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  1. I have the same Issue but with a intel processor,and nvidea GPU the screen frezzes for like 15 secs then comesback. my specs: i7 4770 gtx 1060 16GB ram on ssd
  2. Hello, i don't know if this suggestion has already been made but anyways. It would be nice to realocate the "promote to squad leader button" and the "kick from squad" button, cause they are too close from each other, and normally (in my case) when i want to kick someone from my squad its because this person is a troll or doesn't respond to any communication, and when you try to kick this person out of your squad you accidentally promote him to squad leader (just happened to me, in the middle of a shooting this guy takes a vehicle and drives towards the enemy, in my rush to kick him out i pressed the wrong button) you just ruined your entire squad, and probably the game of your whole team.
  3. Ge force 9500 gt Problems, please help

    its a intel i5 on 4gb ram
  4. Ge force 9500 gt Problems, please help

    Thanks for the replies guys, i'll try to upgrade my graphic card.
  5. i was playing the game with my geforce 9500gt without problems, but when the vehicles patch were add to the game i have an error and cant play anymore, it says i need an driver update but the geforce 9500 gt is in the latest version, what do i do? sorry my bad english i'm brazilian.