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  1. Fix M68 sights

    How so?
  2. That's a huge worry for me. Talented guy X goes and makes the most amazing Chinese military units for the game, everything complete. How does a server use what he puts up and how do you play on that server? Are you going to have to check something on the workshop and then scour for servers running it? Am I going to have to find a server that runs whatever mods and then only ever go to that one server so I can get to play as Finland? Will it be too much of a hassle to make sure I have everything to join a different server running whatever mods in its list?
  3. Arcady Milsim? Suggestions.

    Infantry-wise maybe. It's far too easy as a rifleman with optics. However with vehicles it's completely different. It is important that vehicles are scary in Squad. When a BTR rolls around and there's no LAT nearby I go "Oh shit it's time to hide". That should happen. When vehicles can be disabled (since that's planned) you will have a beautiful balance in gameplay where vehicles are scary to you but you are also scary to vehicles. It will feel like they aren't that untouchable anymore.
  4. Beware, onbase internet is often terrible and far overpriced.
  5. Post Scriptum for Squad Founders

    That is really cool. Very happy I supported you guys way back.
  6. I've always loved my T97 just because it's so different. The actual modern equipped Chinese military has some pretty neat stuff. Just hope you're not the less important Chinese military that gets Type 81 rifles instead.

    None of it matters because the guys who use mortars are often too dumb to spread their shots. As long as the first one didn't hit you, none of them will.
  8. If you or I searched hard enough maybe a year or so ago I believe I mentioned the idea of having a USA militia sort of faction so you could even have some sort of Red Dawn or civilian vs government scenario happening. The only problem would be AT and you'd have to make some sort of fluff like "Oh these are captured things".
  9. No kidding. This is the kind of thing we're thirsty for, moreso than the McKenzies and a 6pack of beer. Why keep it so secretive? There's not even an announcement on the forums of a stream. I find a post on Reddit about it before it's posted here, that's really dumb.
  10. Why not have some fun alternate universe fun and have USA vs UK? No reason why you can't have two Western nations fighting each other for once in a game.
  11. Are we talking about how finicky it is to start patching someone up or the animation of applying a bandage? I enjoy that everything takes some time to happen. You'll need to be more specific, what doesn't belong animation wise? I can't think of anything.
  12. Bolt sniper role?

    Having even less people working objectives/sticking with their squad and even more people with magnified optics is still a terrible idea. Won't change.
  13. You're interpreting it wrong. He's understandably upset because it's not correct.
  14. Mod Integration With The Core Game

    I remember there was a beautiful BTR one of the users here made and offered to the team long ago. I can't remember if they didn't take it because of a rights conflict or if it was something else. Also I really want to play as Finland. Perkele
  15. Mogadishu, Somalia?

    Ramiel in PR was made with Operation Gothic Serpent in mind. https://www.realitymod.com/mapgallery/#!/ramiel/gpm_cq/128 It worked out fairly well. I'll save you the inevitable 5-10 replies telling you that it would need to be a mod because it's too proprietary to be made by Offworld.