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  1. BTR-82 Scope

    I think the real optic has the lines scroll with ranging? I'm completely basing this off of Arma, I can't find anything using the Goggler.
  2. Army hand gestures

    If anything you could make it a Brothers in Arms sort of thing when the lead gives attack orders. Only in something like Onward have hand signals ever been useful for me, something you can make up as you go and people have an idea what you're trying to get across.
  3. Historical accuracy in war games

    For and against. Clearly the biggest reason I'm against the idea of being historically inaccurate is those that don't particularly know the history but are playing a game will think that's how it was. Stupid stuff like the newer WWII Call of Duty where Kar98 rifles have trench mags or Germans were using aircraft mounted MGs instead of MG34 or MG42. I'm trying to think of any reason to say I'm for it other than just making it interesting enough to be a game. I think Red Orchestra 2 is the best adaptation of a WWII game (at least until Post Scriptum gets farther along in development) for fun and historically accurate. If you're going to go so far as how bad the new Battlefield is, don't pretend it's based off of WWII, just make them completely different. I don't want some bullshit halfassed "WWII like" game.
  4. Do the insurgents really have marpat now?
  5. Whether intended or not it seems OWI tends to have interesting details to notice. Just how close are we to unannounced content then?
  6. Personally, I think the next faction should be China

    I don't know how you can find the Chinese boring for a game. As long as we're not talking about reserve units China has an impressive lineup of domestically designed equipment. I always mention how great it would be to see Japan or Korea for once in a shooter but quite a few things they have even are variants of American technology.
  7. Battlefield V

    I remember something years ago about DICE saying “We don’t ever want to charge for our maps and insisted to EA that this attitude was crucial when it came to keeping our community happy and playing together”. Watch how long that lasts. How people support terrible games like any new AAA titles and give them more money to half-assed put together a rehash of last year's model is beyond me.
  8. Japanese or chinese faction ?

    Somewhere around here there's some threads about China/Japan/Korea. I will always support the idea of having uncommon Blufor like Japan and Korea in an FPS. Their mix of unique equipment and some based off of other country's designs would be great.
  9. Increase penetrative damage for explosive weapons

    I absolutely hate Al basrah for the sole reason of people posted up in the buildings are a pain to evict. If they're not on the flag, that's fantastic since you can just go around but often it's so bunkered up you can't get in there. Mortars as a counter if you can hit the roof should work.
  10. M16A2 for insurgent forces

    Something to keep in mind is they often have captured weapons and equipment. There's at least four videos I know of where a group of 8 or 10 guys go and walk up to a Saudi outpost mid day and kill all of the Saudi's inside because they're all sleeping or doing anything other than sentry duty and by the end of the video all the barefoot guys have boots and M16 or G36 rifles.
  11. That was something fun with Arma. As long as the process to put an image into the game is a pain in the ass, nobody really bothers to put the time in to have a vulgar picture for a patch.
  12. Habs are great when the entire match takes place between two flags.
  13. Personally, I think the next faction should be China

    There's a lot of untapped nations from that area that would be interesting to see. Both Korea and Japan have a large portion of domestically produced equipment and some variations of American equipment. Also those Sexy K2 and Type89 Rifles. China would be a great OPFOR addition.
  14. Some maps we currently have are far too large to cross on foot in a reasonable time. You have three options available. Run on foot Take truck with your squad Hitch a ride with armor Running works but you'll take ten minutes of running to get to where you need to be. Taking a truck works even better but if you get killed while dismounted that truck is far out of reach. Riding with an APC is just as effective as taking a truck but even better since it can help when you're at your destination. Your attitude with assets like an APC are what kills the concept of squad. People going off and doing their own thing in a team game is absolutely less desirable than playing together regardless if whether their playing in solitude wins the match or not.
  15. Why M4 firing modes so inconsistent still???

    It works on a cam like a ratchet wrench. If you don't do the full three it doesn't cycle yet. If it is shooting two with you tapping the button, you're either holding it a hair too long when you're tapping it or it really is a bug.