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  1. [SOLVED] No servers in browser

    I cannot join either. I deleted the AppData folder and I even uninstalled and reinstalled the game. No luck. I cannot get the server list to populate, no server shows up. I had no issues before the update.
  2. Thanks I removed the card and the game booted and launched fine. Crashes when I join a multiplayer game. I get "Fatal Error!". This is on a fresh new install, this problem occurred on an older install of windows 10 after the 7.1 update. I reinstalled windows and the problem was still occurring on the fresh install. This seems to be it. Crashes when I launch a multiplayer game now. It was set to Auto. The only options were to enable the XMP profile or keep it set to Auto. I just left it on Auto. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ So, what I am taking from this is that before the first patch of the vehicle update, my (2) Geforce GTX 560Ti in SLi was working. With the latest patches, it has been crashing the game on launch. At first I just removed the SLi bridge that connects the 2 video cards. With this removed, Squad still froze on launch. Then I completely disconnected and removed the second video card. Now Squad is able to launch, but seemingly with half of my Video power neutered. Now I can launch the firing range just fine, but I crash when I join a multiplayer game now. I get "Fatal Error!". Does anyone have any advice on how to adjust the graphic/game settings for optimal performance for my PC setup? Thank you so much for all the suggestions.
  3. I do have a SSD installed. It is running Windows 10 and Squad on it. Intel SSDSA2CW120G3 Pic of screen of crash with HDD Details displayed Pic of drive details I installed and ran Intel's "Solid-State Toolbox" software, everything is in good working order. No problems. I also checked for errors on it in windows. No problems. All SSD drivers are up to date.
  4. Would someone please help me? I am waiting patiently and thankfully buI it has been days without a response from anybody. The game launched and worked for me at first. I have literally done everything I can think of. All fresh drivers, and bios, and everything is on a fresh windows install. I cannot get this game to launch without my PC completely freezing to a stand still. Screen Pic of frozen screen when game launched with some status programs frozen on the screen for reference.
  5. I have had no success with the latest 7.2 update. I deleted the games local content and reinstalled. No change, just complete computer freeze and forced to hard reset. can anybody can point me in any direction?
  6. Video of error happening: https://vid.me/rvnx I just purchased the game right after the vehicle patch came out. before the hotfix I was able to login and play. With the latest hotfix, when I launch, I get a completely frozen computer. My mouse freezes and all on screen graphics are frozen and no keyboard commands work. Just like a screen cap of what was on the screen stays and I am forced to hard reboot by holding the button. I even did a fresh reinstall of windows and drivers. Everything is up to date. The same exact error occurs no matter what. PC Set-Up: -Motherboard: Asrock Extreme 4 Gen 3 P67 -Processor: i5-2500K CPU @ 3.30 GHz -RAM: GSkill Ripjaws X DDR3 16gb -Graphics: Dual Geforce GTX 560Ti in SLi -OS: Windows 10 64bit Nothing is overclocked. ETC I tried everything in this thread, but I had no luck. I would appreciate it if anybody had any ideas.