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  1. Could be the frames on the camera, powder burning a little differently? Should be seeing a flash most of the time.
  2. I remember the rank system being in early iterations of PR. (Not by choice) You'd hear that damned drumroll every game. Did you bump the wrong thread? It's completely different to what you posted.
  3. Fun fact is it's raised when someone looks down their sights too. I'd much rather rifles be at the low ready most of the time.
  4. In their kickstarter they posted this.
  5. #1 would be more for if the whole dragging thing was put in. "Oh geez, you're a foot away from the wall bud but tough luck I can't move you to make sure you don't get hit." #2 I completely understand what you're getting at. There's literally no reason to worry about rushing a guy in a building since your medic can just pick you up after. No big deal, I lose no tickets on our team because I get picked back up but that guy dropped three of us and he can't get revived.
  6. It kills me when someone calls out that they "see a tank" when they're talking about the little MTLB.
  7. One of the top choices for a modern non-restricted rifle yes.
  8. It is absolutely fascinating to see out of place weapons in an irregular force. Wouldn't be hard for Czech weapons to find their way a couple countries over.
  9. It is always fun to use guns in a game that you own. I'd run around in Squad with a cz75 and vz58 all day if I could. It would be neat for them to have a slot for a different kit like that similar to how insurgents have the G3 slot.
  10. See, I really like that. I'm sure it would be super easy to make an inventory slot for holding a magazine and similar to bandaging someone else, you would lose the magazine and your friend would gain a magazine. The part that's really cool about it is this works for automatic riflemen from every side so it would be a feature that everyone benefits from. RPK automatic riflemen could get a standard sized 30 round from a rifleman on the Russian side M249 automatic riflemen could get a stanag from literally everyone on the American team Militia would be applicable most of the time unless they spawn with an American weapon Insurgent would be applicable some of the time.
  11. Donetsk airport comes to mind.
  12. Finally you understand, I've got a really big one and when I see the really small one ingame it really throws off my immersion because I know that's not what mine looks like. And mine's the real deal.
  13. God forbid people have an interest in seeing things done properly or having little touches added. First thing that comes to mind (but not the only one) was someone saying something about gas from the muzzle of a rifle kicking up dust and dirt from walls and window sills and Bruno shows up and goes "Oh hey, good idea" and we see that implemented shortly after. If something is done nice enough it doesn't have to be a placeholder or an unimportant and not worth changing part later. Having placeholders or "it's too small to change" for everything ends up making more work in the long run since you're redoing a bunch of things you could've done in the first go.
  14. Give it a lockout time. Team Blufor takes the last point and an announcement shows up on the top of the screen: OPFOR HAS FIVE MINUTES TO REGAIN CONTROL OF FLAG X They don't cap it? Game over.