manipulation etc....without any real repercussion. Now have fun staying off topic .
  11. And as with the current state with LACK of admin tools, supervision, regulations, tranparency and an established reliable 3th party to do the regulation/supervision it is bound to happen again. Are you getting the gist yet ?
  12. m8, i'm not insinuating anything.....i have done ALOT of admin stuff when i played Arma. I can promise you one thing, hands down. If someone can cheat and get away with it, they'll keep doing it. Sportsmanship doesn't exist from one's own good manners. It comes from enforcing rules with strict supervision. Cuz at the end of the day, if you can't prove anything, and there are no supervisors to do an investigation. You're just the crybaby talking none sense. And i didn't mean that tournaments themselfs are insignificant. But lack of admin tools and NO transparency among streamers and organisators that makes them so.
  13. I know who did. Personally we know they are trustworthy. But speaking from a neutral perspective, it leaves room for suspicioin you know.....1 clan is playing, one of their clan members is streaming/commentating. That particular Clan wins....hhhmmm he probably gave intel during the game. Wel who can prove they did give Intel ?, nobody. But is there anyone neutral/trustworthy that can confirm they haven't either ?. You see where i am going ?.