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  1. [FH] Forlorn Hope Clan - Videos.

    Fiskfan and PugViking at it again.
  2. SQUAD: Whiplash. Fast-paced gameplay trailer.

    Very freakin' nice man. 100%
  3. Founder Weapon Skins

    Thank you. 100% <3
  4. Skins not showing up

    Same here.
  5. Let me know iwhat you think of my noob content <3

    I'de say it kinda nice. Keep it up. Music is a bit not in my kinda taste. But good good good.
  6. [FH] Forlorn Hope Clan - Videos.

    Some new hardware to get some better recordings from me. Still using OBS to record and Vegas Pro 15 to edit. Nvidia Geforce 2080 11GB with an i9 @ 5Ghz. 39" Monitor, thats why the vids has such a nice and wiiiide resolution. Also not only Vids from me, but others in Forlorn Hope. Enjoy.
  7. As an SL, I hate the new radial menu

    Just give us the mouse cursor again or the option to choose.
  8. Replace LAW with AT4

    Ah, ok. Well many armed forces loves it. Its been around for ages as well. 3-4 years old video. But here they talk about the weapon and that they want more of them in use. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carl_Gustaf_recoilless_rifle " United States: used by USSOCOM, U.S. Army Ranger battalions,[51] and some regular U.S. Army infantry units in the War in Afghanistan.[52][53] In February 2014, the M3 MAAWS was designated as a Program of Record within the U.S. Army and became standard-issue in Army Light Infantry units"
  9. Replace LAW with AT4

    AT4 is on the way out in the US Armed Forces. Carl Gustaf M3 is on they way in again. US SFs apparently loves the CG M3. Has a lot of diverse ammo types.
  10. [FH] Forlorn Hope Clan - Videos.

    Drunk fried fish. A loooong-shot...
  11. [FH] Forlorn Hope Clan - Videos.

    Recorded on QFF #2 server, 2018-01-09. And this is a older one, but resently edited/rendered.
  12. [FH] Forlorn Hope Clan - Videos.

    Some new vids recorded sometime in december 2017 and jan 2018. Enjoy.