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  1. Yeah. We ran on donations while we were in development before our kickstarter. Now we are live, on steam, and for sale... donations just don't make sense. We really appreciate your support though! If you do want to throw money our way, the best method for that is to buy a copy of the game and give it away to a friend. That way we get another player as well!
  2. Physics is very heavy on the server. That's why you are seeing rubber banding. We, unfortunately, do not live in a world where we can just throw in all kinds of little things like that. Eventually, there will just be too many wrecks with physics running and the server (and your client) will just have low FPS.
  3. We've talked about being able to use your shovel on them in the future
  4. Not if you are doing Dist(x2 - x1)
  5. Sqrt(x^2 + y^2 + z^2)
  6. Send an email to [email protected], preferably with the kickstarter confirmation code or from your kickstarter email.
  7. I've been following the VoxelFarm blog ( ), and this technology is really cool. It's even got a UE4 plugin! I'd love to do something like a competitive space engineers style game. You get put into a procedural map, build ships of some kind (space ships? boats? airships?) while controlling territory for your team. The goal of each "round" would be to take a massive capture zone from the other team... but since you need to build and stuff, this would take weeks. Kinda like Planetside 1 style where you can push deep into enemy territory and get close to winning in a game. I think a discreet end condition is what the survival/building genre needs. I think there isn't that much of a resistance to reseting progress if an objective is achieved. You could do some account progression, but you don't have to to have a ton of fun growing a character over a few weeks, achieving a major objective (or losing it), and reseting, shuffling, then getting a new map to fight on.
  8. vehicles

    To pre-empty anyone who sees the "Fix" in that thread... this is what the "Low Quality Sound" option does that we added in Alpha 6. It obviously doesn't fix every issue.
  9. Yeah, it's very unlikely we'll do anything real-world related next. We are a creative bunch, and we have a lot of cool ideas and technology available to us.
  10. You can safely delete all of the logs.
  11. Wait until the Alpha 7 SDK comes out then mod them in
  12. vehicles

    You found that gem? Are you secretly part owner and founder of Bluedrake's youtube channel?
  13. vehicles

    That was Drav. We all got a good chuckle out of that comment too.
  14. vehicles

    Main reason it was deleted is because there are a number of small issues that make vehicles look less than finished (because, well, they aren't finished). For example, the BTR had all of it's seats incorrectly configured so there were a bunch of floating black boxes where the player seat positions were. There were also a large number of physics freakouts, most of which have been fixed already. All in all, we are still working on Vehicles. You will see them soon enough!
  15. He needs to redeem the key first, then link his account. The link checks for the founder 'DLC' (we had to make it a DLC because of how Steam works) and if you own it, it grants you the founder tag.