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  1. New Map: Grozny

    I sure love those "mixed maps" server(s).
  2. What does this game do better than PR?

    Immersion through sound is the first thing I think of. Anders has done an amazing job so far and really leaves me happy with the state of the sound quality in the game.
  3. People get pissed off at far more than they should. I will never forget how Six Days in Fallujah should've been given a chance but was shut down. Let's make the US Army faction just "Blufor" because there might be an American out there who's lost someone overseas that is absolutely positive that Squad is mocking the soldier's existence and trivializing it in a video game. Thinking of it now, what stops Squad from being banned anyways if someone adds a Chinese faction with mods?

    When I'm playing as the insurgents on Al Basrah, what's stopping me from shooting that goober in the distance with ABUs when I'm wearing something else? He doesn't look like most of the other guys on my team. He's even wearing a part of a Western uniform. The current iteration of Squad even shoves it right in your face by showing the soldiers on the first screen upon entering a match.

    If one of the developers were to read the suggestion and think "Wellllllll that sounds great but people would be too dumb to make it work" I'd be disappointed. You can only dumb down IFF so much before it's completely on the player to deal with. I don't know how friendly fire ever happens in a game like Squad where you have an instant perfect accuracy map to tell you if you're looking at a friendly or not.
  6. It's more like your neighbour uses your car's image in his game/movie. People watching this movie or playing this game go "Oh hey, Titan's car is cool in neighbour's game/movie. I want one." It's why I think Arma was always silly having the big TRIJICON ACOG license on their splash screen. If I was an optic manufacturer I'd want my product in every game and movie I could shove it into.
  7. Anti-personnel mines

    I'm still skeptical about reliance on mods. I can't wait to run into Arma issues where I join a server that has Gary and Big Red but I get a failure to connect because I don't have some dumb cosmetic mod like a shemagh recolour that the server is running.
  8. Anti-personnel mines

    I will never give up the idea of VBIEDs for insurgents but some members of the development team are absolutely opposed to it for unknown reasons. It's the itch that will never be scratched. There was nothing more concerning as Blufor in PR when fighting insurgents than Big Red or Gary and they will always feel like they're missing something.
  9. movement in ADS

    Not a big fan of LMB+ADADADADADADADADADADAD most shooters have.
  10. Snipers

    Inb4snipercomments I don't see why the American and Russian DMRs wouldn't have bipods for them. Pretty well every picture you see of the M110 has a bipod but I'm not sure if the SVDM has phased out the SVD yet for the Russians. It's hard enough to get every Chris Kyle in the squad to move with my guys, I imagine it would be even harder once they deploy their bipod. I'll tell you the reasoning behind the full sized rifle calibers not being a one hit kill. Getting hit with the DMR and not immediately bandaging yourself is essentially dying in one hit. Either the shooter does a follow up or the guy ducks behind cover and patches himself up. If it was a one hit kill center mass it would be honestly unfair to the rest of the firearms like the PKM and 240 not to kill in one hit either and you're starting to make intermediate calibers insufficient even in ranges where they should outperform the DMRs and MMGs.
  11. Insurgency

    It doesn't translate well without the points/reveal system and VBIEDs.
  12. Definitely on Tallil. We were doing Invasion and I was leading a motorized American squad on offense, there was non-stop shooting and grenade throwing from one side of the road at the other on one of the early points. The guys in my squad had their shit together and everyone did the whole "Come on boys, PUSH" and we cross the road together and clear out the Russians defending. There was no fob set up yet and everyone was completely empty of supplies so we mounted up and I told my guys to take a 5 minute piss/water break as I drove back to main to resupply us all while everyone in the squad was saying "That was the best firefight I've had in the game" and "That was ****ing awesome!" I wish I had the full recording instead of a couple shadowplay minutes.
  13. Your head's in the clouds. I don't like the UI because I would do it differently. I'm going to link the picture for you again because the UI tells you everything you need to know. Short of being blind you have absolutely no excuse of not understanding what you need to do.
  14. You've put a whole lot more effort into your forum posts than you have reading the text that greets you when you join a server. It tells you what you need to do. I dislike the UI but it still works.
  15. I'm really disappointed. The UI very clearly says what the match is about and the little question mark tooltips at the top tell you what everything means. I would prefer they use the old loading image that couldn't tell you in any larger text about the objectives but they probably figured it's shown enough times to tell you what's going on. There's a little dropdown of all available spawns that you would have seen too. For the majority of the community, you'd have no issue finding someone in any squad who will tell you what you need to do. There's an old lesson I learned from playing through Half Life 2's developer commentary years ago that stuck with me. In Episode 2's underground area, one of them explained that the level had to be dumbed down considerably because too many people would go around in circles and get confused without a clear indicator of where they needed to go. All they needed to do was go a different direction instead of running in circles. There's a limit to how extreme the handholding should be in a game. There's enough information in Squad to give you the most basic information to live off of and that's how it should be.
  16. Ammo crates and explosions

    Ammo cooking off is a very real danger. Moreso just don't stand close than killing you. Vehicles cooking off I wouldn't want to be anywhere near though. Here's an example of ammunition cooking off in a fire. Bits of shit flies everywhere and you have the occasional brass embedded into the walls they set up but the gas wants to take the lazy way out and will burst the walls of a cartridge instead of propelling a bullet. There's an example out there of some goober's hand that tried to use a .50 cartridge as a hammer, it will hurt if you're too close.
  17. Remove K/D statistics

    Hardly. I don't care how many kills my team's Bradley crew has if my medic ass has had to walk all game because no transport is around.
  18. Why I dont want Helicopters

    The difference is you have an inconceivable number of people who want to show you how great of a pilot they are and will beg you to take a ride with them.
  19. The lethal radius is a little smaller than what it should be.
  20. Ability to change audio device in-game

    You reminded me that there was a problem I experienced with this too. A few sessions ago Squad thought it was a great idea to use my Vive microphone instead of my standard headset. I had to disable the Vive in my hardware after exiting the game just to get the game to select my default choice. A drop-down of detected hardware would prevent some headaches from others having a similar issue. Only happened once though, and it was long after sessions of swapping between VR and not. Just one of those occasions where nothing changes and problems appear.
  21. Remake

    Which is a real shame. Wasn't a fan of stuff like HOG MIXED maps being comprised of Muttrah, Fallujah, Kashan. I thuroughly enjoyed maps like Nuijamaa
  22. What makes a good SL

    What's most important is someone who wants to have fun. After that is someone who understands what leadership of a handful of guys means. Most of the time if I'm not leading the squad the guy either tries to micromanage too much and has his plate too full or someone who doesn't really want to lead at all. You tell your guys your goal, the general idea of what you're all going to do and let them figure out the best steps as they're working toward that goal. This may even surpass wanting to have fun, good Lord please talk to other squad leads.
  23. Once the flag is lost, the defending team needs to have an idea of where they need to be ahead of time. The offensive momentum would be too great if it weren't the case. They have their shit together enough to take flag 1, what is stopping them from keeping that going to flag 2? If anything it should be the attacking team that doesn't know what the next area is.
  24. The same sort of idea as a man getting knocked over by a bullet when the person firing said bullet just gets a little push into his shoulder. Primarily surprise mixed with carried weight. I'd disagree to getting knocked over by the explosion of a frag or 20mm-40mm shell if you were otherwise unscathed. I'd rather that sort of effect is reserved for ~120mm or 155 + 500lb bomb like the commander picture teased. A heavy suppression specifically caused by these that lasts longer than standard suppression would be a compromise between those wanting some extra oomph and those not wanting loss of control of their character.