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  1. Release: Alpha Version 7.7

    Is it better than?
  2. Release: Alpha Version 7.7

    Any fps improvements?
  3. Project Reality

    The titan X was only great in terms of price, the 1080 series simply blew it up x)))))
  4. Project Reality

    What about game performane ? shoul i be fine compared to squad ?
  5. Project Reality

    And the players who play it ? Can ypu play on a full server all the time or in certain times its dead ?
  6. Yet more FPS complaining...

    If they fix some of those physx errors and colision boxes been left over the map you will get a slight fps increase i guess
  7. Alienware alpha

    Just depends, if you whant to play games with more CPU or GPU usage or if you a whant a more balanced setup
  8. Yet more FPS complaining...

    Gotta keep an eye on reddit too than
  9. Alienware alpha

    If you whant solid 60 fps to record/stream i recommend you to build your own pc, it gets cheaper and better than those pre-build ones !
  10. Yet more FPS complaining...

    Thats what we whant to hear devs, any aprox ETA ? Keep up the good work
  11. Yet more FPS complaining...

    I know its an alpha nad blablabla, but this keeps happening across EA games and the developers end up to optimize it before the expected on paper.. Dayz did it cause player base was dropping like hell, squad developers will end up fixing this, when this vehicles hype pass and player base starts to go down, they will do some real efforts to bring people back to the game. At least thats what i hope
  12. Project Reality

    I know, i just whant to know if there is that many people still playing it
  13. Project Reality

    Hey guys, i just keep wondering if the Project relity is really worth the download, do people keep playing the game or its just dead ?