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  1. A lot of users seemed to have/had this type of error. I have the same problem aswell. Everything worked fine until 8.7 came out and introduced this bug to me. There are some things you can try out, mentioned in those posts below. Did not find a workaround for me though.
  2. EAC Kicked - Connection timed out

    How do I clear the cache? Do you mean to delete the folder located at C:\Users\xxxxxx\AppData\Local ?
  3. SQUAD is about team work..right?

    I know people caring for their K/D is a problem(depending on the server) and players going solo not caring for their team aswell, but i have seen something new to me.This might not fit in here completly but, this is what i have seen in the last couple of games. Point hoarding In a few games I actually saw 3 out of 4 squads capaturing the first few flags together. Every single squadmember of those 3 squads, standing around at the first 2 flags, to gain points for the scoreboard. I tried to speak to them, but it was like talking to a brick wall. They absolutely refused to move on. Is this a thing now? Did someone of you notice something similar? An Answer for a question that might appear as the term "Lonewolf" was used quite often: Yes my name is Lonewolf and no i dont go solo, i focus on teamplay.
  4. EAC Kicked - Connection timed out

    Onboard NIC
  5. EAC Kicked - Connection timed out

    Same problems like above. Some more information: -I encountered the "server closed connection" error right after 8.7 hotfix -After the hotifx 8.8 the error message switched to an EAC error -The error itself seems to appear at the same rate like it did in 8.7. Roughly 30-40 minutes. To ensure the error doesn't appear again after 5 minutes I need to restart steam to gain an additional playtime of 30-40 minutes Hardware Windows 7 Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. Z87-D3HP AMD Radeon R9 280X Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4670K CPU @ 3.40GHz 16GB dd3 ram
  6. Release: Alpha Version 8.8

    Is the "server closed connection" error fixed aswell?
  7. Is there a slight chance this or a similar expansion of the current map system will be implemented in the base game? I always play public and even though there are squadleaders without mic's or no will to cooperate from time to time, i would love to use this tool for those awesome games, in which everyone on the team is playing together. Such a tool could prove use for non english native speakers as lines and symbols are an international way of giving information and for that reason give a better understanding of whats going on to every Squadleader not matter where he comes from.
  8. Whats your favorite "Role" in Squad? :)

    Ironically most of the time i play as SL or medic and if there is no need for those two everything else the squad lacks I also prefer ak's to m4's
  9. Need help regarding steam items

    Thank you all for replying. Fortunate to hear they will bring them back on another weekend.
  10. Need help regarding steam items

    I would also like to know if there is still a chance to get those veteran skins. I know they are only cosmetic, but squad is one of my favourite games so i would like tocollect some of those "goodies" too. I played a lot during the free weekend and on veterans day and did not get any of them. Seems like they were given to people randomly i assume(correct me if i am wrong). Almost all of my friends got them, maybe i missed something. Some clarity would be nice
  11. some SL's

    Probably those who should read it won't anymore(the topic got quite huge), but lets give it a try and share my foolish point of view. Your skill is not important, it is all about your attitude. Most Squadleaders dont mind newcommers asking basic questions, they dont care if you are a skilled fighter or not. Important is, if you are willing to learn and cooperate with the squad. Some may think Squadleaders are only playing to have a great time themselves, but thats rarely the case. They have an important job; keeping the squad together, making them contribute to win the game and overall guaranteeing fun for every squadmember. Players who dont follow orders and troll around, aggravate the experience for everyone! The squadleaders have to manage a lot of things at once. Everyone can improve the general "feel" of the game by helping him. Stay in formation(make other to do so aswell) and give the Squadleader useful information (he might have missed it). Lessen the burden of the squadleader and he will be more relaxed and can focus on other tasks. The best games i had were with players who worked toghther, everyone doing their job . Being part of something bigger and desperately trying to outsmart the enemie. All players and squads helping/relying on eachother, working together for a greater goal against a relentless enemie to barely secure the win. An experience that is hardly found in another game. Understand that some circumstances lower the mood of Squadleaders or they might have had a bad day and are a bit pissed. Yes there are Squadleaders who are too harsh, selfish and rude, but also those who want the game to be great for everyone. Look for the later ones and leave squads lead by those mentioned first.
  12. 3 hours after Free week-end started

    So far im pretty surprised by the new players testing squad. A lot of them had mic's and were actually willing to follow orders, cooperate and most importantly learn! I enjoy giving them some help and see how they are doing ^^. Met several guys who told me they would buy the game. They will make a fine addition to the squad community. Cant wait for the next couple days!
  13. Hard freezes

    Had that problem with the new hotfix aswell. I managed to get rid of it by bringing my windows up-to-date and deleting Users\<UserName>\AppData\Local\Squad. Deleting this folder also reset all your settings. Dont know which of them fixed it, but one certainly did. Since you did not play for a while and are having fps issues you might also wanna have a look at this post, which is pretty useful in my opinion http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/5869-performance-tweaks-for-extra-fps/#comment-95750
  14. Like The complete package squad offers combinded with squadleaders and members willing to make the game great and the matches you play with them unforgettable Dislike Bad squadleaders/squadmates which make the overall great package of squad not enjoyable
  15. Hello dear Squad Community, My name is Roman, I was born/live in Austria and I am 21 years old. The native Language I am speaking is german, but I don't hesitate to communicate in english if needed. You may ask yourself what led me to Squad if not, skip the next part. Well I have started my journey with a mod for Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead called DayZ. I have never tested nor heard of military simulator games before, but this mod made me discovering and in the end enjoying them. After quite some time the Arma 3 Alpha joined the ranks of mil-sims and made me love those even more. Long story short, a friend told me about squad and i loved their concept, their ideas and had a look in their previous work, project reality. Here i am, loving squad, most of the community and the typical "holy **** that was awesome"-moments. Altough I don't prefer any class, I play a lot of medic, who a lot of squads are in desperate need of, sometimes squadleader or whatever completes the needs of the squad. Most of the time I play on "[M] Mumblerines Teamwork [EU-ENG]" , "[GER] RocketBeansTV Squad-Server" and most preferd "[RIP] Rusty In Places UK/EU 1", As you maybe noticed, my ingame/forum name is LoneWolf. Don't let the name blind you. I try my best to communicate with my squad, stick with them, follow orders and help new members whereever and whenever i can. I have played Squad for about 150 hours yet and took quite a while to introduce myself to the forum. I would like to know if anyone from the squad community has in encountered me yet. See you on the battlefield!