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  1. Beta 19 Released

    lock 'n load
  2. Maybe Squad doesn’t please you, that’s fine. But then again, nobody can please everyone, else there wouldn’t be so many damn conflicts on our green planet earth. Squad was never meant to be a PR clone. True, it’s supposed to be very similar, but yet it’s Squad and not PR2. The Devs put hundreds, if not thousands of hours of thought into the new mechanics, and are indeed involving the community voice in their decisions, as many changes during the course of the alpha have shown so far. As said you can’t make everyone happy, but t the end the responsibility lies with the Devs, and so they have to have the last say on how the game should look like after all. And thanks to your ‘sponsoring’ as u call it, we get a game with Squad that features mod development, so people can easily add their own creations and bend game mechanics as they like. It might not look to you that way but mod support isn’t something that is done over the night.
  3. https://joinsquad.com/2019/06/06/alpha-14-patch-notes/
  4. [WIP] Korengal Valley [Vanilla]

    Not just being awesome in doing hollywood animations, CodeRedFox sets new standards in the level department since his map release in PR v0.8: Korengal Valley, adding a new, super intersting approach of infantry and insurgency gameplay to Project Reality. Never has climbing been more challenging in a video game like on this map, but taking the rough way through the mountains was often worth it, since it has openend whole new tactics in terms of guerilla warfare. Despite having better equipment and resources, Korengal was a really tough map for Bluefor, and atleast for me, it also was the most fun map playing as insurgents. So naturally I had to check out the Squad version. Loaded into the new Korengal map for the first time. Got stunned by the insane, jaw-dropping level of detail. Took me a few seconds to close my mouth again, and the screenshot key heated up pretty quickly. But even after leaving the base, I had to stop every 50meters to have another photo session. I remember being overhelmed by the old PR Korengal back then, but this is just truly the next level. can't wait for the final release! Keep it up!
  5. v11 Testing!

    just letting u know that between v9 and v11 squad stepped up the visual and atmoshperic game alot for me and I just love it now! keep it up!
  6. January 2018 Recap

    good update and sexy new skins!
  7. November 2017 Recap

    smart guy who had this idea with the pre round prepare time. lookin forward to this!
  8. [MG] Monkey-Gamers Squadplay

    Nice to see you guys deploying here as well! Your BF4 server had the best public templay reputation ever, thus I'm really excitedthat you run a Squad server too now! Good Luck
  9. November 2016 Monthly Recap

    animation awesomness
  10. Sure, grew up with R6 and Ghost Recon back then and it was always a though challenge to win the first R6 jungle recon mission. R6 Raven Shield was the masterpiece of that series, then the gerne turned into nonstop action like rainbox six vegas or ghost recon advanced warfighter. However, if you compare the original R6 games to PR gameplay (what squad is based on obviously), PR still offers a way sweeter spot between arcade and realism gameplay. Thus, if Squad gets as slow as R6, I could imagine most people that came here for a PR successor would find the game to be too slow.
  11. September 2016 Monthly Recap

    the new buildings look really nice! also love the sky settings on this map
  12. Alpha Version 6 Released

    if you get killed while using the deployed MGs, are you wounded and reviveable or dead-dead?
  13. [RIP] Rusty In Places

    good fun on sumari yesterday. your server rocks, keep it up!
  14. March 2016 Recap

    probably the best article in a while!