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  1. Community Clan Fight Night

    ToG in Narva AAS v1
  2. Community Clan Fight Night

    ToG in Skorpo AAS v1
  3. Community Clan Fight Night

    ToG in Gorodok AAS v2
  4. Community Clan Fight Night

    ToG in Logar Valley AAS v1
  5. Community Clan Fight Night

    ToG in Sumari TC v1
  6. Community Clan Fight Night

    ToG in Chora AAS v1
  7. Squad Server Tools

    A place to deposit links to server tools that are available for the community. (Links and helpful infromation only people....conversation can be held in SQ Hosting discord). Thanks for your contributions.
  8. Welcome to the The Coalition Server (EU). A server collaboration between Opposing Forces, Those Other Guys, Hussaria and Fire/Team. Info: The Coalition was formed in November 2018 by ToG, OpFor, HSR and F/T with the aim of creating a server that gives players the freedom to play in their own way and not be restricted by too many rules but use guidelines instead to keep the games balanced and fair. Discord : https://discord.me/thecoalition Website : https://joinsquad.ninja Squad Forum : http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/34571-eu-the-coalition-server/ Donations: https://www.paypal.com/pools/c/89TQlG2g8t Rules: Play Fair - Anyone caught cheating, hacking, aimbotting, glitching or otherwise trying to counter the in-game physics or rules will be instantly banned and evidence shared with the wider community. Play Positive - Anyone caught intentionally sabotaging the teams objectives, including Intentionally TeamKilling, Spamming Voice Comms, wasting team assets etc will be heavily sanctioned. Play Together - Squad leaders must have and use microphones, no lone-wolfing, vehicles that require crewman kits require at least two people to operate, listen to your squad leaders orders. Failure to do so may result in a player being kicked. First named vehicle squad gets priority over that vehicle (e.g. TANK Squad, Logi Squad) Do not use Logistical Trucks as Taxis. Return them to main where possible (SLs are responsible for their usage).
  9. Community Clan Fight Night

    ToG Yehorivka AAS v3
  10. Petition to Limit Server Licences

    For me the most pertinent question is, "How many Admins you must have to cover this amount of Servers?" Surely the goal of the licensing system is to ensure a reasonably consistent gameplay experience (server performance, maps played and actively admins). So from purely an active admin point of view if you're talking about 10 servers then in order to cover the period when the server is active then you're looking at 5-10 admins per server (I assume that 10 people are not going to give up every evening of every week from now on to cover one server each so to cover absences and real life obligations for each you would need this amount). So you would need 50-100 people just to admin those servers and ensure a decent level of game play. I would applaud OWI for the approach that they have taken as community run servers are not the norm for most games these days and present additional challenges to manage but I'd say that it's a process that needs to be under constant review to ensure that the experiences that players (old and new) are getting is an enjoyable one and actively moderated.
  11. Community Clan Fight Night

    ToG in Kohat AAS v2
  12. Community Clan Fight Night

    ToG in Fool's Road AAS v3
  13. Community Clan Fight Night

    ToG in Kohat INS v1
  14. Community Clan Fight Night

    ToG in Fools Road AAS v3
  15. Community Clan Fight Night

    ToG in Narva AAS V3