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  1. [TAW] Looking For EU players

    Hello, I am GobbledUrGoozle and I am the DO of TAW Squad division. We are looking to rebuild our EU side and need your help doing it. We need steady, solid, and reliable members to get this up and running once again. Perks of joining TAW you become a member of a great gaming community of over 2500 people. There is always someone around to play and help you out with whatever it is that you need. TAW does require some commitment and once you apply, that will be gone over in further detail. We are looking for not only members but leaders as well. We go by a Military style CoC structure that works out perfectly for us in the Squad division. I am available most times. You can send me an email at Sethwhit1@icloud.com or add me on Steam at GobbledUrGoozle. We are a community looking forward to the Re-Birth of the EU side and can not wait to meet with you all! I have provided a summary below of what TAW is and what we are about. Thank you; [TAW] GobbledUrGoozle [SQ DO] From /r/SquadUp TAW is a gaming community started in 2001 that has divisions for dozens of games and over 2000 active members. The TAW Squad Division is made up of ~40 gamers, and we are growing fast. We play Squad together pretty much on a daily basis, but we also venture out and try new games together to spice things up. TAW is all about structure. We make sure to follow the Chain of Command so that everybody stays in the loop and plays a part in our community. There's plenty of chances to take on roles of leadership in TAW, if that's what you're looking for. We have two mandatory events each week at set times in order to get as many of us together and make something great happen. In addition to the mandatory events, we have a scheduled optional. Besides the scheduled events, at least some of us will play together daily. For the competitive side of things, we try to play at least bi-weekly in the North American Squad clan event, and we are currently playing in the International Squad Knockout Tournament which is currently taking place now and into the next several months. We also randomly will schedule scrimmages with other clans when we have time. For the less competitive side, we're fine with kicking back and playing with pubs any time. We enjoy playing a proactive role in the community by helping new players learn the game. What TAW provides for you: Dedicated stable TeamSpeak server Chicago-based server Structured command staff that will do its utmost to help you Family friendly environment Weekly practices Scrimmages and tournaments Promotions, rankings, awards and possibility of leadership roles within TAW What TAW requires of you: You must be 16 years of age or older. You must be interested in team-based play. You must have a working microphone and Teamspeak. You must be willing to commit to attending two trainings per week. Practices & Activity: TAW holds SQUAD mandatory practices twice per week. In addition SQUAD Division members play the game daily TAW places a strong emphasis on attendance and activity. Real life always comes first. TAW has an easy excusal system which allows for members to miss events due to real life. Check us out at taw.net, and submit an application here. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions! KyleC Division Commander GobbledUrGoozle Division Officer TAW Squad Division ALSO: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/11082-taw-the-art-of-warfare/?tab=comments#comment-164367