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  1. Post Scriptum for Squad Founders

    This is GREAT, thank you very much!
  2. M249

    Awesome work, do you guys plan to implement heat effects? physical and hot air fx from the cannon?
  3. Tacticalfin & Team SFS

    Hello guys, we are Team SFS, and we are part of Tacticalfin.com a gaming portal (in spanish and for spanish speaking people). Tacticalfin.com is all about games and simulators in general, a new portal dedicated to host all the teams of games like War Thunder, DCS, LoL, Insurgency, Fsx, ELite Dangerous, Star Citizen, etc.. Team S.F.S. is our Arma 3 tactical team, we have a dedicated teamspeak and a server.. we are focused in PMC and Tactical Warfare Special Forces. We are very interested in Squad as well Here are some links www.tacticalfin.com www.teamsfsmilsim.com www.youtube.com/tacticalfinyt