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  1. Squad is dead or not ?

    Haven't played Squad in almost 2 years and i must say the average player count is still the same, i didn't increase nor decrease so i guess the game is still doing fine.
  2. | | When joining make sure to mention you came from the Squad forums ! -DISCORD https://discord.gg/bhNPdyb
  3. True but the problem with that is there'll be no balance unfortunately, although i agree with you technically. Then again, doesn't the relikt ought to provide a higher protection value against Apfsds's in general ?. Cuz they could've then went with a T-90AM instead for the russian forces and use a T-72 without guided missiles for the militia.
  4. What's up folks, After a long while i'm coming back to Squad but i'm currently out of monitor. As of now i'm looking at the asus mg279q or acer predator xb271hu with Gsync. Will 1440p be an issue with Squad ?, or has optimization been improved after a year and a half. Thanks
  5. Going Solo

    Ah find another SL to play with. Some just don't know how to utilize their men properly to their advantage cuz they lack knowledge about the roles. A scout is very much designed to go out there, not stick with your squad. Just cuz you're solo does not mean you're not helping your squad.
  6. Going Solo

    Depends from SL to SL, when i scout i always tell my SL what i'm gonna do and why. Beside that i do no actively engage unless i have to defend myself. Which upon one of my best games i blew up an enemy BTR and logi + sneak planted an IED in the enemies HAB on a cap. Not passing on info when you see enemies heading to a cap or relaying info on having placed mines will get you considered lonewolfing.
  7. V10 Public Test live again!

    Glad to see the APC's finally have a usefull commander seat + smokescreens and additional ammo types + coaxial turret. +1
  8. When you need to walk trough the field without being spotted.
  9. Why aren't you playing Squad?

    -EFT -DCS 2,5 coming with the F18 - HLL coming soon in march
  10. Possible helicopter controls.

    Comes in at 200 at altitude of 55. You know what this will do ?. Rip of your gears and probably have you nose plant blowing up in the process. Remember this is a heli, not a jet. 150 speed is fine for jets to land 200 is probably too hot. For a heli you'd want 30-50 to come in. KA 60 doing 570 at speed. Most helis go around 200-300 IRL depending on how loaded they're. So basically, in PR this chopper would be faster then the A10c flying in straight path x'D. Another joke, diving with a cobra. Let alone recovering from that dive. Highly unrealistic...you'd fall out of the sky like a brick. Even if he levels out there is going to be downward force that will be greater then the rotors thrust. unless you start coming out of the dive at 1000 altitude then i'd see a possible chance of survival. Then again....PR is made of a 13 year old AAA title. Go figure :D,
  11. Possible helicopter controls.

    Arma 3's physics should be a minimum. And even those are arcade....cuz Arma does not even have weight physics to aicraft armaments or crosswind. Yet it has some realism in the rotor and rotorblade behaviour.
  12. How it been working out in Squad ? :P. And true, my current samsung screen is going 7/8 years if not a bit longer. Has served me many many hours....
  13. Engine/graphic optimization is a myth boro, go get that i9 + sli gtx 1080ti for bestest FPS. (no i'm not being serious lmao)
  14. Why aren't you playing Squad?

    V6 trough V9 been the same and has gotten to the point that it became to linear/restrictive/arcady to my liking. Just waiting for V10 and what it has to offer.
  15. Anti Tank

    ^ This, then again....when you hear some call the MTLB a tank you already know there is not much hope. Neither is there much hope when APC's are treated like MBT's with reactive armour instead of means as fast transportation into hostile area where as the turret is merely for self-defence more so then offense. But hey, who cares right ?.