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  1. That nobody plays medic. When I'm not SL I end up playing as medic so there's a chance the squad isn't going to fall apart. Can't remember the last time I played as LAT or grenadier.
  2. Will Squad introduce airstrikes?

    Tell me how much fun you'd have running around as an insurgent while an AH-64 or Mi-28 lights you up with 30mm from 2km away with FLIR? Maybe you're lucky and get an SA-7. It will be just as fun when you have an MBT skirting the edge of the map keeping as much of a distance as possible from danger.
  3. PR Vets, vote here.

    Exactly this. If you didn't have an MBT it was time to take a break for a round.
  4. Will Squad introduce airstrikes?

    I'll tell you why it's important that we don't get AI airstrikes. With players you have a chance of error by the person's actions. Let's talk in terms of say, dropping an unguided bomb. So this player can take too long to take advantage of a target sitting still, they can miss their target by enough that they don't kill or injure anyone, they can be stopped before getting to where they need to be... Lots of things can go wrong. Computers are good at getting things done how they're told to. It's going to hit the mark every time you want it to. How do you counter this? Computer has some deviation to where its payload hits? Do you make it go off target once in a while? You didn't kill the enemy squad with that airstrike because the game decided the numbers say miss this time :^) There's no fun way to make the AI way work.
  5. M110 - Awfully weak

    So think of it this way. In this video in Arma3 I used a DMR that can kill in a single center mass shot. Would you like this kind of gameplay in Squad? I think engagements already end up being over too fast in Squad.
  6. I'll have to listen for it next time. All I can recall ever hearing is just everything being muffled.
  7. The focus makes you a superhuman

    The problem the focus is that since you have so many optics available it makes being in the open at any time unsafe. The game would be a lot nicer if engagements from long distance didn't end so quick because a guy with an Acog can make his sway disappear every time he wants to shoot.
  8. Who doesn't? I genuinely don't know what sound you're talking about. I can't think of any ringing that's in the game.
  9. Compass?

    Is it possible you've changed your resolution so it's cutting off the bottom of your display?
  10. You're the same guy that does the stuff for Tarkov?
  11. Anders Feedback

    Since you're spot on with the stuff you do I am sure you know enough that once there's that click there's no more click click click after more pulls of it being empty. Always looking forward to it.
  12. It would be really nice for a BTR or Stryker driver to drop a crate per resupply at base. Just enough to top off an entire squad once per crate.
  13. Make 7.62 Great Again!

    Before I read the rest of your post I thought you were talking about 7.62x39 The general idea with the absolute minimum number of shots to kill being 2 is rifles that kill in one shot would cause a terrible balance (since Squad is gameplay above all else). With the bleeding system you force the guy to bandage himself immediately or die. Even though it takes you the same number of hits, you're still doing more damage per shot which gives him less time to deal with his bleeding before he's out. Don't worry, I love my big boy battle rifles too but you don't want Squad gameplay where a guy on the other team center mass shoots you once and you're out.
  14. V10 M68 Red Dot Placement

    I'm pretty sure the American military zeroes their M68s to 300m. I just found some edited one. The idea is you have the target at a certain distance when zeroing and that silhouette is man sized at 300m.
  15. weapon animations?

    You know, I love that those are in Tarkov but there is no use to them other than "Look what I can do". In Squad you do have a sort of a magcheck by the colour of the rectangle changing on the HUD as you fire. The problem with the reloads in Tarkov is the quicker reload is hardly any quicker.