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  1. A More Realistic SKS Reloading System Is Even Easier to Animate The bolt doesn't lock back on a partially empty magazine on an SKS, but I have a better way to animate the reloading of an SKS that is more realistic *AND* requires less animating 1. When you reload, you release the magazine "floor plate" for it to swing open, dumping all the ammo out, then closing it. 2. Pulling the bolt back will lock it back onto the magazine follower 3. It can be now loaded either with full stripper clips or if you're out of those, loose rounds, one by one 4. Loose rounds that you get from step 1 should able to be made into full stripper clips by pressing a button. Advantages: 1. Stripper clips you charge your rifle with can always be full, thus no need to animate partially full clips with anywhere from 1 to 9 rounds 2. Animation of loading loose rounds can be looped until the rifle is full, thus easier to animate 3. The ability to load loose rounds onto stripper clips can be reserved for when you have 10 or more loose rounds only, thus ensuring the condition for 1, that stripper clips are always full