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  1. I'm in the 15th MEU and we use a heavily modified Arma 3 with things like weapon resting, realistic medical system, task force radio, magazine repacking, hand signals, barrel heat, the ability to trade equipment and ammo, large backpack radios and small short range ones and more. I'd like to post a couple of videos from youtube show casing this from the 15th MEU and our off shoot the 506th made from former 15th members. These are just for ideas or possibly to see how one of your ideas would work in reference. If you own Arma 3 feel free to come play on the recruit server to test these out first hand. It's open to the public every day but sunday nights. The mod list and links are on the Recruit server tab Teamspeak Address: ts51.gameservers.com:9440 PW:15nd This is not clan recruitment even though it kinda seems like it, this is for devs to see what works and possibly give ideas on making things better. If there is only one thing you take from this let it be Task Force Radio. I have never seen such precise communication with 100 players at once. If you're not familiar with the system you use one button to speak to people near you in direct chat and another to broadcast over the radio. The radio allows for any channel in the xxx.xx range and you can assign different channels to the num pad allowing to quickly swap channels with a button press I.E. 1. Squad, 2. Platoon lead, 3. Actual, 4. Air Support, 5. Armor, 6.Artillery etc. making communication easy and flawless without dozens of people talking over each other at once. You can also assign radio freqs to your left speaker and and other to the right. This allows your squad to be in your left and command in your right. The radios are also effected by range, terrain, and battery life. Last you can pick up a radio off the enemy and use it to listen to their communications. This system borderlines as near necessity in a large tactical game. Another mode in Arma that is simular to PR is Capture the Island. I don't have any videos but it involves both sides building a base somewhere on the map in secret, then defending it while also sending out squads to search and desroy the enemies HQ. You start the round with a Mobile HQ then like an RTS you set it up somewhere hidden and add buildings that give out new weapons and equipment for your men to use. The men then must take towns to connect supply lines like Company of Heroes which turn into points that are used to grow the base. As you encounter towns they are grey (AI) or red (Enemy held) then you use this information to narrow down where the other teams HQ is hidden. Just ideas.