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  1. Info updated
  2. My pleasure Heavymaxx. Just glad to see it getting good use on FC's great squad servers.
  3. ToG in Fools Road AAS 3
  4. Server Name: [ToG] Those Other Guys Server Links: About ToG: Those Other Guys is a new community of gamers based in the EU. Founded in 2016, we strive for serious play in a friendly way. We pride ourselves in knowing we are able to provide a great place to kick back and relax. Our aim is to produce a thriving community from all around the world, coming together to play squad, promoting team work and good communication and aiming for countless hours of fun. Servers Rules: Play Fair - Anyone caught cheating, hacking, aimbotting, glitching or otherwise trying to counter the in-game physics or rules will be instantly banned and evidence shared with the wider community. Play Positive - Anyone caught intentionally sabotaging the teams objectives, including Intentionally TeamKilling, Spamming Voice Comms, Camping Uncappable base etc will be heavily sanctioned. Play ToGether - Squad leaders must have and use microphones, no lone wolfing, listen to your squad leaders orders. Failure to do so may result in a player being kicked. Servers Report Form: To report trouble players, please email [email protected] or use the report-player channel in our Discord Servers Ban Appeals: For servers ban appeals, please email [email protected] Join us......fill out an application form on our website (
  5. Sounds like a plan. Won't make it myself but will pass this on. Cheers
  6. ToG in Logar PAAS
  7. ToG in Kokan AAS
  8. Hi Alex, Thanks for your feedback. We aim to have admins on the server during active times. My apologies there was no one available at the time of the issue. As the game develops our in game admin tool will allow us to mitigate problems like this however for the time being for anyone else encountering any problems on TAW servers please feel free to contact me directly at [email protected] I'd be more than happy to assist. There's also a player report form at the top of the page. We take all reports seriously and share bans with the rest of the community. Regards subtlerod
  9. TAW in Fool's Road AAS 3
  10. TAW in kohat INS
  11. TAW will be participating on our EU and NA servers. This sort of community lead initiative of fair play, conceptually, fits perfectly within our own code of ethics and sense of fair play. I'd personally like to thank all involved for bringing this excellent idea to fruition.