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  1. Morning all, I just wanted to give some positive feedback after playing Squad last night, for a few hours, after 18 months or so of not playing. So many great changes that overall might be harder to appreciate when playing throughout development. What really stood out for me... The UI - just nice design & functionality. Animations - these are a MASSIVE leap forward, top work for immersion. Logistics - spawning with the load you die with - fanfeckingtastic. Randomness & Play modes & game play - variety, variety, variety - tick, tick, tick! Textures Fireteams Loadouts - The choices & limits are a vast improvement. Performance (might be my upgrade!) And a ton of new stuff I'll be getting up to speed with for months! And great to see an old mate 'fuzzhead' on the team. With nearly 500hrs in early versions, i look forward to anther 500hrs in this completely new version of Squad. Fantastic work boys & girls, Salute Tommy out.
  2. Is there a reason the British medic got the bum end on rifle distribution? Can they not at least get the same as the Officer iron-sight rifle, that has the forgrip/bi-pod attachment? Just seems a bit rough to get this versions, considering the rush for everyone to grab the medic kit over all others!! Thanks.
  3. The way we need to range a weapon by looking down the sight... is far from ideal. Why can't we simply have two keys.. one = range up, one = range down, simple. The present system of having to be looking down the 'sight' to range is, well, to put it bluntly.. wank. Thanks for listening.
  4. 50 vs 50 servers ?

    I don't think comparisons are needed or helpful. I play games that make PR makes look tiny. If you want to take Belaya as an example, 15km2 . The map size can easily accommodate 100 players with room for tactical shenanigans. I agree presently the layers/aas is crap, forcing us to fight the same spots, but that is a completely different subject. Personally I'd like a game design where a reasonable clear front-line / battle-line is apparent. Fighting over isolated spots on very large maps often becomes a game of wack-a-mole, as Squads cap and move on, back and forth. I hate that gameplay. It should be a challenge to get behind enemy lines, on the smaller narrower maps the gameplay is more engaging, for example flanking manoeuvres are very possible, but they are easier to defend against and therefore trickier to pull off.. this is good. More players would bring this to the 4kmx4km maps, much like we see on the 2kmx2km maps now. Bring it on! Anyway just my opinion.
  5. 50 vs 50 servers ?

    Tiny?... hmmm that word must have changed its definition. Is it like 'sick'?
  6. I'm struggling a bit with this on some maps. Shadows on 'high'. Some maps are too dark, some are too bright using the same settings. Ingame gamma setting help a bit, but its not great help. (it might be my old screen)
  7. Have you looked at your audio settings. A lot can be done with levels of effects & voip channels. Basically I have local voip at 200%, squad at 150% and effects something like 70%... basically i can always hear local well, its important to me. I think these settings are very important, tweak them so they work for you..
  8. What moves Squad into Beta?

    This is not a criticism of Offworld Games in any way, but IMO alpha/beta/final release/patches/hotfixes... are all the same thing and hence meaningless, (until the game development is abandoned). Squad in alpha is 1000 times 'better' than many full release games, that is for sure.
  9. New V11 name tags?

    Sounds good. Other option I'd really like to see is a 'toggle' key for name tags. I'd like to be able to play with tags off 90% and flick them on when i need to know names quickly.
  10. Maybe a sound effect when you have 5% remaining. or Text in the spawn screen warning reinforcements are nearly depleted. or Nothing at all... would that be a bad thing? I agree about a bar... needs to be more ambiguous, just a warning that the match is nearly done. Personally I think that is all that is needed.
  11. That's a different problem. And not a problem that is hard to sort out.. certainly not one that incumbers me as a crewman.
  12. No it's not. It's role as an Infantry Fighting Vehicle is to support the infantry. If that means taking on armour so be it... but its role is to support infantry. (which can be done well within an infantry squad)
  13. Cheer for the input, appreciated. I'm on the fence.
  14. Sounds great. I feel a bit like the internal workings of the game are on the exterior at present. (which is understandable.. being EA/alpha/beta and all). The ticket system in itself servers its purpose, and does it well. But I wonder why we need to know how many tickets we have or any side on a map has, or what the costs of assets are on any particular layer, or if the loss of an assets is the same on different layers, or the bleed rate etc etc. The tickets numbers could be buried with ambiguity and variety. Different ways could be used to indicate when your side is running low of 'tickets/reinforcements'. Anyway I just wanted to open this area to a discussion. P.S Fuzz, I have fond memories of early PR days... great to see you in the Squad team!
  15. Hello, Something has been bugging me for a bit that I wanted to bring up and hear the community & hopefully devs view on. There is one common theme in great games it's, immersion. Squad has it... but. Its the ever present emphasis on the cost of tickets of ones actions. I find it damages immersion in the gameplay in many ways. I wish tickets could be handled as unobtrusive and invisible as possible. Almost like your kills. But instead all round people talk about tickets for this and that, and blah blah blah. When your fancy pants APC/IFV gets whacked the radio shouldn't be filled with moaning about points, it should be moaning about the loss of support fire! Every time points gets mentioned my immersion level takes a little knock. I'd like to think the vast majority of us play the 'right way' for others reasons than tickets. I don't give up, it has nothing to do with tickets, I don't drive vehicles into stupid places, it has nothing to do with tickets. etc etc. But its ingrained in the community.. and in the DEVs, it was reading the change log that made me want to bring this up. Is it possible to to change how we view tickets? Can the DEVs handle them differently? They shouldn't be the motivation for ones actions! How do you feel about it?