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  1. Al Basrah Squad Remake

    The PR city like buildings would be fantastic for this Basrah remake... SirrCharles you have been knighted as the man for this task. Great job so far on the early models.
  2. Iron Mountain [WIP]

    (1) The way everything is laid out it would be alot of work to re-do this area but im sure the tracks split off the map so that trains can come and go in both directions (2) Yea im still working on it but alot of forts are square based because it makes it easier to defend due to line of sight and fewer breach points to defend than a fort with tons of angles etc... The train station is the last capture point for probably Milita before the large city area flag. The Militia main will be a farm like area fyi... I will perform alot of testing and will need help testing in the future to make sure fps hopefully isnt an issue... (1) The fort will have parking area in front near the fortified entrance and area for vehicles inside fortified walls. (2) The buildings around the train station isnt meant to be a village, its supposed to represent things like shops, ticket and waiting area etc since SQUAD doesnt have proper shop buildings and such. The buildings also add alot of value to the area from a capture/defend standpoint and gameplay is most important to me and such sometimes gameplay will be more important in an area to me than trying to be 100% accurate in representing IRL though I do my best to balance both. (3) The storage tanks arent randomly placed as it may seem from the screenshots. They are all strategically placed beside the huge ravine/river that you cant see in the pic. As in my former map "Iron Ridge" I had water intake pipes leading from the river into tanks like these. These tanks have pipes also leading into the water meant to represent water being drawn from the river into the tanks and possibly being used for nefarious purposes of a corrupt regime such as nuclear cooling etc.. that I will leave up to the player to draw thier on conclusions from the map
  3. Iron Mountain [WIP]

    Another progress update... I have been updating alot of areas and doing some fine tuning etc.. while I wait for the city buildings to be fully released so I can begin working on a proper huge city area to go along with all the rural areas. I have also been working on a 100% hand built Fort. It is a 3 story Fort with tons of indoor rooms and a large rooftop area for defending. Also, I have completed the Marshland Underground Bunker area. All pics taken are In-Editor..
  4. Iron Mountain [WIP]

    Thanks to some great constructive criticism and me being a noob with the UE4 Editor and not knowing about hole materials , I have completely re-worked the underground bunker area and removed the massive rock cake and made a proper looking underground bunker... Views looking at the old rock cake bunker area, bunker now blends in with the environment.. View at Bunker Entrance 1 Bunker Entrance 2
  5. Iron Mountain [WIP]

    Thanks, I sent Zeno a message about possible performance hit in game etc... Don't want to put to much time and effort into it if it's gonna cause issues... I wouldn't really call this a remake of Iron Ridge but more of a makeover, basicly taking all the ideas of Iron Ridge such as huge ravine, underground bunker and large city and improving on the whole map hopefully lol....
  6. Iron Mountain [WIP]

    Yes as a matter of fact I have been playing around with it today so maybe if I can get it to work the way I want it too it may be a solution but read it has downside of causing issues with performance...
  7. Iron Mountain [WIP]

    Thanks for the feedback.. As far as the rocks go, (1) It is meant to represent man-made boulder protection for the underground bunker from potential aerial bombardment as were natural rock protected bunkers in WW1 and WW2 although those were built into mountains etc... (2) Given the limitations of current assets available to work with in the editor, making a true natural rock protected bunker built into the side of a mountain is impossible. So as a compromise I hand placed every rock above the underground bunker to best represent as close to a WW1 or WW2 bunker as possible given the limitations/assets within squad at the moment. A true representation of said bunker would take tons of work from a modder and im sure they have more important things to worry about than
  8. Iron Mountain [WIP]

    A few In-Editor pics of the large rock enforced Underground Bunker area... One of two guarded bunker entrances
  9. Iron Mountain [WIP]

    A few more In-Editor Pics... Very WIP... Waiting on more of the Eastern European assets to become available, especially the city buildings since a large city area will be an important part of the map...
  10. September 2016 Monthly Recap

    Everything looks fantastic, kudos to the Devs working on these assets especially the Eastern European ones. Looking forward to the finished EE buildings so I can start the city portion of my map, it's pretty much all I have left to do besides alot of fine tuning and polishing.
  11. Al Basrah Squad Remake

    Fantastic job on the re-make, it was one of my favorites for Project Reality...
  12. Iron Mountain [WIP]

    I am currently working on the Big Brother to my Project Reality map "Iron Ridge". This map takes ideas from Iron Ridge such as a massive rock lined ravine running the entire map with various bridge crossings and a huge multi entrance underground bunker. This map will be 100% hand sculpted and every area layed out to maximize strategic flag capture, defense and attack postions and a large city/industrial area divided by a small river with Railroad and multi bridge crossings, making this location vital to controlling the flag like in the original BF2 map "Strike at Karkand". Here are a few very early in Editor work in progress screenshots...
  13. Black shadows on buildings in editor

    Thanks Smee, I tried the unlit but then it makes my whole map pitch black for some reason. I will play around more tonight with light settings when I get home. Wasn't sure if I had a light setting wrong for shadows that SQUAD requires.
  14. Greetings from an ex PR-Dev Mapper

    Thank to all who have replied. A great community of support is what made PR great and what will make Squad amazing as well. To all those who enjoyed my maps, I really appreciate the kind words. To those who loved Iron Ridge, I am currently working on a very Iron Ridge esq map and hopefully will blow the old one out of the water. Once again the kind words and support is amazing and greatly and deeply appreciated.
  15. Black shadows on buildings in editor

    I am using the default sky light source and sky dome. When placing objects such as buildings, the shadow and sideof building on the non sun side is almost pitch black. Is there a light/shadow setting I have not set up or is wrong or does this soften once I build lights etc..