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  1. Tactical Ladder

    It would make a great addition to the engineer role for the conventional forces, seeing they use telescopic ladders frequently for urban operations.
  2. US Marines Faction!

    Game is based on standard infantry/army branch. Neither does the US Army use 100% same equipment as Marines do.
  3. AK74 vs M4/16 Recoil

    Multiple branches were involved in taking Crimea, we are playing standard infantry, not Special Forces. You still can obtain the 1P29/1P78(?) if you get the scoped rifleman class.
  4. Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Israel, Germany and Netherlands.
  5. Identify your targets, check your map, check for nametags and so on. Never had a issue identifying my targets, uniforms and weaponry that Militia is equipped with is way different than what RUSFOR is issued.
  6. Good communication between squad leaders, good stratergy and tactics will easily prevent the enemy stalling you at your first flag.
  7. Bolt sniper role?

    Bolt action/sharpshooter classes have been discussed in the past, fella. Use the search function.
  8. US Marines Faction!

    Quite sure it's been suggested before, correct me if I am in the wrong. However, what new would it bring? Different gear and weapons? Would rather see another Europoean faction.
  9. Fire-Team Leader Role

    Not really, a Squad consists of 9, split that into 2 fireteams and you get less weight on the Squad leader's shoulders plus you may use the 2 fireteams to your own advantage when assaulting a enemy position and putting tactics to use. Example; Alpha; Squad leader Automatic Rifleman Light Anti Tank Combat Medic Bravo; Fireteam leader Automatic Rifleman Rifleman Rifleman Total of 8, additional role can be put in such as LAT or Combat Medic. Just an example, roles can be changed on ofcourse.
  10. Thought someone would find it interesting, the chatter used for the Russian FOB in-game; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jkB5rZRBPWk
  11. Vice Squad leader

    Doesn't necessarily have to be the same functions as the Squad leader role, could have the option to put down sandbags, MG nests, razor wire, ladders etc, and being able to mark enemies on the map. Does require the fact that it's given to someone who is trustworthy and capable of the role as a second squad leader. I don't see why you're so negative to it, better organized if you wish to split into 2 fireteams and conduct a attack from two flanks or positions.
  12. Vice Squad leader

    I wouldn't mind, would be cool to have the actual Squad leader himself who leads the whole squad, then you have a Second squadlead with "less" authority than the Squad leader himself, this way you can split the squad into two fireteams (Alpha/Bravo). Squad leader and second squadlead can together discuss what they should do and how to get it done. So it would be great to have someone who's capable as second squad lead, who can take over if the actual squad leader himself goes down (temporarily) and knows what he's doing. Not to mention the points stated in OP post.
  13. So you're telling me Russians are trained to use American grade vehicles? Highly doubt it. The way vehicles work differ from others and a Technical isn't the same as a HMMW to be honest. It'll just look silly in my opinion, having a whole enemy squad driving around in their enemies vehicle.