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  1. Need help from a server owner / admin

    The admin cam is beautiful to use in game, it makes it look exactly like a real world situation. Getting power of the admin cam could be hard to get. You should be trusted because it can be used in the wrong way. Best of luck though, I hope the video looks amazing.
  2. GTX 1050 ti Review Squad

    My build: fx 6300 (Im poor) 8gb gddr3 Gtx 1050 ti Recently I purchased the new GTX 1050 ti on its release date hoping to improve my gaming experiences, I've been really impressed on how it performs on squad considering my cpu is lacking the power. I have been testing and optimizing the card and its very hard to adjust because the different maps affect the way it runs. I can get a steady 40 fps on a good amount of maps on epic settings but some maps my cpu really held this card back. I join some games and receive a poor amount of fps like 30 fps on high but its still playable. Considering how much fps I used to run this game on I'm happy with my purchase and would suggest the gpu to anyone needing a small cheap upgrade but willing to not hit 60 fps all the time. Peace out Ask any questions you want!
  3. require graphic optimization asap

    Game should run better on low but mine doesn't... Same FPS on epic and low. Partly the game.
  4. GTX 1050 ti Review Squad

    Im gonna focus on my CPU soon thats whats really holding me back. That's awesome, Hopefully some day Ill get a CPU like you!
  5. GTX 1050 ti Review Squad

    I recommend joining a 60 man server. It brings my FPS up to 50 at good times. Yo your build sounds dope! I hope you can run the game smoothly I experience the same problems living in Canada, parts can be hundreds of dollars more in Canadian currency.
  6. How to improve performance?

    I'm happy to get 40 fps. Don't take anything for granted
  7. Without comment , photos talk

    Is it your first time on the internet?
  8. Kid playing Squad...?

    Video games have nothing to do with age. Be mature but have fun. I've played with older groups of people my whole life and haven't had a problem with it.
  9. Squad and AMD

    We all know AMD CPU'S are not a big fan of squad and FPS, but will AMD make a Come back? Recently AMD has announced their new architecture "ZEN" some say it will out perform Intel but others will say its gonna turn out horribly. How do you think the new AMD architecture will perform on squad? Will it out perform Intel and take the lead?
  10. Squad and AMD

    Yeah I agree, Most AMD users use AMD because of how over priced Intel CPU's are! Maybe AMD can make Intel lower their prices by a long shot.
  11. Treat medics better, they're there to help

    Every now and then I love to pick up and use the medic kit. I love to play as the role and help others , and I get what your feeling. I also agree with gecko Medics should have a number of heal points/players picked up next to their name it would show how much they help there squad and earn more respect. When I leave a game and see guys go 30-5 and I'm going 10-15 after using the medic kit it kinda makes my self esteem go down.
  12. GTX 1050 ti Review Squad

    Tell me what kind of FPS your getting. It would be nice to compare.
  13. So, when do the other factinons get artillery?

    You could say the same thing about how OP the humvee's are compared to the technical. so it kinda balances out.
  14. Do you miss West Coast Tactical?

    West coast will be back up and running within a couple of days don't you worry.
  15. What's your favorite Server in SQUAD?

    West coast tactical #1 #2 and #3
  16. Utility items

    God damn I couldn't tell you how many times I've died trying to get inside a fenced area...
  17. Joining que

    Lately I've been playing a lot of squad, with that comes a huge issue of mine and its been bugging me the past week or so... Every time I wanna hop a server with a buddy I have to constantly press the refresh button just to join. Almost every server is full so almost every game is a pain to join. Can you guys make the Que up button work? would make my life so much easier.
  18. Locked squads Good Idea or bad idea?

    When I meant locked squads I meant a team of guys you've already played with. and When I said a full squad is a good thing I mean every class can be used like medic and you can stay alive longer. Just my opinion.
  19. Locked squads Good Idea or bad idea?

    You already have the option to kick someone from your squad, that's powerful enough but it would be a nice idea to have at-least 4 people in a squad to be able to lock it. I honestly think the bigger the squad the more powerful you cant meet knew people if your always in a locked squad.
  20. Alpha Version 8.8 Released

    I used to get 25 fps with my fx 6300 now I receive almost an average of 40!
  21. Alpha Version 8.8 Released

    I'm still downloading. I run on a fx 6300 hoping for a better frame rate at least!!!
  22. Will it run high/epic settings?

    I'm thinking of building a whole new computer to play squad and other FPS shooters on but I wanna know if it can run high / epic settings at 60 fps? Intel core i5 6500 "skylake" Gigabyte Geforce GTX 960 G1 GAMING OC EDITION 8GB ddr4 ram.