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  1. Game laggy at start.

    I built my PC back in February and didn't really play Squad because I had no one to play with but I never had this problem when I did. Now some of my irl's are wanting to get into it so here I am the newbie back at it. The problems I seem to be having with the game is that it takes me forever to load into a game and my game is extremely laggy and choppy at the start of the match for about 2 minutes (I never time it) I'm not sure what the problem could be. I never have anything running in the background and I would like this to stop happening so that I don't miss anymore start of the games. Because when I finally get able to find my bearing and move around on my own will. My whole team/squad has left me at the original spawn. So is it that my PC is too weak to do so? I run the game on low setting across the board and I'm still choppy at the start of the game and have horrible load times. My PC Specs: Halp pls.
  2. Game laggy at start.

    Update: I played maybe 2 ½ games last night. My load time wasn't that long, it was very considerate I'd like to think. I didn't do anything to my pc, but the only thing I half ass know about pc's. I defragged my C drive. Maybe(?) that was the issue? Game worked fine last night I had no problems. Squad is on my OS (yes, I know it should be on a SSD.) I don't know how much gpu I'm using, I'm not tech savvy like that (sorry) but when I get off of work today I will run task manager and give you the information.
  3. Game laggy at start.

    So even with your 16 gb ram is it still choppy? And install Squad on a ssd? Is the game laggy at the start for you as well? Or do I need a little more boost.