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  1. I've played and posted on steam under the name Highyatolla Highway (from an Eastwood flick called Heartbreak Ridge)... I'll give you a puppy if you read the whole thing. A whole one. and by that I mean, not in little parts, or puppy parts, as you might call them. like a whole puppy. Yours. For the taking. Read the Whole Thing. The matches I'm playing are becoming more competitive, which is awesome. I'm still seeing limited hab placement. It's interesting how the idea of a flanking hab, or forward hab, or even just a backup hab, doesn't always occur to the SLs of a team. Sometimes, by the time it does, they're too busy backpedaling to actually get it done. The most competitive games are often back and forth, and everytime I've joined a server, the losing team is down to one or no habs. So why habs over rallies? Rallies are easier to put down, they only take one other squad member (if SL has SL kit), they're lower profile... But.. what else are they? - limited to 9 spawns - easily stomped out - in need of SL refresh at 5 or less spawns - Most importantly, the spawn timer is 1/3 longer than the hab's timer (not sure on the exact fraction, it sure as shit seems like it's at least a third when you're waiting). The most immediate benefits of a hab? - instant reinforcement for the entire team - quicker spawn timer - a safer, or at least more durable, spawn. If you have a supplemental rally in between the objective and hab, or off to a flank, even if they're spawn killing on the Hab, you at least have an opportunity to try and push them off... albeit a small opportunity. -ammo crates for resupply / kit change -vehicle repair Start Priorities: One or more to each back cap DO NOT USE LOGIS FOR TRANSPORT ALONE, at least communicate with other SLs to get them the supplies if you aren't habbing. The fairest kit dispersion I ever heard was today when an SL was all, "two medics, one lat, the rest is up to you" and when we ere Russian, he opted for the GL instead of the LAT. Respect. Two habs off the start is always impressive to see, and it usually sets up the team for a win. At least it inspires confidence in that, at least two SLs know things, more or less. Why more habs you say? The more angles you have into and around an objective, the more chance you have of finding a successful flank, the chink in the armor, and exploiting it before they can organize anything more than a reaction against you. I'm not sure if this is a server to server thing or if it's not in the game anymore, but I know that, the closer, and more numerous, the enemies were to the hab/radio, the higher the hab's spawn timer climbs (whereas a rally would get stomped). Also, I'm not sure whether enemies have to be close to the radio or the hab, or ... both...? This feature is really helpful for competitive AAS as it discourages super-fobbing. Super fobs, static positions, aren't advantageous in Assault (keyword there) and secure. You don't completely win until all the flags are capped and/or the enemy loses all their tickets. Staying in a super fob, continually building, and hoping the enemy comes to you doesn't, can't, accomplish that. When you super fob, you're building another maginot line (the huge French fortified wall that was supposedly capable of stopping Hitler's blitzkrieg. woops.). You're building the position that got wiped by Easy company on DDay in BoB. Super fobs only make sense to me on the defense side of Invasion, though I'd prefer to play off multiple habs, hitting supply lines, and from angles they can't predict, though this could leave the objective with sketchy protection. It's all relative. Look at the map and go from there. When assaulting a super fob, usually all you have to do is get close enough for underhand nades over the walls, and all those sweet sweet hescos are yours. Thanks Dodge! Again, this is fairly contingent on the timer, but if you've surrounded the hab with enough people, the kill zone should be effective enough to neutralize spawns to dig it down. No bad nades! woops. I've seen whole teams not even get one hab off the start, and I really don't get it. It seems like a huge risk, especially on larger maps. Well placed habs with friendlies continuously pushing off of them rarely need direct protection. One point where all squads can spawn is better than one point where one squad can spawn, right? That said, once you build a hab, ammo crate, a few fortifications, one or two well thought out emplacements, a vehicle repair, a few more fortifications... Move off the hab. Always try and find ways to be more relevant to the objectives. It's the only way you can win games. You need to be on/near (via habs, rallies) the objectives (both offensive/defensive) and if you're proactively looking to set up a hab for the next objective after the current one caps, you're probably winning. Keep it simple. If the end is clear (objectives), the means (mortars, 30mm, getting places, timing) tend to take on their own forms of coherence, and can surprise you with their effectiveness. Whatever you do, ask yourself if its actually helping capture/defend objectives. Habs are not objectives, they are a means to the objective. If they go down its a pain in the ass... but if you have multiple habs and a good rally, its less painful. If your team responds quickly enough you might regain it, or possibly be spurred on or reminded to just abandon the position, grab a logi from main (or hopefully near another hab where they're helpfully parked), and get a radio/hab down. You'll lose tickets and supplies, but... I'd rather lose a couple habs and continue to be able to spawn from different angles, than build one hab for each new offensive marker or something as basic as that. Given that this game allows for entire squads to be wiped with one grenade or extremely well placed burst of fire, flanking is essential. Everyone pushing off one hab is a huge, hard to miss target that just turns us all into lemmings (little dudes thoughtlessly marching off a cliff to their death because they were just following the dude in front of them), similar to the tactics of the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. It's no more than lining up and shooting each other. That's not Squad, that's ****ing Pong. F that. Plus, Pong in Squad doesn't win. F pong. Habs on Objectives All these conclusions are based on experience, and I've seen that this is generally a bad idea. Though, there are some objectives where there isn't much choice. You either put it on the objective, or in a place completely exposed. Placing habs on objectives potentially gives the enemy a two for one. Every time I see an enemy hab on an objective (even if it's one of the tunnels or fortified to hell), I'm immediately reassured... I now know where they're coming from, which is the first step to the main part of the game, eliminating the enemies ability to be places... like objectives... by reducing their spawns to ... those weird green metal post things... and then their tickets to nothing! NOTHIIIIIINNNNG!!! Imagine you're Squad takes up the all