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  1. Looking for a Team? POST HERE

  2. RX 580 vs. GTX 1070

    I do have a freesync monitor, the asus MG248, however when i try to use it, it says its unsupported. my CPU runs at 4.45 ghz
  3. Enter+leave vehicle animations! :)

    How about they make it 2 where u just exit out of ur seat and u can just walk/climb out on ur own, for the humvee u should just press the exit key which will open the door, and u can choose when 2 get out by just moving left, a whole animation would be complicated because of its speed. IRL if somebody is shooting at u, ur gonna throw urself in rather than just casually get out if nobody is around. I'd much rather walk/run out of the back of a stryker on my own instead of a animation that i have no control over, the more choice the better.
  4. RWS stabilization in Stryker?

    Many of the vehicles are not even complete even tho they r in game, the btr-82a still needs its 7.62mm machine gun and its smoke launchers, same goes for the smoke launchers in other vehicles, hopefully as more vehicles get added they'll finish the older ones.
  5. RX 580 vs. GTX 1070

    I understand that this is a broad question and many factors are prone to changing... so does anybody think/know if the RX 580 will be able to run Yeho/Goro ~60 fps, all epic settings when this game is finished with optimization and ready to be released? or am i better off getting the 1070? Any useful insight is appreciated. I currently have an i7 4790K w/ R9 380x and 16gb of ram which gives me ~35-40 fps w/ high settings on Yeho/Goro.
  6. Russian names on Yehorivka

    yea but in the game its the Russians so it it'd make more sense to be Petrovka, but yegor'evka would sound weird, its not like any of this is gonna matter tho, it'll probs be like that forever
  7. Helicopters and Jets

    As long as heli's; transport or not, and jets play a defining role in a multiplayer game, ill be satisfied, i hope the armament of these aircraft will perform in a realistic manner, and the developers should include equally realistic anti air defenses, not only stingers like in BF3, i hope to see mobile AA's, and hopefully some stationary SAM's to defend your main base since their range and speed is quite overpowered for the size of the maps in multiplayer.