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  1. +1 Great clan, lots of laughter, competent players, no drama, Active with events/competitions, Trainings. Glad i decided to go with ZXD
  2. Auto-ban should be OFF for Mines, then people will learn to read the map when they get blown up after 5 times. I always write in teamchat that a mine is down, yet sitll people run over it
  3. Thanks guys, yess they are. Having fun again with Squad !. Already had some good laughs during games
  4. Regardless, excessive use wil lead to failure at some point. Therefor i stated a cooldown as a suggestion to prevent excessive spam. I personally don't find it to be too much as of now. People just need to get the f*cc out of dodge when it starts raining.
  5. Easy solution; Cooldowns after each 6 rounds of 5 minutes ?
  6. Squad's potential can only be expierienced when you're in a clan or a group of people you play with daily. Otherwise, it'll be very rare you'll play a decent game. Cuz you'll always find a thing that'll jeopardize the game. Just find mutual people who care about the game and you'll be fine.
  7. Was good fun,Mr. Now you see me, now you don't .
  8. I would like to upgrade to 1440 tho'....but apparently my CPU seems the culprit and i'm gonna wait to upgrade my rig by the end of this year when i can make a decision between intel's latest cpu's or Ryzen.
  9. Update; I already joined ZXD.
  10. Wel i'm sorry for caring about a game i like i guess ???
  11. Or, that the devs should start tinkering with the community to push this ****ery to a minimum and make the game attractive overal. I'm not talking content wise, i'm talking gameplay wise. When i joined back in July last year, it was nothing like it is now. I could make a list with reasonable and doable suggestions that could fix quiet alot of these issues, some of these have already been mentioned some of them not. I think i'll post an additional thread about this.... But passively accepting gameplay ruining culprits is not gonna bennefit anyone in the long run. Squad by itself is a unique game, and the devs thought out alot of the stuff pretty wel so far that already ''forces'' people to work togheter. But in order to have Squad be played in it's full potential, it'll need to be forced/restricted in a way in order to be played as it's intended. Now i'm not forcing my ideaology of how Squad is supposed to be played. Notice; I'm not targeting New players who are learning. I'm always more then willing to explain things. I'm just talking about those who are adding nothing to the squad/team/game
  12. I added you
  13. Really looking for an active/competitive clan, but most of them are just casual week end communities that are spread out over several servers.... And do not really have a minimum of 1 training day a week. So i'm basically looking for a unit i can grow with and become proficient with and make a name out there, so everytime people see us they go; Oh shit, it's them guys....we're ****ed.
  14. 1st paragraph; Yess, then again....how effective an SL is depends on whether his squad is willing to co-operate or not. Otherwise it's just a guy talking to walls. I as a SL, i got no time to babysit people....i need to procces 3 audio channels at once, look at the map and not get shot in the meanwhile. If i really have to explain each person individually what to do briefly then i might aswel become a full time bootcamp instructor and get hired by the devs (which most likely is not gonna happen lol). 2nd para'; Yup, there is no singleplayer bootcamp mini game that walks you trough everything so you have to find out everything yourself. Which is not gonna become any easyer as more things are going to be added and the gamemeta being changed aswel. 3th para; Wel it's better for people to find a place they can have fun, then to become frustrated like i am. And i agree, if my squad is top notch i don't mind if we lose. But if your team is all over the map and not on the objectives and your squad is all over the place doing nothing.....it's just like *sigh* *disconnect*