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  1. I've gone over the maps and adjusted some of the maps sizes. I based myself on the grids. But it would be great if someone could go over the maps and verify their sizes are correct. (map dimensions are displayed in the upper left, that's what used for the ruler tool).
  2. It's definitely still up, but one of the servers was unavailable for a few hours yesterday due to a stupid configuration error on my end, sorry for the trouble.
  3. HiRes-maps and online-viewer

    @bbigras, I was using these maps for http://gametactic.org/squad. If you're going to maintain this, can you do me a favor and give me heads up when the maps are updated so I can update my site accordingly. Mail me at [email protected] @TomNerdy, thx for the effort.
  4. The maps should be updated now, thx again TomNerdy.
  5. I don't have a copy of the game. But if tomnerdy updates the map or if someone can extract the maps using his tutorial (https://www.airpressuretendency.net/fcsquad/squadmaps/squad_maps_do_it_yourself.html). I will
  6. I've added a little forum to the website to sort of share and gather ideas. I'll still keep an eye on this thread as well of course.
  7. Ok I updated the text zoom to anchor on the left corner and I made the magnification steps predictable, so zooming in and then zooming out the same number of ticks will bring you back to the same magnification level. Even with the changes I'm still not a 100% if I should make text auto-scale the default. If you put text on the map it's mostly to label something. If I put the label to the bottom right, then scaling is fine. But if I put the text anywhere else it will still be weird/wrong.
  8. That's pretty much what I thought as well. Let text scale but around it's left corner. Disable maginification for the draw tools for now unless I figure out a way to make it snappy. You got a point about the magnification steps, this might sound weird coming from the one who created it, but I wonder why it does that :), shouldn't be hard to fix through.
  9. Well I implemented the zoom/redraw for everything to get an idea how it feels. I've not enabled it by default, to try it out add an &adjust_zoom to the url. e.g.: http://gametactic.org/squadplanner2.html?room=WwtYtq7rNMIVJU&adjust_zoom. Anyway here's what I think. I think for icons/notes it's basically fine. For text I think it may be a little weird as the text might drift from whatever you were labeling. If I implement it for text it should probably not scale around it's center like the icons but it should probably scale around it's left corner, as that's how you place it. For lines/drawn lines/curves I think it's actually fine. The only problem i have is that there's a bit of a performance penalty. Rescaling is pretty cheap, but redrawing not so much. And changing the width always forces a redraw, there's no getting around that. To see what I mean take the free draw tool and spam it a bit, now try zooming with and without the &adjust zoom flag. If I'm to enable this, I do need to see if I can make this more efficient. For the shapes, I could either way, makes very little difference if the border is a little thicker or thinner. Anyway your thoughts ?
  10. I see what you're coming from, it's not quite resizing of course but redrawing with reduced thickness/size. There's are some things to consider. For icons it makes sense to scale them around their center. When scaling text for example, it's harder, do you scale it around it's center. Do you fix upper left and scale that way ? Or do you fix any of the other 3 corners ? Also I'm a little bit afraid that if you let everything scale with zoom, that if you make plans very zoomed in and then zoom out, things may start to look really crowded. The same actually already happens with icons sort of. Anyway I'll give it a try, see how it 'feels'.
  11. Ok that didn't take too long. I implemented it and I think I like it. Give it a try and tell me what you think ? One thing though, I didn't actually store the zoom level at which an icon was drawn, which means I can't really add this feature retro-actively to existing/stored tactics.
  12. I definitely know what you mean. However, the size used to be fixes and the result was that when you zoom in a fair bit and place an icon with a default size it would sort of cover the screen. The dynamic zoom is a good idea though. If I understand you make icons that were placed when more zoomed out smaller, and icons that were more zoomed in bigger. I already store the zoom level on which icons have been places, so it shouldn't be too hard to do, I'll give it a try.
  13. Sorry for the late response, I've been on vacation. I added a toggle grid button (top right) that will show a coordinate in each square. That should make it a little easier to navigate. I also got around to adding squad specific icons, I based myself on the wiki: http://squad.gamepedia.com/Kit_Role_Selection and http://squad.gamepedia.com/Using_the_map. Let me know if anything is missing. If you have maps of the other layers and/or an annotated map, then I'll see what I can do. Also thx for the sticky.
  14. The icons are a placeholder, I plan to put a set of icons similar to the in game icons in. It would help a lot if someone could a) give me a link to the icon files itself or at least make a list and screenshot of the icons you want to see. You can already rotate icons: select tool -> select -> drag rotate arrows. You can plan phases using slides, bottom left, second tab. There was a small problem while drawing things zoomed in, it should be fixed now. I was actually recently working on a world of tanks mod that inputs info from the client into the planner. It works quite well, but implementing something like this does require mod and/or dev support. I also quickly realized that gathering info from different clients live onto a map can quickly become an unfair advantage and may not be what the devs intended. Right now the website is used quite a lot (7-10k daily users) by the world of tanks community. And it's indeed mostly used for clan-wars and team battles. So organized play, mostly with voice comms. Even then there is a reason that rooms start out locked (only creater can edit), until you unlock it give specific people edit rights.
  15. That would be excellent, thanks.