important task of staying on and near the defense objective. You're mates are decently spread out, looking around.. Blueberrys are spawning on the hab in the middle of the objective and heading off to the offensive. One enemy sees this constant stream of guys, and he knows that it's probably a hab, maybe a rally, its in the middle of town... maybe he even gets the exact loc. He tells his SL. They slowly surround you, and cut off your team's advance. The rally is squashed, and the noose is tightening. Ok. stop. Take it back to ... your guys are defending. Instead of advancing from within the defense, your team is advancing from their own forward/flanking rallies and their own hab (or two). Your rally is off the defense objective in a field or bush, opposite the enemy advance (least chance of detection w/crossed fingers), so that if shit goes sideways you at least have a flank and opportunity for another rally. If your hab is off the objective, you're in an even more solid position. Your guys are on the objective, your own, defensive hab, where really, only your guys are probably spawning saves the rally for backup. You've got this really broad spawn base, which as soon as people spawn from these flanking positions, people can attack from and spot wherever is necessary, as opposed to from the city center, the obvious origin of any defense. It's about mobility, agility... which is helpful to have so that you can commit most of your team to the offense, asking for supplemental help only when your guys get pinned or bogged down. If your hab goes down in the second scenario, you've still got a rally.. and you know exactly where at least one enemy is, and probably when the attack is coming (after the hab is finished being dug up by the enemy). A lot of people instinctively head towards an enemy hab, so its probably more than one. During this time, you can ask one of your dead to spawn at main, grab a logi, or a fire support vehicle.. it buys you time. If the enemy is going after two objectives, you can kind of dance between the two and recover where you need to. It buys you time and it provides you a cushion. It's the reason for the warning against placing all your eggs in one basket. You might lose your juevos. No one wants to lose their juevos. Once an enemy hab goes down in the middle of an objective, all resistance usually ends, and you have a much better chance of carrying your momentum forward into the next objective, while maintaining temporary but flexible security on the defense objectives. A few other bidtits: Being able to hold your fire on an enemy that doesn't see you while you try and determine where they're coming from, or so that your squad can move and do things without drawing attention is.... well its when your squad balls, overies, ballveries, and/or Ovaballs... drop... or.. do whatever they do when you're all grow'd up. I think the most successful competitive philosophies in the world generally reflect these principles: no offense is the worst defense, and the best defense is the most offense. Blitzkrieg. Keep them pressured, keep them on their heals, their plans go to shit, and the attempt at making more plans is made more difficult. If you don't, and you do what I like to call 'turtling' some dickbag terrorist will creep up on you, and you won't know. No, you've retracted your arms, legs, ears, and most importantly your eyes, back into your stupid turtle shell, ordering your stupid smaller dickbags around like they were your stupid dickbag slaves, building your nerdifications(trademark) that rarely do anything but broadcast both the fob's location, and your insecure inferiority complex that comes out, primarily, in the need to dominate others, due to a deep seeded dickbag fear of annihilation. ahem. sorry, That got a little dark. Squad is the most complex and potentially competitive first person shooter that I've ever encountered, its balance is a masterpiece. I've had about 4k+ hours on Arma 3 in coop, milsim, dayz, and exile servers since its Alpha, and 500 on Squad since release. I grew up on Tie Fighter, Duke Nukem, Doom, Dark Forces, Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon, Battlefield (mainly bad company and 3), the Warcrafts, the Starcrafts, some WoW, some Guild Wars 2, and Planetside 2. I've played the Counter Strikes, the Call of Duties, Operation Flashpoint, yada yada. Squad is the smoothest, most beautiful realism shooter, (and this is what really sets it apart for me>) with the most potential for balanced, and increasingly complex competitive play that I've ever experienced. Given some checks and balances and another 6 months or so for the player base to get up to speed on the mechanics, there could be some really phenomenal competitive streaming opportunities. The passion that many people argue with is a reflection of that games quality and potential. I think most of us are entering a completely new context. For instance, I'm thinking to myself that it'd be cool to spend time in a map as an SL w/ a shoveljust building (?what???) or mapping the best/easiest/sneakiest routes for logis and habs. I want to find THE BEST way to put certain fortifications in certain places, like.. for little defilades that are near objectives and buildings that are commonly utilized... or optimal firing lanes for emplacements. I hate super fobs, but it'd be nice to know optimal positions for building things so they go down as fast and as discretely as possible so we're not just waiting for them to creep up and jihad our objectives and tickets. I'm sure there are plenty of people that have done this in some form or fashion, but... I think we've all seen the results of populism.. or taking somebody's word for it that says "trust me...". Some dickbag hated on the marksmen kit, and literally said to my asking him why and what his evidence was, and he said I shit you not, "well everyone's saying it". Jesus Christ Kid. Good luck. he's probably not going to last long following so blindly. What I'm saying is, ... he's probably already dead. like.. of... stupidity. He was so dumb, that he literally... died. literally. like on the ground, dead as a door nail, no longer with us. womp, womp. I'm not editing this anymore. I love lamp.
  2. 7.2 hotfix ETA?

    First things first. You're game is bad ass. So thank you for giving us more than we paid for. I think the fervor of people's frustration is a testament to the awesomeness. People don't get worked up over things they don't care about, and the games goodness has caused us to care. And, any idea when the next hotfix will be out? I'm sure you'll let us know when/if you find major fixes for some of the problems. But I imagine, since Rome wasn't built in a day, the fixes will come incrementally. So.... Just curious about the next increment, and if there's a timeline shaping up? As I'm writing this I'm remembering it's only been a few days... I am quite impatient sometimes. As a means of dealing with my impatience, I say this: take breaks and live your lives. Relaxed people make awesome things more awesome. Creative juices (eww) flow more easily from those times. Thanks!