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  1. The AK iron sights

    Hmm, they work perfectly fine for me, they're uploaded to imgur. But I'll add a URLs as well.
  2. Hey everyone. Right off the bat, I'm probably going to be a minority here, but still - I'd like to ask what I'm about to ask. The new (since the V10, not really new as of now) AK-series iron sights became just a godawful blurry mess with a too thin and a too high front post and super-wide V-notch on a rear sight. Needless to say - to some (mostly the people from BF/COD communities i suppose) folk it kinda helped and they liked the changes. Maybe. But as a person who switched to Squad from Operation Flashpoint (the original one, not the joke of a game from Codemasters) and Arma series in search of a hardcore and realistic, yet a bit faster-pasted gameplay - it really ruined the AK experience for me. It became extremely hard to aim with "new" AK's iron sights and, personally, I prefer them over any red dots. But since V10- I just can't use my beloved Iron sights. Putting aside the fact, that those sights drifted waaaay too far from a realistic depiction of an actual AK iron sights, the new sights are really hard to use. You have to aim to the tip of that ridiculously high and thin front post, which in most cases is barely visible. Now, as a reference I'm going to attach an example of what an actual AK sight looks like and an example of how AK sights look currently in Squad. Bet you're gonna notice an extreme difference: IRL sights < clickable (don't worry, it's a mockup AK-105, I'm not putting anyone in danger because of aiming outside my window) Squad sights < clickable Now. I understand that, most people don't care about realistic depiction of sights in video games (unfortunately), but, perhaps, you can add an option of switching between pre-V10 and post-V10 AK iron sights. Or just make AK sights more realistic. Please. Thank you in advance! PS: I've added the pole, just to see how many players support my thoughts.
  3. September 2017 Recap

    Since you mentioned Fallujah - when should we expect the Crayon eating most lethal window licking forces on the planet to appear in Squad? And will they be in the authentic early 2000s-ish equipment? Like M16A2s, woodland vests and carriers, desert MARPAT and stuff? That would be so lit.
  4. Alpha 7.7 Released

    I sincerely don't understand why people are complaining about performance of a game that is still in deep Alpha stage of development when it clearly states every now and then while loading the map: "Features are subject to change." And all of us who bought the game were warned that the game is in Alpha and full of bugs ang glitches. The reason why I bought the game is to support developers. And I don't expect game to be developed faster just because i paid for it. It's just a way to say "thank you and keep up the good work" to the devs.