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  1. Crashing With No Error Message

    Crash log: DMP:
  2. I've been having this problem for a while, even before 9.6, but after the update I can't play a full match without Squad suddenly closing as if I had pressed [Alt+F4]. No error messages pop up. The logs themselves have more errors and warnings than normal processes. Yes, I've verified Steam files, reinstalled Dx, cleared local cache data, etc. One warning in particular that occurs every time is a "LogParticles:Warning: Stalled gamethread waiting for particles" that has to do with "BTR80_Temperature_Parameterized.BTR80_Temperature_Parameterize" on every map. I've also submitted support tickets but haven't gotten any feedback, so I'm posting here too. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  3. Unreal 4 Crashing Constantly

    Okay, for starters, I love this game. I've played since way before V7 and continue to play even though Squad has become evermore frustrating. Ever since V9 I've been crashing basically every match. I've verified files, submitted bug reports, cleared local data, completely uninstalled and reinstalled Squad, updated all Nvidia drivers, checked the RAM integrity, and done everything else possible to try and fix this. The only thing the crash logs have been telling me is that game starts freaking out doing something with "ParticleSystemComponent" and "Stalled gamethread." [2017.03.30-19.44.29:378][608]LogParticles:Warning: Stalled gamethread waiting for particles 0.007890ms 'ParticleSystemComponent /Game/Maps/Gorodok/Gorodok_AAS_v1.Gorodok_AAS_v1:PersistentLevel.BP_BTR_LastingEffect_C_6.ParticleSystem' 'ParticleSystem /Game/Particles/Vehicles/Temperature/BTR_80/BTR80_Temperature_Parameterized.BTR80_Temperature_Parameterized' It's almost universally on maps with BTRs, but that may not be the actual source. Please help.