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  1. Some New Nations Idea

    Something OPFOR. The MEC from PR are a good example. It's a fictional but familiar military with a different feel to how they play. Adding something like them would be a big change if not just for the fact they have battle rifles (G3 variants) as their standard issue gun. More specifically for a named military something like Iran would be cool because they have a mix of Eastern and Western equipment. Also, China. I've posted a few times before how China would be a great faction because they have a very large inventory of Chinese designed and produced equipment making them different from just another Russian-equipped faction.
  2. Neglect and a lack of care

    One day we'll get to run around with our dressed up AK74s.
  3. Why don't you like it? As Geebus says, there are many windows and walls in Squad where you need to stand to shoot over them to get a good angle which ends up putting you in a bad spot for how exposed you are. Lots of walls where a hole is just a bit too high or low to crouch and shoot through. Doesn't have to be a milsim game to want to pick how high or low your stance is.
  4. BMP-1 Vs BMP-2

    Looks like you got the old baitnswitch
  5. It's called "Height over bore". Here's an optic on a rifle of mine to give an exaggerated instance of what's happening. You see the top line, the bullet travels the bottom line.
  6. Should implement for everyone’s sake

    Would look cool initially but something being in the way for player 1 and not for player 2 isn't fun gameplay wise. I remember that was an issue long ago for Rainbow Six Siege when I played where for one guy the window boards may be blown out but the other guy's boards didn't fall entirely. Guy1 can see straight through the window and kill guy2 when guy2 sees a boarded window.
  7. Remove forced Tracers from SL kits

    The tracers used for modern ammunition now have a delayed effect to their burn where it's far more difficult to know where the bullet came from.You get the bonus of walking your shots in without being given away at the same time.
  8. (Nani!?) Hip fire is weird [not normal!]

    If you have played Tarkov you can see where there's a danger line that can be crossed regarding point shooting being too accurate. Insurgency and Sandstorm have a perfect box where the point of aim wanders based on movement. Point shooting is acceptable for close quarters shooting where the need to fire first comes before you follow up with aimed shots. It's easy-ish to shoot in the area where you want to hit without aiming IRL but obviously not anywhere near as accurate as aiming. If Squad had point shooting like Insurgency over just forcing the aim off the center that would be best but would probably require a huge rework.
  9. There's nothing you can do other than have your voice drop in a couple years. It's not something that is going to go away any time soon, sorry dude. You'll just have to shrug it off until then. It's not something that I had to deal with because in your place I would've been playing with something like Roger Wilco was just becoming a thing. Tough it out, it's not worth quitting if you like the game.
  10. Insurgency gamemode , we need it!

    I don't know if you've played PR's insurgency before but it has a whole lot more going for it. With VBIEDs and the civvie class you feel like there's an actual asymmetrical fight going on between the two teams instead of one team having APCs and tanks and the other not.
  11. Insurgency gamemode , we need it!

    That would mean Gary and Big Red would need to exist and maybe a civvie class and crazy spawn timers for blufor.
  12. M2 .50 Reload

    Video for example.
  13. (Nani!?) Hip fire is weird [not normal!]

    I don't like how that explanation works. A height over bore effect shouldn't be happening with the center of the screen, only when actually aiming from the sights. If anything the loose deadzone sort of aiming that some games is the way to go but point shooting being consistently way low is bizarre.
  14. Quick search turned up nothing but I could've sworn it was brought up before. I'd like to know if there has been a mention by developers to enable using your kit from vehicles when riding as a passenger? Shooting, healing, throwing grenades, using launchers (with backblast still existing). Firing from vehicles fits an insurgent lifestyle and being able to do something from the back of a truck or in a helicopter at the doors would be nice.
  15. I've said before that there would be a great Red Dawn feeling from having a USA Militia vs Russia in Squad. The lack of plentiful automatic firearms could be compensated with most if not all the USA militia having access to optics for literally every gun they have. The only problem would be any AT which would have to be some sort of make-believe captured equipment to make them a viable faction. It would be fantastic.