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  1. Helicopter Joystick Support

    I use a TM Warthog throttle, TM T1600m Stick, TM pendular pedals and track IR5 for helicopters across various flight sims (DCS, Xplane11, Arma 3, Prepar3d and MS flight). Analogue on Collective (Throttle), Cyclic (Stick) and counter torque pedals is essential, same for curve options. These are basics needed for accurate control during flight. Head tracking is obviously needed for better situational awareness. Lastly I noticed the Black hawk does not feel as if it is standing on its wheels with the weight of the chopper(when landing) rather getting a floating effect. U might want to be a little more forgiving on damage on wheels because they are designed to take a beating.
  2. Good day gents and ladies Its been 2 years now since I got Squad alpha and actually stopped playing in March 2018. I'm aware of the size of the passionate Dev group and the fact that they work around the clock or Squad. Thank you for the amazing work, but where is the head tracking support? As infantry its way more immersive and practical. Please give us some Trackir support. I'm sure there's lots of people out there waiting for this... Waiting like a dog that saw a fresh lamb shank bone Panthera out