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  1. I'm assuming we will always be unable to capture & use enemy vehicles for gameplay reasons and that got me thinking about a intel system as an alternative reward to 'capturing' assets. A little shower thought suggestion: If you capture and enemy vehicle it gives you relevant intel. i.e transports might give approx. location of the rally point of the last squad that used it, or their approx. present location. Logi might give you approx. location of where it last dropped its supplies. Maybe it should also work on destroyed vehicles within 60 seconds... 'save the intel before it burns'. Just a small idea to add a bit more to gameplay.
  2. Problem: Humans Solution: Above my pay grade.

    Yes i have seen it myself.. but rarely. As Kitty said it takes a dedicated ammo logi runner to keep mortars constantly firing. 90% of mortar squads struggle to stay supplied, and 80% of mortar squads are completely ineffective. (nice made up %) IMO the vast majority of times mortars provide no advantage to their team. But we all love exceptions!
  4. Medic progression in Squad

    To OP: MEDIC ARE STILL THE MOST POWERFUL ROLE. Why?... while all the problems/nerfing you have described are all present and can't be denied, the medic can magically sense people being shot and incapacitated at a great range. This medical radar is incredibly powerful, far more than the loss of smoke or full auto or loss of bino etc etc. It gives you ridiculously good situational awareness, frankly one I find hard to play without. I'm greatly looking forward to the medic role having a big overhaul, I don't like how the role is presently, but it is still a overpowered role; your a rifleman with life reviving powers & magical radar senses. IMO people don't want to play the role as they don't play it right. Play as a combat medic not a fing nurse.
  5. That's a shame, i think it could help out squad leaders a lot in their workload. Gotta be a good thing.
  6. Well.. I THINK.. it was a combo of two things. Profiles don't seem to work 'reliably' when loaded from the madcatz profile editor interface. However they do work reliably when loaded from the notification icon for the profiler. Toe breaks seemingly don't work with single 'bands', setting up two bands on each seems to work better. (one of which is blank/unassigned). Or it might have been none of the above! If anyone wants this profile here it is: www.djow.co.uk/files/squad_madcatz.zip [ Main pedals = lean (q) left/right (e), right toe = freelook (h*), left toe = local chat (v)] (*reassinged freelook to be = H)
  7. Well weirdly after struggling with it numerous times it now works. Nothing to see here.
  8. Hi all, I've been using my flight pedals to lean (Q & E), this is working great. Using the 'madcatz' profile tool (, which is old but the latest version, to assign 'bands' to keytstrokes. The pedals are working fine, but i cannot get the toe breaks to assign & work. The profiler says its working, but the keystrokes are not being passed on. Not to notepad or my games. (If i use them generic in flight sims the toe breaks work and can be assigned.) Has anyone got these working? I want one to be freelook and one to be local chat. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks edit:
  9. Moving? No. I play a good number of games right now.. I'll defiantly be adding this to the list asap. No need to be moving.
  10. Squad lead, and squad comms

    Or some of us don't have full numpads on our keyboards. I'm looking for a solution, but finding 6 or so extra keys is tough.
  11. How to slow the gameplay

    You don't speak for all old PR players. I don't don't want PR version 2. I want something different. I played PR for fing years.. had enough and want Squad to be its own thing. The pace is determined by your playstyle & map.
  12. The map only zooming in... what is wrong with out!
  13. Will reshade ever make a come back?

    You'll be back before it gets back, that i'm pretty sure of! I'd like to think it would be pretty easy to get a version with the zoom function removed & therefore approved. But i wouldn't hold your breath. It's a shame. I'm curious if old versions of SweetFX are okay to use?
  14. Missing fast pace game :(

    I've not played in 7 - 8 months until this week.... and what really struck me is what a massive time sink Squad is. Its not a complaint, just an observation. You need a ton of time to enjoy it.. its a shame and the one factor that will reduce the times i boot up the game. Having the game time well filled with action is important... I like the slow paced 'hardcore' gameplay but it needs to be off set with ways of keeping the pace up. As of now i think the team are doing it well.
  15. Will Squad run with SweetFX?

    rename dxgi.dll to opengl32.dll and it'll work. Something changed.. this fixes it. EDIT: I've edited the download files above to now work with latest version of squad.