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  1. 23 hours ago, oTec said:


    It's not as smooth as v12 but i have no difference between the start or during. Maybe it's due to the fact that you're in main base at the beginning of the round.

    Update: I played maybe 2 ½  games last night. My load time wasn't that long, it was very considerate I'd like to think.
    I didn't do anything to my pc, but the only thing I half ass know about pc's. I defragged my C drive. Maybe(?) that was the issue? Game worked fine last night I had no problems.

    1 hour ago, Major Trouble said:

    8gb ram is borderline for Squad but 16gb is plenty.


    Two questions:

    1. Are you using a SSD? Is your OS and Squad installed on it if you are?


    2.What gpu are you using and how much vram does it have? Gpu data gets loaded into vram through system ram. If your gpu has 6gb vram and you're filling it that 6gb of data has to pass through your 8gb of system ram. Something has to give. That means data is paged out to the Windows pagefile and reloaded when required. If that's happening on a slow HDD things are going to be choppy for a while like you experience. Having more system ram will help.


    If you run Task Manager (using ram as well) and launch Squad. Join an empty server and alt-tab out to Task Manager you can check how much ram is being used and how much is committed to the pagefile.

    Squad is on my OS (yes, I know it should be on a SSD.)


    I don't know how much gpu I'm using, I'm not tech savvy like that (sorry) but when I get off of work today I will run task manager and give you the information.

  2. 3 hours ago, Comm@ndo said:

    I've found that the game can be laggy for the first 30 - 60 seconds when I join (ie frames drop). But it soon clears.


    Have you tried clearing the cache?


    1060 3gb should be fine. 


    8GB RAM is a tad low, I'd try adding another 8GB stick if possible. I have 16GB and that's still not enough. 


    SSD would be the next step.


    Lastly, Squad has a history of performing poorly on AMD's from what I've read. 


    So even with your 16 gb ram is it still choppy?
    And install Squad on a ssd?


    36 minutes ago, oTec said:


    AMD Ryzen fixed that poor preformance for single core.

    Been using the same 2600 myself and no problems.

    Is the game laggy at the start for you as well? Or do I need a little more boost.

  3. I built my PC back in February and didn't really play Squad because I had no one to play with but I never had this problem when I did. Now some of my irl's are wanting to get into it so here I am the newbie back at it. The problems I seem to be having with the game is that it takes me forever to load into a game and my game is extremely laggy and choppy at the start of the match for about 2 minutes (I never time it) I'm not sure what the problem could be. I never have anything running in the background and I would like this to stop happening so that I don't miss anymore start of the games. Because when I finally get able to find my bearing and move around on my own will. My whole team/squad has left me at the original spawn. So is it that my PC is too weak to do so? I run the game on low setting across the board and I'm still choppy at the start of the game and have horrible load times.

    My PC Specs:



    Halp pls.