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  1. Not when it takes so many just to stop a BTR or Stryker. Without being able to disable them there is no other way to fight them than to try to coordinate with the other LAT to have a chance of stopping it. I like the idea of making it not take up the support slots too. Something too essential to not choose is a bit of a bummer. Of course then we're moving away from having the majority of the squad being standard riflemen.
  2. For what purpose? The M249 is extremely easy to shoot standing.
  3. I actually made a video specifically for this.
  4. This is the only one worth watching.
  5. There is quite literally nowhere else to complain about this. Months ago some of my friends got Squad to join me in playing the game since I made it sound very appealing to them. One of these friends tried shooting his rifle in the spawn point and he was banned from the server after someone complained. No team damage, no teamkills, just complaints. I won't bother naming it here since that'd get this locked. Whatever, play on a different server right? Every damned time we try playing together we need to get this guy to trial and error join servers to see if he's banned from them until he gets in one. The worst part about this is his ban appeal has been sitting untouched in their forums over these months. How is this acceptable that he can be permanently banned from a server (which ends up being many) over an unbearably trivial reason?
  6. Might almost be too much for Squad. In Arma2 Mk19 is absolutely horrifying to play against if you can't get the gunner right away. But that's what early phases of the game are for though, right? Could try it out, this would be pretty nice to hear ingame though.
  7. Detailed Breacher Kit Proposal

    Highly disagree having a shotgun has your only firearm as a breacher. Having the shotgun take the place of a secondary with your team's rifle as your primary would not only be better gameplay wise, it makes more sense that a guy wouldn't only be issued a shotgun.
  8. That you saying a leaf sight for aiming your grenade launcher getting in the way was absolutely ridiculous.
  9. Well that's real cute seeing as we're not talking about Quake or Counterstrike. Oh shit guys, I can't aim because the sight is in my way.
  10. Joke's on you, that is how you're going to have to aim as a grenadier. I'm excited they're making a functional leaf sight. I don't understand why you have a problem with it. That really obstructs your view so much it's irritating?
  11. This is exactly it. The little knob to the top right you'd click clockwise a couple times and then you'd be able to see it against the bright parts.
  12. Newbie Speaking Out To The Community!

    Could be worse. I have a friend who on his first round playing the game shot in main and he was put on that cross server ban list. No chance in getting off of that.
  13. The number of times I used something like a claymore in PR has been about 0. I think that's partially due to the kit being something you need to request. I'm all for the idea of operator detonated explosives for anti personnel but not the fictional laser claymores. If victim operated antipersonnel mines exist it would be best for them to be on the redfor side, making it another tool for the asymmetrical equipment aspect. It would also be preferable that they would not be tripped by teammates. This works just fine in Rising Storm Vietnam and removal of spotted ones in Squad could be as simple as using the shovel.
  14. Recoil mode

    He's talking about this post farther up in the thread. If you don't understand what he means, when you shoot ingame your view pivots up with the rifle. In the video, the PPSH lifts up a bit but keeps your view where you're originally looking. After getting to handle an M4A1 recently I'm not sure how I feel about it. You will keep your face and upper torso with the rifle as it's lifting slightly but I bet in the game's upcoming patch I bet it will feel better from a gameplay perspective and that's more important.
  15. Scrambling teams

    I'd only support scrambling if I had some way to keep my few friends on the same team as me with some party system. Scramble the parties, no big deal. I don't want to have to jump teams to get to my friends again.