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  1. APC/IFV 3rd Seat

    Does not even have to be a coaxial camera with Thermal/NVG and laser....something as simple as periscopes helps ALOT. Just don't understand the logic why some shun it becuz it's ''too realistic'' It's not too much asked for when you're playing in 1st person. Fun fact; Did you know that the Brittish Challenger E2 has a thermal camera on the back for drivers ?. Yessir, he can see what is going on behind him when a gunner is looking forward.
  2. Comms network

    Okay so i have been thinking, this might be a little too far fetched for Squad....None the less, something vital and important. As stated, Squad in the future at some point will have 50 vs 50. With tanks and helicopters coming in means a broader network of comms will come to existence. Now currently you can SL/Squad/Direct. With usually the SL being the manager having to process every damn word that comes in and pass it on etc....etc.... But what about radios for vehicles ?. Ground vehicles to ground vehicles and aircraft to aircraft ?. This way people from different squads can pass on intel to each other and work togheter. Doesn't have to be something in depth or realistic... Radio concept - 1 Hotkey for Vehicle radio - High pass vocal filter emitting from the radio - clickable or a button assigned to switch channels on radio. - Have a notepad or metal plating around the radio showing; Channel 1 assault Channel 2 Logistics channel 3 scouting channel 4 defence Purpose - Making vehicular cooperation possible (be it offensive or defensive). - Driver/pilots can warn each other for threats in certain areas (Mines, HEAT, ATGM, tank, APC, manpads) - SL can focus more on strategy and directing his infantry without being disturbed every other 5 minutes or mid sentence.
  3. MLRS/Field artillery tank ?.

    That 1st video screams al basrah kinda but for game's sake have the amount of trucks at 2 or so. Also reloading those things takes a while....reloading at a repair station shoudl take a chunk of FOB points. Or move back to Base to reload, which will add up time to fire another barage. But yeah, dreams m8. Squad is more of a local conflict thing then a full scale game.
  4. MLRS/Field artillery tank ?.

    Totally, after all MLRS/Artillery tanks are for long range engagements. But for some reasons i consider certain current maps pretty large.....i got squad when it was in late V6. You ever ran on foot around Fools road or gorodok....it felt like hours.
  5. MLRS/Field artillery tank ?.

    They were nice toys for psychological pressure....but effective not at all due lack of accuracy. Mi24 with blind angle firing is spoopy none the less. I mainly came with this suggestion to introduce heavy support for areas that are highly contested and could use that firepower. We all been in a tug war game on a cap that took way too long for the game to progress anywhere.
  6. FOB GMG's

    For FOB's i'd hook it up with Optics though. But my fear is it being abused, unless high reload points
  7. Serious clans

    Currently i'm not really looking for a clan as i lost interests in Squad but i wondered if someone knows an active/competitive clan that i can join in the future. Requirements i'm looking for. -Active -Competitive -18+ -High number in hours played 700-800 per player -Arma background. -Trainings -Firm Basics in tactics and strategic insight -Organized and structured Optional; Military enthusiasts Active or retired service members Flight/Tank sim players I know this is not the right place for this thread, but to me it seems like every clan promises whistles and bells but play Squad like it's Battlefield. Getting desperate for a cohesive, functional group of players that know what they're doing and have an idea of what to do.
  8. JD's rig. MY cpu is 4670k at 3.9ghz i believe ?. My CPU 2 cores go nuts while the other 2 average 55% and my GPU isn't bothered at all. But before i had the 1070 i had a 660 and my GPU went full 100% and my CPU had like 2 cores at 85-90% and others not much preoccupied. To run Squad at 60+ stable and smooth you need a expensive rig.
  9. You need to upgrade CPU and GPU. Optimization and UE engine both need alot of work as they're not really market friendly if that makes sense. Got a 1070 but get bottlenecked by my CPU. In other games i get great FPS.
  10. God moded environment; Nothing turns me off more then a mudwall and small trees stopping you. And having your vehicle balance on those small rockwals which should succumb under the amount of weight.... Alot of it to me feels forced, in benefit of the road mines.
  11. FOB GMG's

    CROWS version i take it ? Yess both are 40mm's funny enough with a bigger and more severe blast radius then the mortars atm lol GL with an optic is never bad, great for harassment and pinning down enemies at long range.
  12. FOB GMG's

    AGS30 (RU) MK 19 (US) L134A1 (UK)
  13. APC/IFV 3rd Seat

    Posted a thread about this a while ago, most APCs and Tanks have atleast a 3 man crew. Driver Gunner, commander. Commander usually have, depending on the design of the vehicle acces to periscopes and a camera with NVG/Thermal optics and laser so has most situational awareness overal. Can't stress the importance of having that extra and how it can save the vehicle out of plenty nasty situations.
  14. As of 9-20-17 - Long range pixelation - Continuous sway (Not sure if it has to represent regular breathing or something ??, why sway when you're stationary not doing anything ?). - Radio setup (EVERYthing is in stereo, as a thread has been posted about this, would be nice to be able to change in audio settings to have Squad comms in left ear and SL comms in right ear. Leaving Direct voice in stereo. And for Squad members have squad radio in one ear. - Gun/barrel sticking trough stuff - Linear boring Rush and holding back till center cap is taken (That's the only way Squad is played atm). -Faint red dots -non functional and very small scaled optics.