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  1. M249

    Awesome work, do you guys plan to implement heat effects? physical and hot air fx from the cannon?
  2. Tacticalfin & Team SFS

    Hello guys, we are Team SFS, and we are part of Tacticalfin.com a gaming portal (in spanish and for spanish speaking people). Tacticalfin.com is all about games and simulators in general, a new portal dedicated to host all the teams of games like War Thunder, DCS, LoL, Insurgency, Fsx, ELite Dangerous, Star Citizen, etc.. Team S.F.S. is our Arma 3 tactical team, we have a dedicated teamspeak and a server.. we are focused in PMC and Tactical Warfare Special Forces. We are very interested in Squad as well Here are some links www.tacticalfin.com www.teamsfsmilsim.com www.youtube.com/tacticalfinyt