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  1. [RIP] Rusty In Places

    It is with great honour and joy that I'm proud to promote our very popular Skirmish server! [RIP] Rusty In Places UK/EU SQ#2 - Skirmish Maps ONLY Come join [RIP], Rusty In Places along side our very dedicated & loyal public players in some of the most intense & immersive action you'll find online. Somewhere when giving up even just that once could mean the difference between shear victory or bitter defeat! A great place to learn the game and take on roles such as Squad Leader in a New Player friendly environment where things are dialled back to basics in our Skirmish Only Server (Infantry only and on a couple of maps with some light armoured vehicles for a refreshing change of pace). This is also a great place for seasoned veterans to lead by example, hone their skills and sharpen their aim. Also be sure to join us every Friday evening for the legendary [RIP] Vs the World Special where you can take on the might of a clan. See you on the battlefield!
  2. [RIP] vs World Friday nights event

    ALPHA 13 HAS LANDED!! We're ready...are you? Come join in on both our public servers after 19:00bst for some closely fought battles, immersive action and competitive teamwork in Squad public servers. [RIP] Rusty In Places UK/EU SQ#1 & [RIP] Rusty In Places UK/EU SQ#2
  3. [RIP] Rusty In Places

    [RIP] is already getting some gametime under our belts with alpha 13. Come join us on our public servers to see what all the hype is about! [RIP] Rusty In Places UK/EU SQ#1 [RIP] Rusty In Places UK/EU SQ#2
  4. [RIP] vs World Friday nights event

    Here's a stream from my perspective, I'm not sure if anyone else caught some footage... Hollenfeuer Twitch Stream
  5. [RIP] vs World Friday nights event

    Well played Smee, it was a tough fight for sure. We had around 100 tickets left when we got to the final flags, but your team managed to neutralise our attack FOB’s and we had our logi’s either disabled or scattered around the battlefield. We broke like waves upon rocks on the solid defence on that last cap. Well played everyone.
  6. [RIP] vs World Friday nights event

  7. [RIP] Hollenfeuer Videos

  8. [RIP] Hollenfeuer Videos

    I've decided to open a topic to show my gameplay videos, some are funny short clips, others are full rounds from my perspective whilst playing alongside public player and fellow Clan members alike. All feedback is welcomed, early footage was edited on Windows Movie Maker Where as newer footage is through Sony Vegas and should be 1440p @ 60fps. Feel free to subscribe for more fun content coming thick and fast since the release of v12. Hollenfeuer Youtube Channel
  9. [RIP] vs World Friday nights event

    Friday has come around yet again, what better way to unwind from the stresses and worries of life than yelling at your monitor at complete strangers to rally together to overthrow a common enemy! Well, we think it’s a good idea anyway. Come join us on our public server for [RIP] Vs the World. Event starts at 19:00utc. [RIP] Rusty In Places UK/EU SQ#1
  10. [RIP] vs World Friday nights event

    It’s Friday!! Let’s all celebrate the start of the weekend and have a drink or two over some tough and memorable battles!! See you on the battlefield. [RIP] Rusty In Places UK/EU SQ#1
  11. [RIP] Hollenfeuer Videos

  12. [RIP] vs World Friday nights event

    Come one, come all... If you think you’re hard enough!! [RIP] Rusty In Places UK/EU SQ#1
  13. [RIP] Rusty In Places

    Come and witness the impressive scale of [RIP] Rusty In Places clan on our public servers on [RIP] Vs the World This is where we get to stack-up on one team every Friday and challenge all our worthy opponents. We are also actively recruiting for our match Platoon: The Warthogs To find out if you are eligible and have what it takes to be in one of the largest Clans in the Squad community drop an application in here. Minimum age 21 and no previous VAC bans. We are currently running TWO Public Squad servers [RIP] Rusty In Places UK/EU SQ#1 [RIP] Rusty In Places UK/EU SQ#2 Please feel free to check us out.... www.rustyinplaces.org
  14. [RIP] Hollenfeuer Videos

  15. [RIP] Hollenfeuer Videos

  16. [RIP] Hollenfeuer Videos

  17. [RIP] Hollenfeuer Videos

  18. [RIP] Hollenfeuer Videos

  19. [RIP] Hollenfeuer Videos

  20. [RIP] Hollenfeuer Videos

  21. [RIP] Hollenfeuer Videos

  22. [RIP] Hollenfeuer Videos

    I'll start with my top 5 vids on my channel...
  23. [RIP] Rusty In Places

    Thanks for the compliments. Glad you enjoy our servers. As with most empty servers, It just takes a few people to get it off the ground then it’s good to go. Although this server doesn’t have an infantry seeding map built in to the rotation, but we can look into it so it’s easier to get populated, rather than just a handful of people fighting over 5x5km maps.
  24. [RIP] Rusty In Places

    We are up and running with v12 and have a special dedicated server running MBT (Main Battle Tanks) maps only. Come join in!
  25. [RIP] Rusty In Places

    Attention all Squad players! Alpha version 11 has landed and [RIP] Rusty In Places are kicking things off hard. We have 2 public servers updated and running and looking for any new members wanting to join our Clan. Our only minimum requirements are over the age of 21, no previous VAC bans and that’s it! Register your interest at: [RIP] Rusty In Places