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  1. Frequently I jump on and every server that is full will have a team that is slaughtering completely and utterly, over and over again, all night, on all servers. Not sure how to fix that when it happens...but when it happens the completely uneven non-competitive games pervade all full servers and it lasts all night, and that sucks.
  2. Been a TON of waiting around for 30 minutes for a populated server, only to have the EAC Disconnect or the 0/0 position coming up. I mean, its cool to go and make dinner while you're in the server queue, but to have it result in NOTHING afterward, really sucks. Please get something straightened out with that. Also, your game didn't look better a few years ago, but it sure performed a lot better. It ran great on my old dusty 780 years ago, duno why it's struggling with a 6 core and a 1080.
  3. Never had performance problems with your game before. All of the sudden a couple weeks ago performance tanked. Performance is phenomenal elsewhere in every other game I play, including the new Insurgency Sandstorm beta with all settings turned up, Tarkov, etc, blah blah. Using a 4930k running at 4.4ghz, GTX 1080 and 16gb of ram. I have tried all the combinations of all your graphics settings, I have also followed a couple Squad performance guides that were made by people recently, which mostly have to do with tweaking nvidia control panel settings. I'm the guy in my gaming group that begs my friends to play squad. They wana play Arma, scum, Scooter Stick, sticky needles, ETC, whatever the hell. I want to play Squad. I've even bought the game for several of them. But then this performance thing....what the heck? I go around asking people in game about their performance and I get mixed responses...none of them insightful. I've used this system with this game a long time, always done great. What happened. Absolutely dying to know what is keeping me from enjoying my favorite game right now. Just a tiddy tad bit frustrated by it...you know, this extra problem now.
  4. Horrific Performance in Squad all of the Sudden

    Yeah, problem pursists. Other people with crappier hardware getting better performance. My rig bulldozes every other game. Someone was saying set the game priority in task manager to Realtime, but it says access denied. Woopie. Hopefully I'll be struggling with this for years, right?
  5. Horrific Performance in Squad all of the Sudden

    Also in response to Nubski's post above this, I did indeed try clean installs of the card I'm using, and separate cards also. I actually have two identical MSI Seahawk GTX 1080's. I don't use SLI right now....nothing is optimized for it anymore...but it's good to have the backup. I've actually been deactivating the second card, because in the past NVIDIA has assigned my PhysX to the second card, even if SLI isn't active, but I catch it, definitely have been making sure PhysX is assigned to my main card. I did indeed try swapping the cards completely, and removing the second card entirely, and done clean installs of the NVIDIA drivers, tried old drivers. Performance is just doo doo.
  6. Horrific Performance in Squad all of the Sudden

    Why would it ALL need to be used? It uses between 7-9gb of my 16gb of RAM. Sometimes It will be at 12gb, but usually around 9gb. My CPU isn't working very hard, its a beastly CPU. The GPU works as hard as it should be, and is very stable and cool. Some other thread mentioned just keeping effects at low, and having v-sync off, but that doesn't quite cut it. I have been turning distance and shadows to Medium, and effects/foliage to low, and then the lowest drops I have are down to 55...which is still REALLY very annoying. I hate screen tearing, and indeed the v-sync may be trying to drop frames down in certain moments if you dip too low, so I have it off, but it looks god awful with that tearing. In the original Insurgency it's not an issue because I get 200+ fps, and at that point the tearing is so minimal and occurs so quickly, but with this, at 65-80 fps, it is jittery and tearing and just...bad. It does suck to have to turn down my settings so low and experience such crappy jittery motion with the computer specs that I have. I tried turning down to 1080p and putting 1.25 oversampling on, and I got more performance, but at that point the screen was pretty blurry on my 1440p monitor, and certain things on screen would be tougher to see. My hope would be that even someone with similar specs to mine but with a generation older GPU, would still be able to run the game at a constant 60+ fps, on medium settings, or something similar. PS: Helicopters.
  7. Horrific Performance in Squad all of the Sudden

    I tried clearing the cache, verifying integrity of game, and windows 10 is all up to date. Still getting those bad FPS drops for lengthy periods.
  8. Horrific Performance in Squad all of the Sudden

    Okay I tried your specific nvidia driver and it didn't work. Like I said, it's not the drivers. I don't think I've ever had a computer or software problem caused by drivers. That's what people would love for it to be, like i said, it's lazy and convenient.
  9. Horrific Performance in Squad all of the Sudden

    I used to get 100+ frames, now it hovers between 40-50fps. I am indeed running all cores at 4.4, and it runs very cool, I monitor all my shit. I do have hyper threading on. I am running Windows 10. All servers play like this. I install the newest drivers every time, but this problem has been occurring over the last two nvidia driver releases as well. It's not the nvidia drivers, would be convenient lol, it's some other bullshit. My ping is between 20-80.
  10. Pretty annoying when someone can go around team killing and laugh about it with other players and keep on playing in a server that used to have competitive gameplay, but now just encourages team killing and ruining the game. Moderator: Please post in the specific Servers' respective Post in this forum. Your post did not give any usefull information for Admins to work on. Server Name etc.
  11. I had my crosshair on someone 20 yards or so away, fired 4 times directly into their head, and they turned and killed me. I feel foolish spending so much time playing this if my bullets have just been passing through people. Anyone know what's going on?